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By | July 29, 2021


I found more content on UAMNTV that I didn’t know about! This was a lecture I gave in Manchester, UK, I think during the summer of 2019 on the then-current UFO situation. I just listened to the first fifteen minutes and think it’s still relevant. Glad I found it and I hope you enjoy this one. 


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  1. PressToDigitate

    That was great; we always enjoy watching your old lectures.
    At the end, it was amusing how the interviewer was aghast at the suggestion that Aliens From Space could possibly pose any kind of a “Threat”. There’s a lot of woolly thinking in this field but that – now, prevailing – notion that “All Aliens Are Friendly” is just so incredibly stupid, juxtaposed with the hard reality of thousands of documented violent, traumatic Abductions, near unanimous Clinical Rape of those so taken, and untold numbers of anomalous, unwanted pregnancies (and many that were equally anomalously terminated), that it is difficult to imagine the thought processes of those who hold such beliefs.

    Since we know that Autopsies *have* been performed on Alien vehicle (UFO) biological crash residue (there are multiple independent testimonies) whether or not the famous film clip is genuinely of one of them, it may not matter whether Kit Greene was shown that same footage in his classified briefing, or not. And, I still maintain that the ‘Gatekeepers’ ability to successfully stonewall VADM Wilson (as well as ADSECDEF Mellon, and others) is strong evidence for Alien Hybrid Operative Infiltration of the senior Pentagon command structure and the aerospace/defense contractor establishment (“Military-Industrial Complex”).

    In fact, no one has shown any evidence that the entire Coverup has not been orchestrated by the ETs for the concealment of their covert operations on our planet. Likewise, No One has ever articulated any rational justification for the Coverup on any credible ‘national security’ grounds; its always just ‘assumed’ that some such unstated argument must exist – somewhere. But we had crashes and the Soviets had crashes, and they knew we did, and we knew they did, and both sides got parts of captured German UFO research at the end of the war, and each knew, more or less, what the other side had acquired. Moreover, there is ample evidence for high-level consultation between the Great Powers on the ETUFO issue to even before the war ended (re: Foo Fighters, Ghost Rockets, etc.). So, the whole supposition that even simply acknowledging the ETUFO presence would somehow “jeopardize national security” by giving our Cold War adversary any information of value is laughably preposterous.

    It is difficult to conceive of how the ET activities among us could be “benevolent” if They have worked so hard for so long to keep them concealed from Humanity. The idea that Human special interests have kept the Aliens “incommunicado” to keep FE/OU or other technologies from displacing the industries of our Oligarchs is a non-starter, since dozens of Human FE/OU Research Inventors have been destroyed by anomalous means, usually attributed to “otherworldly” Men-In-Black type operatives. Its not “Big Oil” that killed these inventors and their inventions, it was the Aliens themselves.

    I have no problem with a UFO-based “Cosmic Spirituality”, and have great respect for Unarius, Aetherius, Urantia, Raelianism, Scientology, and Mormonism, and for other contemporary channeled works, of Seth, Ra, Abraham-Hicks, Ramtha, etc. I do not doubt that wonderful beings of light from other Dimensions exist, nor that they enter into contact with us psychically. But they are not the physical ETs performing Abductions (and who may be pursuing the Colonization of our world), nor do they interfere with the Aliens who are. SO, any “Good Aliens”, or Interdimensionals that bring good experiences to some people, are more or less useless and irrelevant in the question of who and what we are really dealing with. In other words, its ONLY those posing a “Threat” that we should be concerned with; at least until such threat has abated or been neutralized in some manner.

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