RD UFO Chronicles: Ingo Swann & Mr. Axelrod

By | July 31, 2021

Hi Everyone,

Gosh, sorry I didn’t post this for the premiere, which just ended. But this is the latest episode in my UFO Chronicles series, and definitely one of the favorites of everyone at UAMNTV when we did it. The astonishing and true story of remote reviewer Ingo Swann and his interactions with the very mysterious “Mr. Axelrod.” You don’t want to miss this one! 


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    1. vincent medici

      Hi Richard:

      I had to pull the car over. I got so engrossed in this story I am astonished. It was the content but also your telling! Fantastic!

      1. Richard Dolan Post author

        Thanks Vincent. Yes, one of the craziest but nevertheless fascinating of all the ones we did for this. I was lucky to know Ingo Swann (at least to some extent) and actually was an overnight guest in his home. His story of Axelrod is just an incredible one.

  1. Andromeda107

    Just finished watching the episode. I always enjoy hearing the Ingo Swan cases,it never gets old hearing you recount his encounters with the mysterious Axelrod and the twins.

  2. PressToDigitate

    This is one of the more interesting stories in all of Ufology. Taken at face value, it impels the consideration of a number of issues which have thus far been conveniently ignored. These include:
    1. Why ask whether Mr. Axelrod and his “twins” (*clones*) is either A) A ‘Deep Black’ spook from within the Intelligence Community responsible for dealing with the ETUFO presence, or B) An Extraterrestrial in Human (Hybrid) form, conducting Their own intelligence operations here on Earth among us, *When Nothing Prevents Them From Being BOTH*? (i.e. Aliens who have infiltrated our Intelligence Community and co-opted the organs responsible for dealing with our exopolitical affairs – including our aerospace defenses and management of the ETUFO Coverup itself.)
    2. These awkward cloned functionaries – not unlike the Vindman Clones of recent failed Coup d’Etat fame – seem indistinguishable from the “Men-in-Black” reports. It must be considered that of the sperm/ova harvested from Abductees, many more “sibling” Hybrids can be gestated than can be comfortably disembarked in any one location (at present) without arousing suspicion as to their “identicality”. But, as in any other large, bureaucratic enterprise, the Alien Colonization initiative probably makes mistakes from time to time which ‘slip through the cracks’, potentially compromising their Operational Security. Axelrod’s “twins” and the Vindman “twins” are very likely examples of this. When a particular genetic composition proves exceptionally suitable for Alien inhabitation, among all the Hybrid Containers produced, the Alien temptation to ‘make more of those’ would likely be irresistible to Them, with only Human social factors inhibiting them in doing so on a larger basis.
    3. If live interpersonal Contact can be made by CRV of Alien lunar facilities, it suggests strategies to bypass our ‘Majestic’ establishment to engage in direct “messaging” to the ETUFO presence. Apart from worshipful “communion” and a good chorus of “Cumbaya”, a more pragmatic use for this avenue of communication would be the detailed negotiation of an alternative disposition of Man, instead of neurotechnical enslavement, menial servitude, depopulation (and eventual extinction) as our planet is colonized by the Invasive Species. As Dr. Andrew Gallimore outlined in his CITD lecture, such a contact effort could be neurochemically augmented for increased depth and clarity. Just like Abductee Implant Extraction, this can be done without anything from the Government, giving us control of the dynamic.
    4. If Alien Hybrid Operatives can enter SRI with impunity, They can enter the Wuhan Institute of Virology just as easily. Whether done by planting Hybrids within the staff over time, or psychically overpowering and bypassing security personnel (or both), it must be considered that such capabilities easily empower Them to conduct perfectly discrete “False Flag” covert operations on Earth – including the current ‘Eugenic Bomb’ depopulation agenda (i.e. “Wuhandromeda”).
    5. Do we have (or how can we obtain) the specific Lunar Coordinates visited by Swann and other Remote Viewers who made successful contact there? Do these locations match up with those sites which David Adair reports that Neil Armstrong, and, presumably, the other Apollo crews – were told to *avoid landing at, under any circumstances*? It seems very odd that no one has made a point of correlating these two location data sets. Few things may be more critical to Human survival than determining this with certainty.

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      To deal with your last point, I actually don’t know if those coordinates are available anywhere. The only ones who might know would be Puthoff or Targ, possibly. I can ask both. Let’s see if I learn anything.

      1. PressToDigitate

        Perhaps you could first obtain the list from Adair, and then see if Puthoff or Targ want to “refuse to deny” that those are the locations Remote Viewed by Swann and others. Of course, it seems probable that the “Do Not Land” sites on the list Adair saw may in fact have derived from the RV experiments.

  3. OgronWaitress

    Fantastic stuff. Why though do aliens even need water? Can’t they just synthesise it themselves with the aid of their unlimited power sources?

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      Oh goodness thank you for reminding me. I was told that the show has been picked up by a separate network, which is going to make it available through its channels. not something I have any control over, but I think it will be available again.

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      Ah yes. Sadly, the entire series had to be pulled. It was purchased by another company that wants to repackage it. I have no control over this one and apologize. Good news is that (a) it WILL be available at some point soon, I believe. and (b) I am converting my entire video series into a book.

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