Richard Dolan’s UFO Chronicles

By | July 23, 2021

Hi Everyone,

I am sorry I didn’t announce this here yesterday, but I spent the entire day driving to and back from New York City to do a shoot for the History Channel. I didn’t want to fly (glad I didn’t) and decided to do the drive … five and a half hours each way and STILL more convenient than flying. 

Anyway, this is my new series. I shot this over a year ago in Manchester, UK. Fifty two episodes in total. Gaia is picking up twenty of them, to start airing on October 11. Meanwhile, UAMNTV is picking up the rest and is starting to release them now. 

I am proud of this series. I put a lot of work into it and I must say I love how they did the edits and post production. New episodes will be released every few days, as I understand it. 

I’ll be posting them here as they are released. I hope you enjoy. 

I see the comments are building up, so I need to answer those today!

Hope everyone is well! 


25 thoughts on “Richard Dolan’s UFO Chronicles

  1. Rosanne Losee

    Magical, Mesmerizing, and Masterful!

    My family is now open to questions about UFOs, where it was shut before, and I will definitely be passing this new event on to them.

    A knock it out of the park new series…. good luck to you, Rich Dolan!

  2. PressToDigitate

    I first learned about the series premiere via an Android app on my phone, “Latest UFO Sightings” (free), which sent out a “Breaking News” notification on it. We watched the premiere live as it was released at 6:00pm EDT on Thursday. It was fantastic; “Classic Dolan”. It was very well edited and presented by Steve Mera (although we should send him some new neckties, perhaps with Saucers or Aliens or something on them, to remediate his dreadful sartorial sense of color…). Richard himself, of course, was ‘well put together’, as always.

    It was refreshing to see RMD examining the popular narrative that “the ETs turned our missiles off to send us a message about Peace”, recognizing that the ICBM electronic failures during the UFO encounters could just as easily be an unintended side effect of the Saucers’ field propulsion unit, or scanning modalities. I do believe, however, that it was unfortunate not to note that missiles have also been *turned ON* during UFO examinations – which is a whole lot less “friendly” than neutralizing them – or to openly consider the most likely probability: that the *ETs were simply testing their abilities to effectively Defend Themselves* against such missiles, were Humans ever wanting to retaliate for the Alien predation of our populace. But, overall, the episode was a great focused vignette on a key subset of Ufological history, of the sort that 51 more will generously add to contemporary understanding of the ETUFO arena.

    I couldn’t help asking in a YouTube comment, if, among “Richard Dolan’s UFO ‘Chronicles’ ” there would be a “Martian” episode.

    If everyone here *shared* each new YouTube “Chronicles” episode as it was released, on their Facebook, Twitter and other platforms, America and the world would become far better prepared for ‘The Big Reveal’ that is coming, than if we do not.

  3. Bob Levey

    I am so happy for you and I really can’t wait to dig into it. I think you have been at the head of the curve in research for a number of years and your ideas definitely hit a note with me.

  4. eil6446

    Hi Richard,
    So excited about this. The first episode was very good.
    I Look forward to seeing all!
    Be Well


    Slow Down My Dear😊take a nap and then one more😴 REST REST AND VITAMINS. And I hope you are eating GOOD FRESH VEGGYZ-N-RED MEATS🥕🌽🥔🍳🍖🍻then Rock Out with Your aaahhh hell… BEER HELD OUT🍺 hehee 💖✌️🐔
    Okee Dokeez thanks for all you do for us all
    Love, Angie

  6. Ted2

    I haven’t seen much mainstream news since the government’s response on UAPs. However, the issue seems to have ignited increased interest into the subject as there are several new/rerun UFO programs on cable now.

    If the aliens want to keep their foot on the gas about their presence, we should be hearing of some new Navy/UAP encounters in the near future. New shows, Internet based or cable just emphasize the momentum that has built up over UFOs.

    If aliens are cognizant about their impact on us, and I believe they are, we will see new cases of military/UFO encounters moving forward. That would seem to indicate they want to impact our governments more than the public, at least that is my perception. We haven’t seen a similar level of confrontations with commercial air traffic though it may be greater than reported in the past (even off-the-record).

  7. J-Rod

    If E.T can disable operative weapons, exactly what does the military think they’re going to use in the event of a misguided war?…..”harsh language.”

  8. HappyCup

    Top notch!
    I almost forgot about you guys making that show. It is nice seeing Tracy again. I’m sure things will work out as they ought be, however, I miss the good old days.
    (Heavy sigh…)
    One good thing about the recent main stream attention is that more people may find shows like yours and learn about the hidden history of UFOs.
    Great work!

    Love you man!🤗

  9. Andromeda107

    Loved the episode, these type of cases is what should have been talked about in the UAP report. These were major intrusions over missile sites ,all though no one was hurt,that is a serious cause for concern, especially since the each missile was disabled. The people who are over the task force should have been talking to you Richard; anyway looking forward to the next episode.

  10. skyleaver

    Nicely done. In terms of production values it reminded me of “The Phenomenon” which I watched just recently. Eagerly awaiting future episodes.

  11. Robert Williams

    Had not heard from you in a post for days. Glad your back and safe Richard..thought you had been picked up by the MIB. 🙂

  12. itsmeRitaC

    This reminds me. Did the Ariel School film EVER come out??????

    Also, i just started to watch. I am glad you are so industrious! 🙂 And.

    How dare those ET SOBs mess with my nuclear missiles!!!!!! I want nukes. They make me feel safe and secure. The more the better!

    Thanks Richard.

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