RD UFO Chronicles: Why UFOs Should Matter to You

By | August 5, 2021

Another in the UFO Chronicles series, this was released yesterday (trying to stay on top of these!). The UFO story I describe in the beginning was one that I encountered many years ago while perusing the National UFO Reporting Center. I always thought it was a striking story. 


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  1. MarkH

    Hi Richard
    It may get your goat, it does mine, but I attended the Washington Post live stream today; “UFO” A Conversation with Mark Monroe & Greg Eghigian, PhD”. Apparently, as Dr Greg Enghigan Penn State professor Quote; “No academic historian has/had written a book into the subject of UFOs since 1975” . On a good note, they both agreed the UFO topic matters and needs further investigation both by the Scientific and Medical sciences. Otherwise, the content was superficial but interesting coming from the Washington Post.

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      sounds about right. Well after all, they would never consider me academic since I wrote my histories outside of the academic system. So I get that. And The Washington Post still seems incapable of dealing with this subject in a meaningful way. They have always been just about the worst publication on UFOs for many years.

      1. PressToDigitate

        We need a sponsor to step up and fund the distribution of a few hundred sets of UFONSSv1 & 2 in hardcopy to key people in Media, Government, Academia, etc. — or, just bite the bullet and email out the volumes as PDFs to a large targeted audience. Their continued ignorance of ETUFO history, correctable by examining your work – including Elizondo himself – is dangerous to Humanity and to the Future.

  2. JurassicRanch47

    The striving will be in ripping it loose from the military-industrial corporatist complex. They are using zero point now. They can even transmit it wirelessly to drone & piloted craft aloft (“ball lightning” generators). I have never seen regular military using this equipment, only private security contractors (corporatist paramilitary).

  3. Michael Couto

    The fact we can easily be hypnotized is very strange to me as a Human Being. Witnesses tell, it is “childs play” for them to hypnotize and erase. I don’t like it at all, and the information is seriously important.

  4. Ron Holmes UK

    Hi Richard,
    I’ve rarely seen this phenomenon summarized so well, and in such a professional-looking format.
    I’ve shared it with a lot of people already so if this was your aim, at least in my case, it worked perfectly.

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      Thank you Ron. Yes, I feel the same way. We were a good team for this. I worked hard to put together the right content and was happy with my “delivery” of the information. But man, they did such a wonderful job in editing me. After all, for each episode people see, the actual amount of time it took to do it was much, much longer. I stumbled many times, had to stop and check my information, all that. They smoothed me out beautifully and the result was just so satisfying.

  5. Andromeda107

    Sadly the people who are in control of this advance technology doesn’t seem to want to share it to help better the planet., even though they see the awful state that the planet is headed in. In my opinion the secret keepers only use it to benefit themselves. The are probably relishing in the knowledge they have recovered alien tech and aliens bodies, and they are ahead us where technology is concerned.

  6. PressToDigitate

    That most people have been successfully Brainwashed by the Establishment for Eighty (80) Years on this subject is both more frightening and less believable than the reality of Alien Visitation itself, yet it is also part of our current reality. While the percentage who are in abject psychological denial is dwindling, and will continue to, due to renewed media attention and the die-off of the WWII generation (and older Boomers), it will not happen fast enough to compel “Disclosure” through political means (as we have recently discovered, to our collective dismay). Strategies for *Exposure* – independent of government news releases from the rostrum of the Pentagon press room – can, however, starkly re-write the circumstances for ending the ‘Truth Embargo’.

    IF it were generally known, and proven to general public satisfaction (and to the open scientific community):
    – That thousands of Americans are really being physically abducted by ETs each year (many of them repeatedly);
    – That they were all being clinically raped for the involuntary extraction of germplasm, and,
    – That each was implanted with Alien microdevices which used advanced (“beyond Human”) nanotech to tap into their nervous systems to transmit data electromagnetically – devices which prove, incontrovertibly, to be of Off-world origin,
    THEN, we would be in an entirely different social, cultural and political environment on the ETUFO subject – AND on the prospects for voluntary mass adoption of invasive neurotechnologies in future consumer electronics. It may not fully torpedo the Alien Security State’s plans to lure Humanity into a captive “Hive Mind” via the BCI-enabled “Metaverse”, but it will make hundreds of millions of people across the developed world give a second thought before just blithely ‘jacking-in’ to it.

    Its not really obvious what other levers we have that are fully at our disposal, with which to avert this neurotechnical “Assimilation”. HELL YES, “UFOs Should Matter To Everyone”; but as long as we’re talking about “Objects” rather than “Subjects”, and the Alien “Beings” rather than the Alien “Doings”, the issue will remain within the prescribed epistemology. Functionaries of the Alien Security State – like the RAND Corporation and Brookings Institution will continue to craft the preferred Official Narrative, to be voiced by sock puppets like ‘President’ Biden*, and perspectives which challenge that narrative will be increasingly purged from Social Media, Mass Media and the Internet as a whole. *We now have very strong evidence that such a purge is in the works.* As long as we are merely reacting to the ‘official leaks’ – like “Tic Tacs teasing the Navy, far out at Sea”, instead of writing the headlines about the real ETUFO Problem ourselves, it will remain too esoteric for most people to worry about. That’s exactly the condition our Ruling Elites have sold us out with a promise to enforce.

    How can we most effectively become “the Hemorrhoids of the Alien Security State”? I contend that [implant] “X-traction”, as a weekly series on the History Channel, could go farther toward arousing the normies than most anything else we could muster. Nothing else could get the Populists and the Progressives marching arm-in-arm against the Establishment (which is what is needed); but this CAN.

  7. elevator

    I’ve never had an encounter other than mysterious lights in the night sky. But, I have a good friend, who is very down to earth, blue collar guy. We never talked about UFOs as I figured he had no interest. After the Navy videos were released in 2017, we were watching the news and out of the blue he said “I’ve seen one”. I was shocked and asked if he was serious. He said yes. He told me he was visiting friends who had a cabin, when he was living in upper Michigan. He said there were 5-6 people hanging out on the front porch, when someone said “what’s that” and pointed out over the countryside in front of the cabin. He said there was a silver, disc shaped object sitting perfectly still a few hundred feet off the ground. He said it was large, maybe 100 ft or so in length. It was a couple hundred yards away and the sky was perfectly clear. It had no windows that he could see, with maybe a slight rise in the middle. He said it made no sound. He thought they watched it for maybe two minutes and then it just shot away at almost unimaginable speed and was gone. He said they were all stunned and just kind of spoke about it for a few minutes and he went home. He said he only spoke to one of those people about it again many years later and they remembered it just as he did.
    I would bet my house on the truth of his story.


    Great video. You bring up some important points Richard. I am kinda in the camp also of “full disclosure doesn’t matter I know they’re here” But yes the government should be accountable to us as we the tax payers do fund their cushy jobs. Will this happen? Most likely not. And it would open up a big ole fat can of worms.
    They’re here and there is nothing we can do about it. That would not play out well. As in H.G. Wells War of the worlds or plandemic 2020 when the store shelves were empty. The average Joe I’m sorry to say is a knucklehead who can’t handle the fact that we are not the only ones in the universe. But if there is some sort of zero point energy that we have gleened from our ET friends we need to start implementing it it pronto. Petro is killing the planet.

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