RD UFO Chronicles: Ronald Reagan’s UFO Encounter

By | July 25, 2021


Hi Everyone,

Doing a Fireside later today for members, but this new episode of the UFO Chronicles will be premiering in a few hours (pretty sure it’s 6 p.m. Eastern). This one is very interesting to me, and I think it’s one of my personal favorites. Just a fascinating story, all-too-little known by people, even by those who follow the UFO subject. 



13 thoughts on “RD UFO Chronicles: Ronald Reagan’s UFO Encounter

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      They are on the YouTube channel UAMNTV, but I intend to post all of them here as well. And in fact here is the only place where comments are available. The channel where the series appears has disabled comments.

  1. PressToDigitate

    Another excellent “Chronicle”!
    I would have included the video of Reagan himself addressing the concept from the UNGA rostrum, and tied in the 3/81 Briefing that Reagan demanded and received on the ETUFO subject (immediately prior to the assassination attempt on his life). Linda recounted what we know of that briefing again in a recent broadcast. Both that CIA briefing, and Pres. Trump’s unfortunate experiences with the Deep State, suggest that its “Lack of Candor” on the subject pervades our elected government internally, as well as its communications with the public at large. A Deep State infested with Alien Hybrid Operatives for decades isn’t suddenly going to fess up to its metastacy just because a Reagan or Trump asks for the Truth. They certainly aren’t going to take notice of any supplications for benevolence by the likes of Old Gropin’ Joe.

    I was in the aerospace sector in the 1980s. Reagan’s “Star Wars” SDI was indeed an effort directed at *planetary defense* against the ETUFO presence, and not just some idle Cold War-mongering (Teller is the key). The anomalous sequential launch vehicle “accidents” in the 1980s – Titan, Delta, Atlas, Shuttle and Ariane – wildly beyond any probability of “coincidence”, were likely an Alien response to the effort (and “Exhibit A” as to why we *neeed* a suitable defensive infrastructure in space). The programmatic and political sabotage of SDI, and its progeny to this day, are exactly what an Alien “Fifth Column” would have engaged in – just as they did 25 years earlier in the cancellation of Nike Zeus, and other retrenchments in our Aerospace defense posture.

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      Thanks for this comment. I think this week I’m going to tell an interesting story from 1983 when I met a very interesting man at Newark international airport, who told me about SDI’s real mission. Very much in line with what you are saying.

    2. OgronWaitress

      So much for Trump being a zealot for UFO disclosure, I doubt very much he could even tell you what ‘UFO’ stands for. If that career fraudster ever bumped into a UFO secret, he wouldn’t even recognise it.

  2. Ron Holmes UK

    Hi Richard, this was a great episode! I love the subject of Regan and what he did and didn’t know – and how my sisters and I (as kids at the time living in England) were told by my Policeman Father – that he was “a warmonger and an idiot, who would likely cause WWIII before we got to grow up”.

    Oh how we learn hard truths about Ex-Presidents, and even our own Dads over the years, eh Rich…

    Anyway, I’m going to bet that you made mention of his alleged comments after the private screening of “E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial” at The Whitehouse. But somehow it didn’t make it through to the final cut – it’s a real shame as I love that story. Perhaps it’s not as true as I’d love to believe and that’s why it was omitted? Also the fact that Ron was nearly assassinated by an “Angry Lone Gunman” figure, which would have silenced Regan forever and let Bush into power even earlier than he was, was left out – but again, I can see why. They’re both great stories, and to my mind probably true, but not easy to prove and that doesn’t really fit with this hard-hitting but succinct format…

    Either way, I loved this episode and can’t wait for the next one! Thank you.

  3. iam080

    Thank you Richard, for all that you have done.

    “Did The Deep State Eliminate JFK To Protect UFO Secrets?”
    UFOs: The Lost Evidence

  4. Andromeda107

    You have to wonder if Reagan looked into UFO phenomenon once he was president? and how far he may gotten ? I am prety sure he has heard of Roswell, and maybe the Aztec crash, which would have made him even more interested in knowing what secrets were being kept from the Presidency . Richard that was another enjoyable episode.

  5. robert yoder

    Ronald Reagan was also Fully Briefed on UFO-ET`s by CIA Director William Casey…UNLIKE many other presidents like Clinton & Obama…That in itself is Ludicrous! A president has the nuclear codes to begin a nuclear war,but he can NOT be told the Truth about ET`s???

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