RD UFO Chronicles: The Problem of Proof

By | September 16, 2021


This is all about proof: what constitutes proof regarding the matter of UFOs? And who is authorized to deem something proof? How does all this work? Some questions I have been asking since I started out in this field. 



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  1. jcaplan

    Captain Edward Ruppelt, of course, famously asked in 1955 “What constitutes proof? Does a UFO have to land at the River Entrance of the Pentagon?” Nearly fifty years later (with the advent of the digital camera, satellite surveillance and other new technologies) we are no nearer the answer.

    Proof must not though be confused with evidence. Evidence is presented and then a fact finder has to make a decision as to whether that evidence proves the matter in issue. With UFOs, or any paranormal phenomenon, you first have to decide what the standard of proof is to be. Is it on the balance of probabilities i.e. more likely than not (the civil standard), or is it beyond reasonable doubt i.e. so that you are sure (the criminal standard)? Then you also have decide , as you said, who the fact finder is to be. Is it an official government panel (like the Condon Committee) or the public at large?

    We must also recognise that even honest witnesses in this area may not be reliable. They may be mistaken. Proof probably, therefore, requires honest reliable witnesses who are corroborated by other physical evidence where the totality invites the inference that what was observed can only be explained on the basis that it was an emanation from an unknown intelligent source. “Inference” here means a process of reasoning by which the fact or proposition of alien intelligence is deduced as a logical consequence from the evidence presented and accepted.

  2. Andromeda107

    Thanks Richard another great episode. Proof would be awesome! another downed craft perhaps. Its weird how there seemed to be multiple crashes of crafts taking place so close each within short amount time back in the 40’s , 50’s , then the crashes stopped. If a crash happened today I wonder what the public do, I can’t imagine that they would just let government/military roll in and force people to leave the scene ,especially if the crash happened in a neighborhood.

  3. Rosanne Losee

    There will never be proof.

    The only proof are the people that have been and still getting abducted. We know what would happen when they speak out; ridicule.

    I don’t see this panning out for humanity. I see a kosh on the Truth, and no matter how many good people are out there working hard for disclosure (Richard Dolan), it will be corrupted as we all know it will. There would have to be enough people in high positions of power to break through the wall of silence.

    The Chinese just built a huge, bigger than ours, alien scouring radio telescope; they are confronting it head on, but here in the USA?

    I wish I felt more positive about disclosure; I thought Elizondo’s and Mellon’s input would put a dent in the knotty mess that is UFO disclosure, but for a few weeks…some attention, then the big fat nothing.

    Timothy Good years ago said the governments of the world knew and if true, then that would be the only way the Truth is revealed. Or, a huge in your face event like in the movie, “Signs.”

    I am not too hopeful about Disclosure at this point. I hope I change my mind.

  4. PressToDigitate

    Since the President & Congress, officially demanding, *BY LAW*, that the Deep State come clean on UFOs on June 24th was an utter failure, and *Did Not Work At All*, it is evident that whatever proof is to be given the public [prior to the Aliens manifesting publicly in concert with our Vichy/Alien Deep State, Silicon Valley & Hollywood] will have to be promulgated Within Ufology; By Ufologists, and For Ufologists – First and Foremost.

    Nothing constitutes ‘harder’ evidence than [provably] Extraterrestrial Hardware, and we all know where to lay hands, er, excuse me, *forceps* on bits of THAT (more on that in comment to a subsequent post). An induced new and *very public* “Crash Retrieval” would also fit the bill nicely (as proposed in comment to a previous post). The demonstration of similar non-Human DNA fragments from multiple Hybrids, rigorously documented and tested, would also be highly credible evidence. New, high resolution Lunar Imaging of active Alien facilities on the surface of our Moon, by a new dedicated Microsatellite designed for the purpose, perhaps accompanied by recordings of ET communications traffic would go a long way. Likewise, one (or more) in Low Earth Orbit, focused on obtaining multispectral [“MiB”-like] “Limbsat” imaging of space traffic in and out of our atmosphere, or drones detecting Scalar signals from under Mt. Shasta or Archuleta Mesa (Dulce), or from a Bathystat dropped at the seafloor entrance to Sycamore Knoll or Gran Careterra in PR, would make a good stab at it.

    The two things we know are, 1) The existing legacy body of evidence, at least as thus far presented, is insufficiently persuasive to the scientific community, the tech sector, mass media and the general public; and, 2) There is nothing left to do in the vain hope that our democratically elected, constitutionally empowered public servants can or will obtain for us any truthful and conclusive proof. That only leaves it up to US to do one, some or all of the things I’ve listed above, and others which are equally ‘demonstrative’.

    Without making these sorts of things happen, Philip Klass’ infamous ‘curse’ will certainly bedevil all of us; as he hexed Stanton Friedman: “When you die, you won’t know any more about ‘Alien Visitation’ than you do right now”. Sadly, for Stan, that turned out to be true. Don’t Be Stan. We can ‘Make Things Happen’, instead of ‘Waiting and Watching What Happens’, or, as many in this field seem disposed to do (ala John Greenwald & TTSA or John Greenwald & Davis/Wilson), “Carping About What Happens, and then Wondering About It Afterwards”.

  5. Stojan Karlusic

    Richard…your explanation as to the difficulties vis-a-vis the Scientific method as applied to UFOs – spot on.

  6. Stojan Karlusic

    How can we possibly use the Scientific method to investigate the UFO phenomenon while at the same time the UFO occupants will use the Scientific method to thwart our own investigation?


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