RD UFO Chronicles: More on Crash Retrievals

By | September 16, 2021

I realize that I truly fell behind in posting these, so today I am catching up and posting more episodes. All in all, there are SIX that I need to post today. Wow. 🙂

This one has more thoughts on the UFO/UAP crash retrieval phenomenon. 

More to come!


7 thoughts on “RD UFO Chronicles: More on Crash Retrievals

  1. Andromeda107

    Thanks for sharing Richard, I have no doubt that their is company,whether it be Lockeed or Northronp Grumman that are studying these crafts and bodies .

  2. PressToDigitate

    Sorry, Richard – Got to take you to task for this one…

    “may have been brought down by The Earth’s Magnetic Field…” Seriously? An Interstellar, space-faring civilization, that is between a Century and a Million Years ahead of us, somehow ignorant of planetary geomagnetics? Odds are that the vast majority of inhabited worlds have strong magnetic fields, because it shields stellar and cosmic charged particle radiation, which tends to destroy life. Not buying it. What were you even Thinking?

    And then, to gloss over the High Power Microwave Beam as a culprit – the *Most Probable Culprit* – according to, you know, “Science”, was … ‘inappropriate’, given the numerous independent testimonies by ex-military witnesses, from LCOL Phillip Corso (who went unmentioned) on down, that that WAS what brought these craft down. Since ‘Pilot Error’ & ‘Mechanical Failure’ are extremely implausible, and “Gifting” – or “Geomagnetics” – are both patently *ridiculous*, and No One has reported ANY indication of aerial combat *between* UFOs of conflicting alien powers, and CONAD/NORAD “Shoot-Down” Orders are amply attested to, the rational default assumption is that all of these crashed UFOs were Shot Down By US (one way or another). That Megawatt-class microwave Directed Energy Weapons – originating from the accidental discovery that early, primitive 1940s Radar affected UFO electrogravitic propulsive fields (as we independently know that it *MUST*) – would have been exploited and enhanced by Majestic is a “No Brainer”. Call Linda; she has relatively recent testimony by a verified ex-mil technician who was trained to operate this “Anti-Saucer” DEW device, and has played it, on-air, within the last six months to a year.

    As I have previously proposed, it is also a *Testable Proposition*, given the commercial availability of industrial Megawatt-class Gyrotron and Gyro-Klystron Tubes (“Tunable”, even!). Assembling the requisite Power Supply, Beamforming Antenna/Emitter, and Target Tracking accouterments for one would be relatively simple; on the order of a half-dozen M.S. Thesis research projects in Physics and Electrical Engineering. Then, it would be merely a matter of mounting the assembly on a suitable truck bed, and driving it to sites where frequent UFO sightings occur, lying in wait for the proper ET Target vehicle to present itself. It could all be done for a typical year’s aggregate expenditures on UFO Conferences, or the budget of even a bad UFO Series on the Travl Channel. Settling the issue, ‘once-and-for-all’, would certainly be worth the cost and effort, even apart from the value of *saving Humanity* that such an experiment, outside our compromised government, would have to the World. Let’s answer the question, out of abstract academic curiosity, and see if it works…we have nothing to lose but our Brain-sucking Alien Overlords.

  3. TomTort

    I find your reasoning, thoughts and your delivery to have tremendous impact regarding the Wilson Documents very impressive. The sincerity is more than obvious. If I were sitting on a jury, I could only conclude the documents in question are legitimate. I have never seen or heard anyone so passionate. I do not believe you are fighting to maintain a reputation or have an ax to grind, but are defending a fact you honestly believe to be true. I don’t know why there is this sudden surge to debunk the Wilson Documents and I find it very disconcerting. I question the motivation of this quest to debunk the documents and I am sure with time your firm stance will be praised and congratulated.
    I listeñed to your interview on “Fade To Black” and you were, in my mind, very convincing! I did not understand the opposing point of view; but was gratified to see in the face of the host, at the end of the show, sympathy and I wondered if you actually changed his opinion or at least given him reason to reevaluate his position.

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