Sick Day!

By | May 12, 2022

Hi Everyone,

I thought I’d let you all know that since my last Youtube program on Tuesday, I’ve been a bit sick, to say the least. Nothing serious, but right now I have no voice. Unless you want to count something that sounds like a baritone frog. Actually, I was working the beginnings of the sore throat during that last program but it was manageable. 

Whatever I have, I’m 99 percent sure it’s not any of the Covid strains. Tracey was also sick — in fact she’s still not fully recovered but definitely doing better. We got her tested the other day for Covid and that came up negative. We’re guessing I have the same thing. I did however get tested yesterday and am waiting for my results. 

Anyway, this is not a big deal. Definitely was seriously achy yesterday and today — just like Tracey a few days earlier. And I do think like her I am starting to rebound. 

We both recently watched a screener of the outstanding documentary by our friend Randall Nickerson, Ariel Phenomenon. This is a very long anticipated treatment of the 1994 Ruwa Zimbabwe schoolchildren UFO/alien encounter. The film will be released on May 20, and we were asked not to give detailed reviews until after it appears but we have to say … this film is by far the best and definitive treatment of that incredible event. It’s two hours long and covers the event from the perspectives of many of the children, who are now all in their thirties. Just fascinating. We will definitely do a podcast on it soon. 

Right now I am preparing notes for a Youtube video I plan to release in advance of the Congressional Hearing on UAP. I think it’s a good idea to get some serious questions out there in the public on this matter, questions that the members of Congress are (probably) unlikely to be asking. If you have any thoughts on that, please let me know. 

Right now Tracey and I have a fairly low energy level, but we did do a short bike ride despite feeling sick. She was afraid I’d cough on someone but I made it through with flying colors. if you think her attitude is excessive, then you don’t know how scary I can be in those situations. 🙂


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  1. Pyroxide_Martini

    Get better soon guys!

    I actually have COVID atm (after 3 vaccine shots but that’s the roll of the dice), pretty nasty head cold but nowhere near the level that some poor souls have suffered.

    Since you’re at home resting (you should rest) I have a recommendation for you to watch


    The concept is essentially compartmentalizing a persons mind so when they go to work, they have no idea who they were before entering the building and when they leave, they have no idea what they did all day.

    They say media often borrows inspiration from real life and what they do in there, it’s very similar to what a person once described they did in communicating with ET at a facility (I can’t remember the case and none of this is spoilerish btw).

    But the technology to segregate memories and personalities… man you can bet that it either already exists (which I suspect it does) and is in use or they’re working on it – what better way to protect a secret then if you can’t remember it outside your work place.

  2. Peter Mancini

    I’m really looking forward to this. I’ve always wondered if it was an intentional visit or not. It feels like it was unintentional but they took the time to reach out to the hairless apes. What makes the extraterrestrial phenomenon so interesting is that the governments want to keep it secret, and the extraterrestrials do nothing to advertise themselves either. Why is it they don’t have a voice? Usually when they talk to people they then block their memories. This case is remarkable because it’s several people who had the encounter, had conversation of a sort, and did not get their memories blocked.

    There hasn’t been an encounter like this before or since that I know of. Why is this one so unique?

  3. carroll.vance

    Classic photo. That’s gotta be on the back cover the of the new book you two are writing (hint, hint): “OMG and WTF UFO Cases From the National Reporting Centers. 2000 to 2009.”

  4. Andromeda107

    I hope you both feel better soon, get plenty of vitamin c and eat plenty of organic fruit; it sounds like you guys may have the flu, I know eating fruit helped me before when I had the flu. Also how is the garden coming along? is it springing back to life since spring is rolling in? I remember talk about the Ariel Phenomenon documentary about year or two ago, I didn’t think it was going to get off the ground,I know they had problems with funding,I am glad to hear they succeeded on finishing it;James Fox new documentary should be coming out soon also , its about the Varginha ,Brazil ufo incident ,I am very excited to see both documentaries whenever the come out.As far as the Congressional Hearing panel week ,I am not hopeful that anything positive is going to come out it, we always have this huge buildup to situations like these ,and it turns out to be a big let down.

  5. Phaelon

    Hi Richard & Tracey,

    I came across these vids yesterday and I’ve posted them up on the forum. To get a better view, it may be best to slow down the playback speed prior to the specified time, so then you’re able to pause on the image when you see the strange phenomenon occur. I don’t know if they are fake but I thought I’d share them with you both anyway. Hope you both feel better soon. All the best!

    The woman on the right with dark hair – check out her eyes at 00:01:11 > 00:01:21, 00:30:28 & 1:05:12
    At 00:02:19, 00:29:16 & 00:29:42
    At 00:00:38, 00:01:52 & 00:05:42
    At 00:02:21
    May 8th, 2022
    At 00:00:29 & 00:01:36

    1. brianperson

      oh my God, the beginning of that first video they ask her to do the ‘blink’ .. what the hell? I got chills. I was extremely skeptical when I saw your post I’ll admit. I may have to google and see if this is a condition or something? The video is subtitled in english btw

  6. Joshua Ringer

    Get well soon Dolan’s. I also watched a preview and review of Aerial Phenomenon last night. It was outstanding. The thing that stands out aside from the obvious ET presence is the intelligence and maturity of the children

  7. Warwick Mccormick

    I don’t live in the US, but perhaps those who do could write or email the relevant congressmen and women. A gentle reminder that we care about the truth, and we support them in their efforts to dig it out. Oh, and hope you both are feeling better soon😷

  8. itsmeRitaC

    Hi there. I actually took my very first covid test last week. I mean the latest symptoms are ‘anything possible’. But i had heard a lot of sinus infections are happening and upper resp. problems. And coughing too. It took me a week to get over it which is unusual for me as i haven’t been sick in about three years.

    Get rest and gargle with warm salt water! I hate that myself. 😉
    Sending healing energy, rita

  9. robert faria

    Rest fluids APAP —— peace —-you 2 are loved out here. From the apes who just came out of the trees.

  10. Scott Santa

    Wishing you both a fast healing! Rest up and fortify your bodies. We’ll all live without you for a couple of days while you recover yourselves. We want you both healthy, spright and back in the trenches when you’re ready!

    Much love to you both!

    Scott ☺️

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