RD UFO Chronicles: The 2006 O’Hare Incident

By | September 16, 2021

Of course, this is a very important UFO sighting/encounter. It is rightly considered among the more important American UFO cases of the 21st century, and in my view helped to kickstart a renewed and improved media profile of UFOs for a few years. This was a big case when it happened and it’s easy to see why. Of course, there is still no conventional explanation (that makes the slightest bit of sense, at any rate). 


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  1. Gerald Anderson

    I remember this incident well. I was home from work that day. I usually don’t watch CNN. But I was going through my cable channels, and there it was. The CNN newscasters were making idle talk about it. It looked like airport personnel were a bit freaked out, and trying the best to ignore it, sitting right on the runway.

  2. PressToDigitate

    On pages 96 – 103 of “Rings of Supersonic Steel”, by Morgan & Berhow, the deployment of Nike-Hercules, and its predecessor, Nike-Ajax, interceptor missiles around Chicago, from the mid-1950s to the mid-70s is detailed. Together with BOMARC interceptors based in nearby Minnesota and Michigan (and others in Ontario) the ‘Windy City’ was ostensibly well defended against aerial threats for 20 years – 30 years before the O’Hare Airport incursion. That the “Object” sighted by thousands went unmolested, and that it posed an obvious danger to air navigation cannot be argued. I believe traffic was even temporarily grounded to accommodate it. But what we have *less* of an explanation for than its presence or probable origins is “Why was nothing Done about it?”

    This government will remove your shoes and sniff the resulting odor with Thermal Neutron Activation detectors, which induce radioactivity in organic compounds in, on, or around your body, to provide for the “safety” of the flying public, and yet menacing “things” hovering in crowded restricted airspace are ‘given a free pass’. Why? We already know that this government has (or had) the capability to shoot down Alien craft endangering lives and property, because the argument is inescapable that they have done so, resulting in our ‘Crash Retrievals’. Whatever was used, didn’t even require the nuclear-tipped Nike-Hercules or BOMARC interceptor missiles, because we know that None Were Ever Fired Against UFOs. But, whatever was used, seems to be used no longer, or, at least, no longer used to protect Americans, as there are apparently no Crash Retrievals since before the turn of the Century in North America.

    The dangerous practice of allowing the Aliens free run of our airspace demands closer examination. Apart from the untold numbers of violent Abductions (& ‘clinical’ Rapes) such a cowardly policy allows Them, it strongly suggests official complicity in Their Agenda, which portends an even greater evil than is done to those involuntarily Taken. This is the *Real* UFO scandal, the Coverup is merely there to cover this up, not that the Flying Saucer Actually Exist. Listen carefully to the new lies – I mean ‘lines’ – emerging in the official discussion on UAPs. The evaporation of the History. Its about evading discussion of, and responsibility for, the predation of Americans by the Invasive Species, and why it was willingly allowed to continue for the last 80 years, up to the present day – EVEN WITH PROVEN COUNTERMEASURES DEMONSTRATED SUCCESSFULLY ON AT LEAST A DOZEN OCCASIONS. People need to be held accountable; sued, prosecuted, *IMPRISONED*.

    With no actual “Disclosure” forthcoming from the Insiders, there is no longer any need to contemplate any possible “Amnesty” for them, or some “Truth & Reconciliation Commission” by which they might avoid punishment for ‘Crimes Against Humanity’ by suddenly, now, “opening up with the goodies”. You might convey this sentiment to Happy Hal, and suggest he relay it up the ladder to those Hip Deep in It.

    What if an incoming 747 Crew had reacted badly to that thing over O’Hare, at a cost of 400 lives? What if it had disrupted flight instrumentation, or air traffic control communications? That it didn’t in this case is irrelevant; if it can turn ICBMs on and off, little prevented it from wreaking havoc on civil aviation, perhaps even without meaning to do so. Notably, those old Nike-Hercules interceptor missiles were designed withOUT electronic on-board guidance computers, so as to be immune to electronic disruption. Are there any Patriot missile batteries protecting Chicago airspace? Even if some are in the vicinity, ‘apparently not’. There certainly were none defending New York City or Washington, D.C. on 9/11. It all sure smells Vichy to me…

  3. Tom McKibbin

    Hi Richard and team, would it be possible to fix the link for this video? Very keen to hear your thoughts on this case!

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      Hi Tom, I would love to but I cannot. Those videos were originally published on the Youtube site that produced these originally. We shot all this in the UK at the end of 2019. However, they sold the videos to two places: Gaia TV and Forbidden Knowledge. I have no control over them. However, I do plan to turn all of my talks into a printed book with an audio book version.

      1. Tom McKibbin

        Thanks for the reply Richard – I was thinking of getting a trial to Gaia TV so will aim to watch it on that. I’m a new member of the site, but long-time admirer and loving the amount of great content on here!

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