RD UFO Chronicles: Davis-Wilson Notes Part 1

By | September 16, 2021

This is the first part of my foray into the Davis-Wilson notes. This segment gives a background to the controversy, explaining how the leak happened, and all the major players involved. Part 2 discusses details of the document itself. 


7 thoughts on “RD UFO Chronicles: Davis-Wilson Notes Part 1

  1. PressToDigitate

    No one has ever presented a valid argument against the authenticity of Davis’ notes. As with other UFO documents, and, initially, with the TicTac, Gimbal and GoFast videos, there is lots of ill-informed, irrational chatter about “stylistic” objections to their content, but that form of critique is of little evidentiary value, as they have always been shown to be frivolous objections, easily explained. Truman’s Auto-Pen, PACL’s Compugraphic Digital Typographer, the Government Printing Office’s “z” sort, and the Signal Corps’ standard-issue camera’s operating imperfections are all examples of the failure of stylistic criticism of UFO evidence. Claiming that Davis’ description of the meeting read like a Tom Clancy (or Chris Carter) script is similarly vapid. Where were they going to discuss it, over a stack of Buttermilks at Waffle House – in front of God & Everybody? As I suggested when we all ‘went to Church’ on Wednesday night, defending each bit of data against its own unique pack of wolves is a losing game – unworthy of your time and effort. Time and Effort that is, which would be far better spent on connecting the myriad disparate data points into a coherent Whole.

    Since the Davis-Wilson meeting occurred, decades have passed in which our understanding that the government is in possession of recovered Alien vehicles (or debris thereof), has not advanced one iota. We knew by 1997 that they had such stuff, and were working to reverse engineer it. We knew it was probably in Contractor hands. The general information which Greer imparted to Wilson, to initiate his inquiry, was already circulating within Ufology, and nothing about Wilson’s fruitless search to access the illegally funded projects dealing with it really changes or adds to that understanding. The value in the EWD notes that you have added to the discussion is the certainty that these Black Projects are not under legitimate government control, are inherently fraudulently operated, and that, therefore, all Security Classifications and Non-Disclosure Agreements concerning them are legally non-binding and invalid. By the same token, TTSA’s major contribution wasn’t the three AATIP videos; your books give more illuminating military encounters than all that have come out of TTSA – and the June 24th “Report” – combined. TTSA’s major contribution was ADSECDEF Mellon’s effectively confirming Wilson’s experience of being *Stonewalled* upon inquiry, despite their legal responsibility over such programs. Together, they validate Catherine Austin Fitts’ assertions of vast sums of tax dollars being illegally diverted – misdirected – *STOLEN* – to finance ETUFO -related activities by our government. Forget the ‘space junk’, the real story from Wilson/Mellon/Fitts is about CRIMINALITY. This is why Abraham Lincoln pushed through the False Claims Act. Let’s Use It.

  2. Mike Drake

    RIchard, a question on the documents:

    You said (and in essence proved) in your recent Jimmy Church interview that you were shown several pages of the notes in 2006. In the same interview you said you were shown the pages in 2006 without knowing the exact context of how the notes were taken or who the players were (no names given by your contact)

    You mentioned elsewhere that you discovered Wilson’s connection to the content when you read a passage in Dr Greer’s book and made the connection between Wilson and what you were previously shown, but can you please fill us in on when/how did you discovered Dr Eric Davis’ connection to the content?


    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      When I was shown those notes in 2006, they appear to have been the exact same copies that were released. But in fact I don’t recall if the initials EWD and TW were in them. I was just too blown away in the moment reading the content, and then getting backstory from my source. He did not tell me either person’s identity at the time. I figured out Wilson’s identity (as you point out) when I read Greer’s book. That was fairly soon after. Then for the next few years I discussed this situation in a variety of contexts, both via interview and in conferences. I did not know it was Davis during all that time, and indeed to be honest I knew very little about Eric Davis during most of those years. Other than via his involvement in Skinwalker and his work with Hal Puthoff. Had I retained a copy of the notes, I am sure I would have figured it out quickly enough, but I never saw the notes again until April 2019. Two months before the notes leaked to the world. Prior to that, I had engaged in very little discussion about the Wilson affair for close to a decade. So it was only in April 2019 that I put the whole thing together and realized that of course it was Davis.

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      thanks for asking, Molly, yes that entire series has been pulled from YouTube for the moment. Reason being it’s been purchased by another company which is going to re-release it. No worries, it will be back, and I’m also writing a book based on every one of those videos.


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