S4-AREA 51 SECRETS EXPOSED: Recreating Bob Lazar’s Alien Tech Journey | The Richard Dolan Show

By | October 17, 2023



For tonight’s RDS, I have an unusual and very engaging interview with Luigi Vendittelli, who is someone Tracey and I have known for about seven years or so. Luigi is a successful entrepreneur and is extremely engaged in the subject of UFOs. 

He is currently completing a major endeavor called Project Gravitor, which involves recreating the S4 facility at Area 51 and Bob Lazar’s experiences there in a virtual reality environment. 

The project started two years ago and aims to create the most realistic reproductions of the craft Lazar worked on and the S4 facility. This includes a documentary film featuring Bob Lazar walking through the virtual recreation of the base, set to release in early 2024. A follow-up VR experience will allow individuals to explore the base themselves. The VR environment includes the Groom Lake area, the S4 Papoose Lake, the main hangar, a propulsion lab, and other areas within the S4 facility. It seems quite amazing. 

The team worked closely with Bob himself, who is very supportive and said he found the VR environment to be a helpful tool in jogging his own memory.

The interview itself gives a remarkable insider’s view of what Bob Lazar himself experienced in 1988 and 1989 at S4. And what he experienced was nothing short of extraordinary. Luigi walks us through it to a remarkable degree. 

Lazar’s journey began with a swipe of an ID card on a security panel, granting him access to the mysterious S4 facility. As he stepped inside, he was greeted by a long, realistic-looking hallway that led him deeper into the heart of the base. 

One of the key areas he worked in was the propulsion lab, a space dedicated to advanced propulsion technology. Here, he was tasked with deciphering the workings of an alien craft, a challenge both baffling and intriguing. The lab was filled with various components of the craft, including a reactor and an amplifier, the functions of which were largely unknown.

The main hangar was another significant area within S4. It was here that Lazar first laid eyes on the ‘sport model’ disc, an alien craft that was housed within the hangar. The sight of the craft, with its archways and unique design, was beautifully rendered by Luigi’s team. At one point, as Lazar described his experience, one of the archways became transparent, offering a clear view of the outside, a phenomenon that left him in awe.

Lazar’s experience at S4 was not just about the physical spaces and the alien technology. It was also about the people he worked with, like his lab partner, Barry Castillo. The S4 facility was a world of its own, filled with advanced technology that defied understanding. 

Our interview did not cover every aspect of Bob Lazar’s experience. For example, we did not discuss in any detail his briefing prior to seeing the craft. There were many other things we did not have time to address. However, we covered a lot and the visuals Luigi provided for the interview are outstanding recreations of the S4 experience.

I am happy to help Luigi promote this endeavor and have provided some links below:
Website: https://www.projectgravitaur.com
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/projectgravitaur/
Tiktok @wanamovement
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/wanamovement
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCFEYXBe5DDtDaZ1y15ZTI-w


18 thoughts on “S4-AREA 51 SECRETS EXPOSED: Recreating Bob Lazar’s Alien Tech Journey | The Richard Dolan Show

  1. Matthew Palmer

    Absolutely fascinating Richard, one of my favourite interviews of the year! Cannot wait to dive into every aspect and version of this. It’s interesting the extreme simplicity of design of this radically advanced technology, surely that is the secret and most ideal way to do things – remember Allan Levigne talked extensively about this in your interviews with him? The simplest designs are the most efficient, and most logical. I am reminded of the pod in the Jodie Foster film Contact, where the addition of a chair that was not included in the specs from ‘them’ almost destroyed the vehicle once it was moving through the wormhole. Also, the ominous feel of the interior is palpable, I totally get where Bob is coming from and understand why he felt that way, it just radiates a sense of forbidden knowledge we are not meant to experience yet, as fascinating as it is.

    Incidentally, I can’t recommend Bob’s business United Nuclear to members enough, I have bought several items from there now and they are all super quality and highly interesting.

  2. Craig Champion

    Wow! Gotta’ say – loved this interview and can’t wait for the movie and VR product.

    The technological aspects of the craft are amazing; for instance the fact that the reactor, amplifiers, and emitter worked in unison, but only when in proximity with one-another.

    So impressive that Luigi was able to visually reproduce, with such great detail, much of what Bob had previously experienced and described. No doubt that Bob had to have been impressed.

    Thanks, Richard!

  3. Andromeda107

    This is absolutely amazing ! Those digital images look so real. I can’t wait to see the finished product. I really hope this incredible comes out in February. I really hope this project grabs the attention of people in Congress and the skeptics and debunkers of Bob Lazar. I have followed Bob Lazar for some years.I saw him speak at the International UFO Congress in in Scottsdale and I have no doubt he is telling the truth. Many thanks to you Richard for bringing this to us. And a huge many thanks to Bob Lazar , Luigi and the rest of his incredible team.Absolutely brilliant !

  4. Miitcell Grey

    Great interview Richard, what a fantastic project to do, I can’t wait for the movie, they should go a step further and make it possible to fly that craft around S4, how cool would that be.

  5. D.A.


    I just started watching, and had to stop to say this is really, really, good. As you might have gathered from many of my past comments, I am a strong believer in Lazar’s story, and use it as the foundation for many of my assumptions and posits; so if you don’t mind, I will continue to make similar comments as I have time to go through the video.

    First off, I don’t know if this is mentioned later in the video or not, but at minute 17:48, the picture of the craft showing a reverse flag is a very interesting detail, which–though subtle–suggests that someone had made a cognitive determination of the craft’s orientation, since reverse flags are affixed to the starboard side of military craft–where the luff of the flag is oriented in the direction of forward movement. This is an important point because it might very well show a level of detail that not everyone would know to use when fabricating a story; meaning either Bob and/or Luigi went to an extraordinary level of effort to make a totally fake story appear real, which many people might not even pick up on; or they went to an extraordinary level of effort to make a true account look as realistic as possible, in which case that particular detail suggests that someone in the CR&REP, which at that time was still under the aegis of the Navy Intelligence Community (NIC), made the determination that the craft’s door was located on the starboard side of the craft–which is an interesting point in itself because the reason why the “left” side of a ship (when facing foward) is traditionally referred to as “port” is because historically that is the side that old-time English sailing vessels would tie up to a dock or wharf, and where the sailors would embark and disembark from the ships. The other side, or the starboard side, was where the original steering, or “star”, boards were mounted at the stern of the boats (before the use of center-mounted rudders), which would prevent them from using that side of the boat to dock. And though that has no real meaning nowadays, I suspect that if someone in the military–in particular the Navy–were going to the effort to affix a reverse flag on a craft having circular symmetry, which clearly designates a given side as starboard, they would naturally base the flag’s orientation on tradition, and affix the reverse flag on the side opposite the door, which wasn’t the case; therefore, there is a definite forward orientation to the craft, despite its circular shape. In the case of a circular craft, the forward orientation would be based solely on the orientation of the helm–assuming all helm seats face the same direction. Using the picture as reference, that would indicate the front of the ship was likely to the right of the door, opposite the side of where the flag was affixed, and facing the rear of the hanger bay, which would make sense if they periodically pulled it out of the hanger to test fly, and then brought it back in afterwards. As any sailor knows, its always easier to back a boat out of a slip than it is to back a boat in a slip, especially if you haven’t yet mastered the art of docking.

    I know this might seem like a superfluous point to you, but it is one I wanted to add nonetheless, which emphasizes the level of detail and accuracy of not only Luigi’s production, but of Lazar’s story. Again, unless you think it doesn’t provide any added value to the conversation, I will continue to make additional comments as I go along.


    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      Oh yes … the reverse flag. Luigi and I discussed this before we started recording and I do wish we had thought to mention it again. Glad you did. And I don’t think either Luigi or I really understood the significance of that the way you do. So thank you for that.

  6. David LoVecchio

    I’m going to preface this by stating that I know you’re cool with people expressing a difference of opinion. Ok, now that that’s out of the way…

    For me there are legitimate reasons to question Bob Lazar’s claims that are documented by other researchers that, like you, I hold in high regard. Jacques Vallee and the late Stanton Friedman come to mind, both of whom I believe you also admire and respect for their work in the field of ufology as well as their intellectual prowess. Granted, respecting someone does not mean having to agree with them on everything but all the same, assuming you’re aware of points raised by the aforementioned researchers that cast reasonable doubt on Lazar’s claims, it came across like you were pulling punches. It might have been awkward and a bit uncomfortable to raise these issues to someone who’s clearly devoted a significant amount of time and financial resources into recreating an experience they truly believe to be an accurate depiction of historical events but it’s also an opportunity to determine their objectivity. Luigi is personally invested in Bob’s story being true and in addition he appears to be a big fan of Bob.

    On the plus side of things the work they showed has a high degree of polish and as someone who’s worked in game development since 2006 I know how much it takes to create those assets and get them to look that good. Kudos to them on that. I’m just overly cautious about modern myth-making and the potential impact it can have on culture especially when presented using the fully (or nearly fully) immersive technologies available to us today. These technologies can be used, intentionally or not, to override our rational response while underscoring and emphasizing a belief in the validity of stories that it might make good sense to question.


    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      Hi David. You are right and I have no problem hearing your dissenting view on this. For my part, I will state that I DO believe Lazar’s story. I am well aware of what Stan believed — in fact, the VERY first conversation I ever had with Stan (back in 2001) was with him grilling me on Lazar to make sure I didn’t believe the story. Well, I spent a lot of my own time to research Lazar when I wrote my second volume of history and suffice to say that I believe it. I do understand that some folks do not believe him. I do.

      1. D.A.


        Your discussion with David, brings up a very interesting aspect to ufology, which I’m not sure many people outside of yourself think about much. And that aspect, of course, is the religiosity aspect of ufology. But is it as much of an aspect of religiosity as it is just an aspect of human reasoning, which is intimately connected to our individual egos—a reasoning mechanism that we use to rationalize and accept (on our own terms) unknowns that cannot be answered through established scientific reasoning or religious doctrine in the absence of universal knowledge and understanding, but that we have a strong desire to believe in nonetheless, and have an even greater desire to be intellectually right about?

        Many people compare ufology to a religion or a cult, and there are many parallels; however, the one thing that clearly separates ufology from any given religion or cult is that the latter two adhere to specific doctrines, beliefs, and tenets that are universally accepted as unwavering truth by all the congregants within a given sect of that religion or cult; that is simply not the case in ufology, where all the congregants adhere to their own individual sets of beliefs and biases.

        In the absence of knowledge and universal belief, we each create our own, and more often than not, pertinacious beliefs based on our inherent abilities to reason and problem solve using the baseline set of data that we accumulate throughout our lives, which are specifically tailored to each of our individual life experiences. Once we internally establish those beliefs as truths, our egos simply hold on to them as fact unless incontrovertibly proven otherwise—and until that time, wrong or right, we use those beliefs as the basis of our opinions, just like Stan did with Lazar. In that particular sense, ufology is very much like a religion, or politics for that matter, in that in the absence of incontrovertible, and universally accepted, proof to the contrary, people will simply hear what they want to hear, see what they want to see, and believe what they want to believe as fact, regardless of the preponderance of evidence contradicting what they see, hear, and believe. And of course, there’s only one thing more difficult than disabusing a non-intellectual of an invalid notion based on confirmation bias…and that is disabusing an intellectual of one.

        Stan was a very smart guy, but like most smart people, he had a very large ego. Lazar’s story simply rained on his UFO parade–in particular his belief in how UFOs were powered, so not unlike a typical UFO denier, debunker, or skeptic, he simply cherry picked ambiguous aspects of Lazar’s story that were exploited, and in many cases created, by those who were tasked to discredit Lazar in order to support his assertions about Lazar’s legitimacy, which were based on ego as much as they were evidence; therefore, becoming an unwitting accomplice, and de facto agent, of the very people he loathed so much, and fought most of his adult life against. Ironic, isn’t it?


        1. Richard Dolan Post author

          Got to say, I love this comment. Agree re ufology and cults and that ufology doesn’t qualify. Regarding Stan, yes I must agree with you. He WAS smart, very smart. And a fantastic public speaker and debater, too. We really benefited from him. But yes, Lazar “rained on his parade.” One thing about Stan that I always had a problem with: he was all about Roswell and crash retrievals in general, but NEVER supported any claims about the next logical step: study and reverse engineering of the same craft. Obviously if you have the one. you are going to have the other. Yet Stan never showed even the slightest interest in that aspect of the phenomenon. Partly one could attribute this to the standard “turf battles” you often see in the academic world. You know, people become expert in one area and that’s all they want to talk about. Even so, I always felt Stan needed to get into “Area 51 Studies.”

      2. Phillip Lavelle

        Great minds think alike. Coincidentally, I believe it was 2001 in Sacramento, that I got to speak privately
        with Stan for a few minutes before his presentation. But, it was me, POLITELY, grilling Stan on his rationale
        and logic for completely dismissing Lazar’s story. It was disheartening to hear he could not really explain
        his position, or reasoning. Just that, HE believes he caught Lazar exaggerating or lying about his educational credentials, so EVERYTHING he has said, and will ever say, is false. I was disappointed in this ICON and hoped this line of thinking did not spill over into other areas of his analytical conclusions.
        Phillip Lavelle

        1. Richard Dolan Post author

          Hi Phillip. Thanks for sharing that. Yes, I will say that the Lazar issue was the single biggest wedge that existed between Stan and myself all these years. We genuinely got along very well and I know he developed a good respect for my work. He knew, for instance, that I generally supported him on controversial matters likte MJ-12. But he knew I disagreed with him on Lazar and it never sat right with him. But the fact is that George Knapp (at least in my view) did better and deeper research on Lazar than did Stan. After all, Knapp spent a great deal of time with Lazar, aside from investigating his story in detail — and btw obtaining extensive corroborative accounts from dozens of other individuals who worked at Area 51/S4/Papoose Lake.

  7. AbeFX

    Great interview and impressive projects. Speaking of Bob Lazar; Dick Allgire, Daz Smith, and gang of Future Forecasting Group/Crypto Viewing have been talking up a related happening. They have posted some short videos on Y’Tube, describing their remote viewing of Lazar at Area 51 and talking about, and showing, your reaction to what they presented to you. They said that you were blown away. Wondering if you plan on sharing your thoughts about this? Would like to hear your side of the story.

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      I was completely blown away and yes I would love to discuss this. Those individuals are OUTSTANDING remote viewers. I am communicating with Daz. Lots of respect for all of that team.

  8. itsmeRitaC

    I will try again to post here. Let me see if it works first. I already lost 2 of them. OK. It worked.

    Well, i just said i am going to wait for the VR alien abduction experience which i am sure is coming to a ‘theater’ near me soon enough!

    This disclosure is certainly a monetary bonanza for those who have deep pockets! TTSA paved the way for the entertainment uap complex. LOL
    Cheers, rita

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