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  1. Andromeda107

    I probably would have gotten out the vehicle also; I bet it was amazing sight to see, I for one believe Travis and the guys who were with him. I fhave followed his story, read his books, listened to him speak at coventions,and it is no doubt in my that this encounter truly happened,now whether or not he was struck by the beam of energy was accident or on purpose, who can really say, but they did leave him close to a phone booth, and not back in the area where he was taken,that was a good thing, maybe Travis is right they were tyring to save his life.

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      I feel lucky that I know Travis as well as I do. We once did a 6-hour drive across the state of Pennsylvania in my beat-up automobile. He is completely authentic, as far as I’ve ever been able to see. I have talked with him countless times, and he’s always genuine, always real. Absolutely great guy.

  2. Fleurs Nocturne

    Erica Lukes recently had some very interesting info regarding Travis Walton’s “abduction”. Well worth watching.

      1. Fleurs Nocturne

        It cannot be boiled down into two sentences since the evidence requires some hours of scrutiny. It would be best to watch and see the evidence for yourself, it may only take a day or two, as such an important layout of objective facts presented by Erica and her guest (with excellent evidence) deserve intelligent and objective scrutiny by leaders such as yourself considering we have based our belief in abductions on people like Travis Walton. It was certainly a kick in the gut for me as I had believed Walton, even though there were questions I had. But now…maybe not so much? Its up to a good investigator like you, Richard, to weigh up all the evidence that has been presented regarding the Walton “Abduction”. Both for and against. We live in a time where it is crucial to get to the truth and weed out those who have exploited the field of UFOlogy for their own fame and fortune. Many of us have always looked to you and a few others as beacons of light and leadership who were not afraid of hearing the truth no matter where that truth leads us, even if does expose those who do harm to the field of UFOlogy. I know intelligent life exists and that it is here. However, the field has been turned into a cottage industry by some, and it is detrimental to the fact that ET’s and UFO’s exist. Please, do an investigation into those coming forward with very good proof about the Walton issue. Erica Lukes is an excellent start.

  3. Rosanne Losee

    Great job. I don’t doubt Travis’ experience whatsoever. But with his reported being gone for five full days, is it just that he could only remember the beginning of the abduction and the end? What happened on that ship for five days? Did they take DNA from him? Did they give him PTSD?

    His experience is also confusing in the light of the fact that we know that people are ‘being disappeared’ in national parks, woodsy areas, lonely highways, and Alaska a hotbed for alien visitations. Abductions are occuring, but why do some get back to earth and others disappear forever?

    David Paulides posits that many of the disappeared appear to be have been dropped from great heights, which surmises a spaceship. While there are theories that some abductions could be Bigfoot/Sasquatch, to me it is far more likely the aliens are opening up portals, where innocent people step in without realizing they are doing so, and never seen again.

    So why did Travis get to return to tell his story and others never returned? Some dead and found mutilated, or disappeared for all time. The whole thing is so fantastic and confusing, and yet scary and interesting as well.

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      I thought I tried to address that, but maybe not as well as I should have. I think most likely Travis was at the very least, severely injured. It would seem to me that he was unconscious nearly the whole time, until the end when he was able to regain consciousness. His own opinion is that he might actually have died and then been brought back to life. But at the very least he was almost certainly incapacitated for most of the time he was gone. That’s how it seems to me.

      1. Fleurs Nocturne

        Very good point. He had severe dehydration although I’m not aware of extensive internal or external damage to his limbs or organs or lasting injuries incurred. What I found odd is that his mother didn’t encourage law enforcement to keep looking for him and was quite casual after the first two days. If I had a child – adult or a youngster – I would have moved heaven and earth to beg law enforcement to keep looking for him. The lie detector evidence is very important though, since it was mainly based on if Travis’s fellow comrades had killed him or been involved in harming him. Not on the actual abduction.

  4. Michael Couto

    I always said this is proof undeniable. Travis is an awesome guy and so was James Garner on a side note. I love hiking in the woods so extra scary for me. I don’t mistreat animals so I wish to be un-mistreated as well ET’s!!! Travis said they might have saved his sons life later. wow!

  5. D.A.


    If I recall correctly, the human looking individual with the helmet, escorted Travis not only out of the room, but out of the craft altogether and into the belly of a much larger craft or hanger, which had other parked craft sitting in it, before escorting him into another room with other human-like beings without helmets (one being a woman). At first blush, these points may appear trivial, but they are nonetheless extremely interesting (at least to me), and could have broad ramifications when reconciling his story with other first-hand accounts of UFO and UFO theories.

    Were they actually inside a mother ship in earth orbit, or in some kind of base on earth, within the earth, under the oceans, or on /in the moon? Any one of these possibilities would explain eyewitness accounts of the craft not appearing to have any kind of facilities for biological functions (waste disposal or eating), which would be required for any extended periods of travel (outside of relatively short excursions, like we do in automobiles). Could the majority of the craft that we have seen be nothing more than shuttles? And no, I do not believe the Greys are artificial as some do–what would be the point of creating artificial beings to fly craft that could otherwise be autonomous? Seems redundant and unnecessary to me. Besides most accounts seem to indicate they are in fact biological. And the one thing that all biological creatures have in common is biological functions (of one kind or another), and yet I’ve never heard of any eyewitness accounts describing these craft as having facilities to support biological functions of any kind, but I could be wrong. Maybe American Standard or Kohler has a long-standing contract with them that we are unaware of.

    And why would one of the beings be wearing a helmet if others of his kind, as well as the Grays, and Walton himself had no issues breathing the ambient air? Was this individual perhaps not yet vaccinated against earth-borne microbes? Was he trying not to infect Walton? Are the Greys, and other reported ET, all able to breath our air, and are immune to (or have been vaccinated against) “all” our infectious microbes? By all accounts (of which I am aware), no ETs in any of the abduction cases (with the possible exception of the one wearing a helmet) seemed concerned about microbial cross contamination of any kind, which I find odd. And they seem to have had no issues (or major issues) breathing our atmosphere, nor us theirs–which, assuming these cases are in fact real (at least with respect to Walton, the Hills and Pascagoula), means that these beings must have come from very similar worlds to ours (at least with respect to atmospheric chemistry and biological evolution), and must have had a very long and continuous relationship with our world in order to obtain, and maintain, the level of understanding of our ever changing, evolving, and mutating flora and fauna (including us), needed to develop the reagents and other safeguards necessary to allow them to interact with us so readily, and for the most part unfettered, without getting a Wellsonian-type infection from something on our world, or conversely (and more important to us), infecting us with something from their world(s). Just a thought.


    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      Yes! Thank you for mentioning that, and when I watched myself in that video, I don’t know why I neglected to provide the additional details about the hanger. Apparently Travis encountered a few other individuals briefly, and I suspect that is when and how they incapacitated him to return him. Your other thoughts on helmets, microbes, etc, is extremely interesting and important.

  6. Doctor3j

    Is there any info on any time distortion? Did he have a watch on? Did his beard growth fit the 5 day time frame. Five days was a very long time for these light speed aliens; so they must have been healing him up. His abduction was not planned as with most others but provoked by him.

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      Yes I think that’s exactly right. And he did apparently have five days growth of beard, and other consistent physiological signs. I can’t remember the details but having to do with electrolytes and ketones in his body. It seems that he was held as long as he was in order to recover, to me that’s the most likely explanation.

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