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  1. PressToDigitate

    What kind of “Disclosure” could modern Ufology *compel* if we had *our own* new UFO Crash Retrieval, livestreamed in realtime *as it happened*, and attended by invited scientists, before anyone in Government was even alerted that it had occurred?

    We’d better start “thinking outside the box”, before the lid of this ‘box’ is duct-taped shut, once and for all.

    On behalf of the dozens of pioneering Ufologists like Stringfield, hundreds, if not thousands of activists (and millions of experiencers and tens of millions of believers) who’ve died in obscurity, under ridicule, we owe it to Humanity to penetrate the ‘Official Secrecy’ and *EXPOSE* the ETUFO problem, regardless of its parameters.

  2. D.A.


    For what it’s worth, a couple years ago the subject of UFO’s came up between myself and my brother, who lives just outside Washington DC in northern Virginia. It wasn’t long after one of President Trump’s SOTU Addresses. The conversation about UFO’s came up because I had come across a UFO sighting report somewhere on the internet (I forget what site), in which a gentleman from northern Virginia (for some reason I want to say he was a school teacher) was watching the State Of The Union Address, when he heard a low flying, very loud jet fly by his house. In northern Virginia, the sights and sounds of low-flying military aircraft are not unusual, but this one seemed particularly loud, so he went to take a look, and saw what he described as a jet fighter chasing what appeared to be a UFO. So my first reaction was to call my brother and ask if he recalled anything unusual that night–which I thought would be unlikely. To my surprise, he did say that he remembered when watching the Address he and his girlfriend both heard a loud jet buzz past his house. He reiterated the fact that hearing and seeing military jets flying above his house were common events, but he clearly recalled the jet that night because it was unusually loud (and annoying enough to take his attention away from the Address) and seemingly lower than normal, which he attributed to something having to do with…well, the Address. I was always interested in finding out if there were any other reports of UFO’s over northern VA or DC that night, because I never heard anything else on the matter.

    But anyhow, I digress. After talking about the northern VA SOTU incident, he mentioned that about 10 or 12 years ago he was at a picnic at his girlfriend’s parent’s house, when he met his girlfriend’s aunt and her boyfriend at the time–an older gentleman, who was a retired Air Force officer. My brother described him as something right out of a John Wayne, WWII, movie–a kind of straight forward, hard-nosed, type, who didn’t mince words and was blunt and to the point about everything he talked about. My brother didn’t recall how the conversation came up, but at some point in their discussion, this retired officer came right out and said that he personally saw (or was shown) alien space craft wreckage at an installation somewhere out west in the 1950’s (if he did happen to mention the actual installation, my brother forgot which one it was). Again, my brother didn’t recall how the subject came up in the conversation, but it wasn’t contrived in any way, and the retired officer mentioned it in almost off-handed, matter-of-fact way, with no hesitancy or deliberation on his part–as if such things were common knowledge or fact.

    Now, at this point, I would have been all over this guy, but at the time my brother, who wasn’t necessarily “into” UFO’s, and was totally taken aback by the comment, didn’t know what to make of it, so he simply didn’t follow up on it. Unfortunately, the gentleman has since passed. But if there was one who is willing to talk about it, there are bound to be others somewhere. Man…what I would have given to be at that picnic.

    Anyhow, that’s a little story I thought I would share with you since we were on the subject of crash retrievals. Regarding Leonard Stringfield, you had mentioned in a previous correspondence that he also talked about the military shooting down some of these craft. I don’t recall you discussing that in this video, but I could be wrong (I was a little distracted when listening to it and have to listen to it again). I ordered Stringfield’s “The Complete Investigation – Status Reports I -VII” on Amazon, and should be getting it soon. I would be interested, however, in hearing your take on the matter. Would it be possible for you to touch upon this “sub-folder” of craft retrievals in a future video or podcast?



    PS: You mentioned that you never met Stringfield, but nonetheless felt somehow close to him–you mean like us with you?

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      Aww, thanks for this very nice message. I feel close to e folks on this site as well. And thanks for your personal story, or at least the story of your brother. There are so many of those out there, I have no doubt. I’m trying to recall Stringfield talking about an actual shoot down, and I’m coming up empty at the moment. But I’m glad you are getting his collected reports, they make for amazing reading.

  3. elevator

    Richard what do you think of Gerald Anderson, who said he and his family were witnesses to the Roswell crash, shortly after it happened. He was interviewed by Stanton Friedman in about 1992. His tory was believable and matched up with some other witnesses like Glenn Davis, who worked in a morgue near the airbase.

    Also, have you heard of the Vrill, from WWII Germany? They were a cult that supposedly developed UFO tech. Some have claimed the Roswell craft was German tech and Russian made.

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      I was never sure what I thought about Gerald Anderson. I remember Kevin Randall really went after him years ago, but that Stan really supported him. Honestly, I’m not sure. As far as Vrill, I’m a bit more skeptical. If I’m not mistaken the big case for that came out in a the by an author named Van helsing in the 1990s, someone I just could not take seriously in the least. I’m open to correction by anyone who knows more about it.

  4. Bernard Pelletier

    Absolutely fascinating stuff. I have several of Stringfield’s books. No question UFO crash retrievals are very, very real.

    The first such case in 20th c., which was very well documented, was at Vergiate, Prov. of Varese, Lombardia, c. 30 mi. (50 kms.) NW of Milano, June 13, 1933. There were also bodies recovered. The 18 documents are original and have been verified authentic by experts. They were anonymously sent in ’96 to 2 leading ufologists, Roberto Pinotti and Alfredo Linossi, both of CUN (Centro ufologico nazionale). It is also the 1st case of a government cover-up of UFOs and the 1st instance of the setting up of a special secret group to study them, Gabinetto RS/33, which was headed up by Marconi. The RS stands for Ricerche speciali or Ricerche spionaggio. It occured under Mussolini. The group was dissolved in ’40 and the material was handed over to the Germans. The books on it are Gli ‘X-Files’ del nazofascismo, 2001, and Luci nel cielo: Italia e UFO–le prove che il Duce sapeva, 2011. It’s such an important case that they should be translated into English and other languages but haven’t so far. Since I’m half Italian and have a good knowledge of linguistics (I wrote a book on it), I have a good knowledge of Italian.

    Copies of 18 secret documents from the Fascist era (handwritten notes and telegrams), as well as a forensic report authenticating one of the papers (with a drawing of a UFO), were released by CUN to the Italian media only a few years ago. It received considerable coverage in Italy, including by the national TV network RAI Uno and leading newspapers like Il Resto del Carlino, La Nazione, and La Repubblica. Although these articles were posted (in Italian) on the web, the Mussolini UFO documents were hardly noticed by the American UFO community, so this is the first time the full story is told in any detail outside Italy.

    With its anonymous postings and references to a mysterious, super-secret “Cabinet RS/33,” in charge of collecting, investigating, and suppressing UFO data, this story has many similarities to the MJ/12 saga, as Lissoni points out in his articles for “UFO Notiziario”. But there are significant differences.

    The main one is that the Italian documents received anonymously in the mail by Pinotti, starting in 1996, were original and not photocopies or undeveloped film, as in the various MJ-12 drops to Shandera, Berliner, and Tim Cooper. The difference between an original and a copy is pivotal since it allows forensic analysis of the paper, typewriter ink, aging process, and so on.

    Possibly the Germanns were able to back-engineer flying saucers just after the war, as is claimed by some.

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      Yes, I agree that the Italian case is fascinating and has strong support. Only in the last few years have I really become more familiar with it. Roberto Pinotti has done fantastic work for his entire career, certainly including this case. I recently purchased his two books on the history of Italian UFO cases. An important contribution for sure. I want to do a good presentation here on the 1933 case. Coming soon.

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      I am sorry about that. Yes, I have no control over it. The video is now published by another entity and they have removed it. Good news: I am definitely planning a book on the entire series that is based on. It might take a year or two but I was just discussing this with Tracey earlier today.

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