RD UFO Chronicles | The Forgotten 2002 DC UFO Encounter

By | September 1, 2021

I had forgotten I did this one. What a great case and it just amazes me how forgotten it generally is. Considering the time period (shortly after 9/11), the location (Washington, DC), the particulars (attempted jet intercept of amazing objects) and publicity at the time (Washington Post), you would think this case would have received more lasting attention. 

I always considered it a good one. Hope you enjoy this!


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  1. whatif


    One has to wonder, if our government does indeed know what UFOs are, why do they continue to chase after them with jets? A sincere question, because I tend to believe our (satanic) government has known a good deal about them for decades. Perhaps in this particular case the Air Force could not determine from the radar signature if it was an alien craft or not?

    I also was not aware of RD UFO Chronicles, what a nice surprise. Thanks.

  2. PressToDigitate

    Unfortunately, I didn’t move to the DC area until 2004, so I missed this event. But, over the next 10 years that I lived in nearby Alexandria and Arlington, with, on average, multiple trips each week into DC, I became as familiar as I should have ever wanted to be with the native culture in the National Capital Region. It is, of course, dominated by the “Washington Establishment”, which is driven by the Deep State, which, in turn, is led by the National Security Community. If you live in the area for any time at all, this becomes exceedingly apparent. Those who claim that a ‘Deep State’ doesn’t exist are either totally ignorant and haven’t been to Washington, or they are a part of it and are lying. I don’t believe that the ETUFO Reality is lost on these people at all; upon reflection, the more I look back on the artful, artificial reactions contrived by the typical millennial Washington “staffer” (“Hill” or otherwise), the more I believe that the Capital is probably infested with AHOs (“Alien Hybrid Operatives”), and likely has been for quite some time.

    Thus, it should come as no surprise that a public aerial encounter, that should have been front page news *everywhere*, went by essentially without notice. In fact, many other problematic events – which we *DO* hear about – may well be attributable to this same ‘infestation’.

    I had lunch, 1 on 1, with Dr. Steven Greer in Pentagon City, circa 2010, at the Skydome, overlooking the Pentagon from 22 floors up, atop the Doubletree Inn (best views in town). We ruminated on what would be necessary to “Break Through” in the mass media on public awareness of the ETUFO presence. This was before “Ancient Aliens” had debuted and escalated into the Cable phenomenon that changed the dialog into what we enjoy today. While it had seemed then that the average Washington “minion” was impossibly obtuse on the subject, and that public awareness would be an interminable Herculean struggle – even a decade after the Disclosure Project – upon reflection I consider it more likely that such reactions were merely contrived for outsiders, and that feigned ignorance, “skepticism” and disdain for the ETUFO subject had always been disingenuous.

  3. D.A.


    Do you believe in coincidences? I recently wrote to you about a reported UFO/fighter jet incident in the skies above, or near, Washington D.C., which didn’t occur in 1952, 2002, 2004, or 2015, but on February 4th of 2020 during, and/or just after the POTUS State of The Union Address.

    This incident, which involved the sighting of two mysterious lights chased by a fighter jet, or jets, over Arlington, VA, was reported to a local news station, as well as the Washington Post, by a man who reported the incident to NUFORC. This man also had a friend, who heard the noises as well, but did not see anything. Moreover, as I had previously mentioned to you, sometime later I called by brother after reading about this incident. He distinctly remembered hearing the jets that night as well, and recalled making a mental note of how unusually loud (and low in the sky) they seemed to be. Given that jets (military and commercial) are constantly flying above that area of northern VA, makes the fact that he distinctly remembered the unusual jet traffic that night even more salient. I don’t know about you, but this sounds eerily similar to the 2002 incident you talk about in the podcast. Coincidence…or pattern? What say you?

    Apparently the man’s report ultimately fell on deaf ears at the Washington Post, and the radio station he contacted said another man about 7 miles away had reported the same thing, and that they would get to the bottom of it, but as far as I know nothing ever came of it. Sound familiar?

    At first blush, this might just sound like another run of the mill sighting that falls into the cracks of UFO report oblivion, and is of no real interest to anyone, maybe not even you; however, it might just be indicative of the ongoing pattern of incursions (and subsequent cover ups) you mentioned, which is especially concerning given that it’s not just happening out at sea, or over our nuke facilities, but over the skies of our nation’s capital, and it has been happening for decades.

    Would it be worth looking into whether or not military jets were in fact dispatched, or if something was tracked on civilian or military radar, over Washington DC on the night of February 4th, 2020? I know that the information gleaned from the investigation of such a seemingly pedestrian event may not be worth the effort, but in light of the current political and cultural climate surrounding UAP acknowledgement, someone with a keen investigative mind with the right resources at his, or her, disposal might just be able to dig up something interesting that goes a little bit further than the simple corroboration of testimony about some jets chasing a couple lights over northern Virginia on the night of POTUS’ State of the Union Address. It also seems to me that if someone were so inclined to look into this incident, the effort of tracking down information about an event that occurred less than 2 years ago might be a little bit easier than getting information on something that occurred, say…10 or even 20 years ago, no? Just a thought.


  4. Andromeda107

    I was never aware this encounter until now , Washington definitely kept this incident away from the public. I also just reading the Trinity by Paola Harris and Jauque Vale , was a really good book and and incredible case . That another incredible case that a majority of the public probably doesn’t know about. I was amazed that Remy Jose and the female cousin could remember such incredible details about the crash and the beings , Richard I hope you talk about this case on a future show ,maybe even Paola and Vale on.

    1. carroll.vance

      Hi Andromeda, Boulder Exo had a great 2 hour video conference with Jacques Vallée, Paola Harris, and 1945 Trinity UFO crash witness Jose Padilla. Was great listening to Jacques and Paola and Boulder Exo members ask Jose questions to clarify his experiences. Video conf. was on Friday, June 4, 2021, staring 6 PM MST. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DR5kklDyWGI

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