[RDM] New article and special podcast on the way

By | December 11, 2020

Hi Everyone,

Just wanted you to know I haven’t disappeared and will be uploading something new and hopefully interesting later this evening. I am writing a piece on the potential future of UFO censorship, and will be recording it as an exclusive podcast. 

So hang on and be ready. I will have it up in a few hours. 

And I see a few comments that need approval! I will take care of those as well. 

Back very soon!


7 thoughts on “[RDM] New article and special podcast on the way

  1. TomTort

    I was concerned you were going to concentrate on your writing and limit your broadcasts. Looking forward to the podcast.
    Your book is excellent and presents topics of speculation that are welcome. A fresh way to consider some really interesting thought.
    An excellent read. Thank You.

  2. PressToDigitate

    Since I went off on a long rant on your [excellent] Podcast post, above, I thought I’d come back here to inject what I’ve actually been concerned with, of late. I was preparing a Forum post on this (and probably still will) but it merits your attention, if not a response. I am increasingly of the opinion – or, rather, the certainty – that Jacobs’ “Great Change” and Schwab’s “Great Reset” are one in the same thing. When the plandemic began, I mused that it might be what would happen if the Aliens became exasperated with their Human Illuminati Collaborators over the slow pace of Globalization, set back as it was by Trump and by Brexit. I submit that the many recent public statements by formerly-closeted Totalitarians among the political elite, both here in the U.S. and in Europe, about “never let a good crisis go to waste”, and “Build Back Better”, bear out my initial suspicions – in spades.

    From the decimation of independent wealth (with half of small businesses closing forever) to the accelerated perversion of the public schools into Social Engineering Factories, to the ever more aggressive eradication of privacy and free speech, to the impending personal HealthChip monitors https://bigleaguepolitics.com/invasive-tech-amazons-new-health-band-collects-all-sorts-of-personal-information-never-before-collected/ and mRNA mutagenic Vaccines [which “should be avoided at all costs” – RFK, Jr.], the impacts of the plandemic are too intricate and effective, in fine detail, to be merely “Evil Opportunists Exploiting Random Events”. The [likely, increasingly ‘residual’] “Human” component of the “Ruling Elite”/Deep State aren’t that bright, for starters. Alien Intellect, Telepathy, Clairvoyance and Precognition – exercised by many embedded working Operatives, with extensive and granular prior planning, would have been required to pull off all that we’re witnessing.

    The recent revelations by two different whistleblowers, one from Pfizer and one from Astro-Zeneca, that their respective vaccines *will* cause Female Infertility on a widespread basis, because the vaccines, in targeting COVID-19’s [artificially added] ACE-2 affinitive “Spike Protein” must also attack the Syncytin-1 protein essential for placental development in the female reproductive cycle, should put to rest any doubts about this whole thing being a contrived Eugenic Bomb for depopulation purposes. A synthetic virus, the peculiarities of which *leave Men Infertile*, being addressed with [what will become] compulsory vaccines for all, which, uniquely, *leave Women Infertile*, is too diabolical to be a coincidence. Back to my original point: This [plandemic-driven] “Great Reset” *IS* the Hubrid-heralded “Great Change”; merely encompassing the nasty bits they ‘neglected’ to inform us of ahead of time.

    Viewed in this light, all of the fringe panic over the U.N.s “Agenda 21” (& “30”, and, now “50”) takes on a whole new seriousness and urgency. I never took it very seriously before, but the ultimate outcomes those programs have projected – *the retreat of Human settlement from vast swaths of land in North America, to sequester it for non-Human use* – (and, yes, there are Official Maps of this), is exactly the sort of thing that an incoming Alien Colonial Administration would want to have contrived for them by their Hybrid Operatives and Human Deep State lackey/supplicants, commensurate with a large-scale disembarkation of Colonists. Adding Female Infertility to the scenario, its now quite certain that IVF will become a mass-market phenomenon over the course of this decade. The Alien production of Hybrid Containers has never been anything other than *IVF practiced on an industrial scale*, with laboriously extracted, largely unwilling participants. To “Scale” the process as needed to “embody” Tens or Hundreds of Millions of arriving Aliens, would necessitate bringing the process “Down to Earth”, for logistics reasons alone, if nothing else. Agenda21 (et seq.) now makes perfect sense; the 500 Million quota of remaining Earthlings will mostly be relegated to “Human Preserves” – or “Reservations” – just as we did to the Native Americans, the Australians did to the Aborigines, etc. Again, this makes no sense for the Human Oligarchs to do on their own, absent the presence of ‘Alien Overlords’ (and an as-yet unlanded Colonist population) they are obliging in this manner.

    1. PressToDigitate

      When our strategic adversaries’ independent thinkers *ALSO* conclude that the Plandemic is A) Artificial, B) A Eugenic Bomb, for Depopulation, C) Effecting deliberate tyrannies and economic consolidation, and D) Disseminated by a shadowy, inhuman, non-governmental, Globalist Cabal, and the only disagreement is which “side” among Earthly powers that the situation disadvantages the *least*, it might be a good indication that someone ELSE, “from Outside Our World” is ultimately responsible for it:

      The way that former GRU Colonel Vladimir Kvachkov, PhD, alludes to this, in being so similar to the way various former U.S. Intelligence types have; i.e. “It’s Not Ours, but The Other Side Has Done This On Purpose”, sounds eerily like the discussion on ‘Fastwalkers’ from the 1960s – or retrospectives on the Foo Fighters. Neither [Human] “side” is responsible, *but somebody did it*. Presumably – as recommended in that AEC document over aerial sightings and radioactive crashes – there has been discussion among the Great Powers on this, or we’d already be at war over it – Which means they *KNOW* – its a “Wuhandromeda” situation.

    2. Lara Garner

      The slowing of human of fertility would be a blessing for our planet, no matter how it came about. We are over-populating the planet, tipping the scale for self-destruction. So, your scenario is not frightening to me in any way.

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