7 thoughts on “RD UFO Chronicles – Iranian Encounter 1976

  1. MarkH

    I believe the demonstration by the UFO was a direct result of the proliferation of not only tactical nukes due to the cold war tensions in and around the airports of Tehran by the Americans but also the building of the Bushehr Reactor that was initially launched in 1976 in an effort to push the “transfer of nuclear technology” to Tehran by President Gerald Ford who offered Iran an entire nuclear cycle in the 1970s.
    We all know the UFO and Nukes story. But there also seems to be an ability by ET to perceive upcoming events. And there is disturbing information observed in such cases as Rendlesham, Tic Tac and human abductions to suggest this. I am sure that some of the UFOs at least are out to protect us from ourselves.

    One other point of interest General Nadar Youssefi stated in an interview if the transition was correct that he could see from the top of his house the two Ufos (the one on the ground that had near landed and the large one above) were in direct communication with each other using beams of light. So more than just the one beam shooting down to the ground. As I like to look for patterns, I wonder what other cases are there of that type of communication between two craft?

  2. PressToDigitate

    I believe that this case is prominent only because it “got out”, whereas many similar (and perhaps even more interesting) encounters by the other 200 or so national Air Forces of the world have almost certainly also happened, that we just don’t [yet] have “the receipts” for. All over the world, fighter pilots have been patrolling their skies in jets since the end of World War II. A number of countries have released files on their military UFO encounters; but most still have yet to do so.

    Nothing prevents us from engaging a couple of Interns, who would track down former Air Force officers and civilian defense/aviation officials, *in every country on Earth*, from which to elicit similar, as-yet-unreported accounts from their historical recollections. We know that close U.S. allies will be circumspect (more or less) in what they release, but the UK, France, Italy and others have already released more than had previously been expected. What about the *dozens* of other Air Forces around the world, in Latin America, Africa, and Asia, whose airspace has been/is undoubtedly being penetrated with impunity in exactly the same manner as Iran was in 1974? In the less-developed world, former pilots will be less concerned with long-past security oaths or “NDAs”, if, indeed, they ever had any to begin with – and many may be expats now living in the U.S. or Europe.

    Somewhere out there is another Paul Hellyer; some ex- Defense Minister, from a Baphutatswana or Uruguay, or Seychelles or Laos or Tonga, who is sitting on a trove of amazing ETUFO data from their Air Force encounters, that could probably be had for the price of Starlink Terminal – or a case of good Scotch. Nobody in Ufology is on that trail, which is why ‘Iran’ is our most prominent non-U.S. example of military airborne encounters. Let’s fix that.

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      I agree on what you say about the Tehran encounter, although I do think on its own basis it’s still a strong case. Very strong. But yes for sure there are undoubtedly so many more out there that are even better. In fact, there are many fully documented cases that are at least as compelling as the Tehran case, and they come from around the world. We have so many. I think I am going to do a podcast on some of the amazing Soviet cases from 1989 an 1990. Good lord they are something else. And so many others. But yes your idea about digging up more — well, it’s a question of time and money. I agree something like that would only be helpful.

      1. PressToDigitate

        A PRG newsletter today highlighted this new group, ICER, the International Coalition for Extraterrestrial Research. They are working hard on getting organized, but seem to be less far along at figuring out what to actually *DO* with their emerging global network. The Chinese apparently tried to buy influence with them, but failed to see it through. Don Schmitt, Victor Viggiani and Gary Heseltine were the only names I recognized (under ‘Profiles’), but I’m sure you know others. Perhaps you could help task them into productive endeavors by seeking out more ‘Paul Hellyers’ – and ‘David Fravors’ – from the less famous countries around the world.


        Oh, and here’s another new international organization Steve highlighted – with the same need for “something to go do”:


        (Scroll down to “Alliance Scientists Team”)

        1. Richard Dolan Post author

          Thanks for the comment here. The ICER organization seems a bit nebulous as far as what they are trying to accomplish, although I always favor any form of international collaboration in the field of UFOs. The other organization seems a bit sketchy .. I didn’t recognize any of those names but noticed they are associated to some degree with the Raeleans. So …. yeah. Still, it’s good to see something happening.

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