RD UFO Chronicles: Alien Implants

By | September 16, 2021

I could have done a better job with this. In discussing Roger Leir, a podiatrist, why oh why I failed to mention that many implants were not removed from the foot but from other parts of the body? I knew this and don’t know why I neglected to state that more clearly here. Other than that oversight, I think this is still a useful piece. 


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  1. PressToDigitate

    Yes, that oversight was a distinct case of “foot-in-mouth disease”. I don’t know if any of the Implants were actually in the feet, but there are no pictures or discussion of feet in Leir’s book “The Aliens and the Scalpel”, nor, I believe, in the JKLC documentary on him, “Patient Seventeen”. In any event, Leir wasn’t the one who performed the actual surgeries, he recruited a General Surgeon for that.

    But your report *IS* a useful piece, although more pictures of the extracted Implants, and clips of the surgeries would have been nice. Its major flaw was in not more fully discussing the concept of Isotopic Ratios; what they mean, their cosmological importance, and the *certitude* with which they are determined, unequivocally, through Spectroscopy. In mainstream, accepted Planetary Science, for more than half a century, the distinct Isotopic Ratios of materials from each planet have been considered an unquestioned “fingerprint”, inarguably *proving* that a sample of metal or mineral was ‘terrestrial’ – Or NOT – and it is regularly (and exclusively) used to identify and classify meteorites found on Earth – and to determine their probable origin. The whole of Planetary Science, Astronomy and Astrophysics rest on the assumption that this analytical technique is infallible. The famous “Mars Rock” (84-001), found to contain fossilized microbes, was conclusively determined to be of Martian origin from its Isotopic composition. That was considered so completely dispositive of the subject that President Clinton gave a public statement on the discovery, 25 years ago (referencing the sample specifically at the 2:30 mark):

    This is why pulling 100+ new Alien Implants out of Abductees, under rigorous (and public) conditions would be so powerful in destroying the Official Narrative – particularly where real working scientists, in universities all over the country/world are concerned. It would be *impossible* for the Deep State to explain it away with any Newspeak song & dance about “Conspiracy Theories” or “Misinformation”. But, what *we* really need is to analyze the devices, the signals they emit, their connections to the nervous system, and the full genetic profiles (and physiologies) of the patients from whom they are extracted, to find the common factors (rh or otherwise).

    1. PressToDigitate

      Here, Dr. Roger Leir and Dr. Bob Koons (Physicist) discuss their analytical findings from examination of the surgically extracted Alien Implants, retrieved from Abductees; it is one of the best discussions I’ve heard on the subject:

      The crosscutting genetic comparison of the subjects and signal analysis of the electromagnetic emanations from the Implants, which they didn’t have the resources to accomplish, are what must be done ASAP, from a new [large] batch of retrieved Implants, together with studies of the nerve transduction between the ET device and the Human nervous system. There is no Sighting, or conceivable acknowledgement from our Government, that compares with the need for this data being obtained *outside of government*. Unlike ‘Crash Retrievals’, which we shall *never* have access to the Alien debris from – unless we bring one down ourselves – ‘Implant Retrievals’ can be obtained in the leisure time of any interested and qualified surgeon, for facilities/equipment costs on the order of a few hundred to a few thousand dollars per Implant (most of which can probably be donated), and an equal amount for the instrumented analysis of each device. Retrieving and analyzing *dozens* of them would be well within the budget of a full-season documentary series on primetime cable television.

  2. Rosanne Losee

    For the record… I just finished watching the Travel Channel’s expose on alien abductees. They have interviewed many of them for the cameras. They all come off as sincere and stable, the show is focused around the problem of ‘why’ they are here, and various people give different answers, but the consensus that they are here to create a hybrid race.

    The description of the abductions themselves vary from person to person. Some have been repeatedly abducted since early years of childhood and look upon it without as much dread, opposed to those who have been abducted and have undergone extremely horrific ‘experimentation’ on their bodies.

    This is not new material of course, but it is new to this time and date. I found the show compelling, very well done, without the usual sneers and jibes from ‘scientists or SETI’ ‘skeptics.’ It was refreshing in my point of view and if taken seriously, it is obvious that we are being used in an experimental creation of a new race of beings on this planet, and that the PTB know.

    I know none of this is ‘new’ for us UFO followers, but new in this format and I found the abductees’ stories very troubling to say the least, but give them kudos for their honesty and forthrightness to come forward on camera.

    THIS is what we need to do. Richard, somehow you need to do a UFO history program for national TV, and garner enough people who feel that they have been abducted to add to your comprehensive research. One, you give the information and data, and two, we get the people in the flesh, speaking of their scary experiences.

    Speaking of scary experiences, I hesitate to recount this, as it could have been a silly thing, but it sticks in my memory. Some years ago, I had some surgery on my feet, and I was given Hydrocodone for the pain. I am a person that pretty much can take a lot of pain, so I only took the doses in small increments as directed, and only for two days. On the second day, I went to sleep and woke up in a horrific feeling of terror. My heart was pounding, as I remembered in my dream that some thing was tugging at my shoulders and i was surrounded by….something.. I didn’t see any face, just vague forms around, but I was in the throes of screaming, although no sound really came out.

    I woke up in terror and my poor husband had a time trying to calm me down. Of course I ran to the Internet as I suspected the narcotics brought on the terror dream, but saw that a few folks recanted similar ‘dreams’ and some said it ‘opened up the portals’ to other realms. Of course that got me thinking that I was remembering an abduction.

    I could not say for sure, and I am not going to admit it was, as it was all vague and faceless, but my ‘terror’ was real, as my heart was pounding.

    So it was obvious the narcotic got me sick (as others admitted it did to them as well), but was the dream real, or an hallucinatory experience of no account?

    I shall never know. I am only repeating all this as I have to wonder if we all have had some type of experience with these aliens, some remembered, some not. Who knows?

    Folks, we are living in strange times.

    I urge all of you to watch the Travel Channel’s new show, called, “Alien Encounters Declassified” as I thought it well done, and important. I have said from the get go that it is not enough to have the history and the data, as important as it is to show the length and breadth of this phenomenon, but to have common everyday folks recant their experiences on camera, with their full names, etc….brings a compelling feature that so far, UFO shows have occasionally touched upon, but not in depth.

    I believe this expose of abductees will “explode” and we will find out that thousands have had similar stories, but are/were too frightened or too ashamed, or worried of ridicule to come forward.

    Richard, lead the way! Get a good group together and get this on the airwaves. That might be solution, given we KNOW that the PTB will never, ever own up.

    Thanks for reading this far…and for going off topic.

    1. PressToDigitate

      Thank you for the tip about the series on Travl. It turns out we have the channel on our Philo service (we “cut the cord” a long time ago) and will be watching the first two episodes of the series tonight, after Richard (if he’s on this week).

      1. PressToDigitate

        That new Trvl Channel documentary, “Alien Encounters Declassified”, was wonderful; it is perhaps the best single presentation of the ETUFO reality that has been produced Yet. At first I thought it was to be a series, but that was just a rebroadcast notice for the original Sept. 7th program, to appear this coming Sunday night. (Our Philo has it available ‘On Demand’) I recommend it highly. It is largely undecorated by fanciful New Age utopianism; I believe Richard will enjoy it, if he hasn’t seen it already. Apart from Richard, Derrel Sims seems to be the most “pragmatic” researcher in this entire field.

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