RD Discusses Davis-Wilson On Fade2Black

By | September 15, 2021

Hi Everyone,

I will be on Fade2Black Radio tonight with Jimmy Church to discuss the Davis-Wilson notes. It’s unfortunate that after all this time it is necessary for me to defend the authenticity of the notes again, but that’s how it is. For those who have been following all this, you won’t want to miss it. 

Show starts at 10 p.m. EDT, and I will come on at 10:30 p.m. EDT.

Link is here:


Jimmy is usually great about allowing me to post the interviews after they air, so hopefully I will get that here tomorrow. 

See you at the interview!


15 thoughts on “RD Discusses Davis-Wilson On Fade2Black

  1. PressToDigitate

    That was as good as any F2B I’ve heard yet; Good Job! I don’t know what documentary Jimmy was referring to there at the end, due out November 30th, but, from his description, that it deals with “What the ETUFO presence ‘Means’ to us”, in philosophical terms, as a “phenomenon”, it sounds like [Yet] another dreadful bout of introspective naval gazing about its ‘implications for the mass psychology’ of Humanity. (Although I’m sure it was well executed by you and Jimmy, and whomever). Garcon, Get me a Bucket! 🤮

    Even if we aren’t all in agreement that 1) there is urgency to finding and Exposing the truth because of some Alien Timetable, then, 2) the rising tide of Censorship, Surveillance, Propaganda and Social Engineering should tell us that such urgency is *still* warranted, in that the likelihood of ‘unofficial information’ which challenges the Deep State being silenced in the public sphere viscerally increases on a daily basis. Now, personally, I find that the first (1) perfectly adequately explains the second (2). Endlessly rehashing the same old sightings, or debates over the credibility of specific witnesses or documents or experiencer accounts – which has consumed most of the effort and airtime of Ufology since about 1950 – is not getting us anywhere at any pace that is likely to be useful to Mankind.

    Let’s assume that mainstream academic science reacted to 100+ newly extracted Abductee Implants (obtained under conditions of *perfect* provenance and chain-of-custody, with spectroscopy performed by unimpeachable laboratories) in *the exact same way* they have been controlled to react to (and suppress) all of the extensive clinical evidence proving Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin to be COVID “Miracle Drugs”. It still wouldn’t matter; because, as with COVID, a large community of *thousands* of ‘renegade’ PhDs/MDs, with credentials as good (or better) than those of the professional snipers attacking the maverick reality, would immediately emerge and begin discussing and studying the issue, and advocating publicly for more research. Just as there is no scientific or medical reason to prevent doctors from prescribing those therapeutics, merely a corrupt, politicized professional establishment, there would be no empirical basis for science to avoid acknowledging the reality of an Extraterrestrial presence, which takes and implants Humans – in large numbers. It would “Ratchet Ufology Up A Notch” – a BIG notch. If these surgical extractions were performed on primetime cable – a ‘reality series’ called “X-Traction”, perhaps – the Abduction issue would be *humanized* for tens of millions of viewers, in a way that their ‘stories’, alone, could never accomplish.

    Instead of debating VADM Wilson’s failed attempt to gain access to Contractor-controlled Alien Hardware, we can accumulate our own, for we know exactly where it is located – inside people who (or enough of whom) would like it removed from their bodies, ASAP. But, if we want access to what Lockheed, Northrop, Boeing, AECOM, SAIC, Leidos, Raytheon, etc. have and know, we must institute legal proceedings, against the companies on behalf of the United States (pursuant to the False Claims Act), and against individual Managers therein, on behalf of a Class of Shareholders, pursuant to derivative shareholder liability doctrine (for Contract Fraud subjecting the companies to FCA liability). That’s how we get in where Wilson and Mellon couldn’t – on behalf of the owners of the companies who pay the salaries of the “Gatekeepers”. I guarantee you that the right hoarde of hungry young lawyer larvae could strike more fear into corporate General Counsels and C-level Executives than VADM Wilson ever could have.

    After that June 24th abomination (which, inexplicably, failed to elicit a unified public response from our ‘leaders’), its high time Ufology quit pussyfooting around. Its not going to get any ‘better’ in the years ahead; the atmosphere for “Disclosure” is going to deteriorate rapidly, but for whatever Official Fairystory our Alien Deep State wants to sell us. Everyone who earnestly wants to know The Truth before they’re gone needs to demand a more ‘assertive’ Ufology to go after it. The W-50 and W-72 Zones, in which the dozens of USS Roosevelt UAP encounters occurred, begin barely 100 miles from our house, so perhaps this is a more tangible need for us than most people out there.

  2. Torbjørn Hovland

    Great show! But I think you should definitely talk to John even though I understand you’re tired of the debate over their authenticity.

    I believe the docs are real. John’s arguments doesn’t hold I think. And I also find it rather strange that he uses so much energy on proving something is a hoax. What’s in it for him?

    We should remember that John believed Lue Elizondo to be a fraud. He is way too skeptical. Also: from my understanding John doesn’t think the US. Has any craft or bodies (maybe I’m wrong?). If so he can’t believe the Wilson docs are true. That’s a blind spot.

  3. ufoguy

    Heard a long time ago that Church and Greenwald were disinfo guys charged with leading the ufo narrative. I never believed it but I have to admit, it’s haunting me at this point.

  4. Harry Harris

    The very obvious person who could put the Wilson document notes to rest is Eric Davis. Yet, officially, he has not done so. Discussing the possible implications of a ‘No Comment’ is not getting us anywhere. For me that suggests there is something to it all. But until Davis gives his side of the story, if ever, we will really never know for sure. However I am still inclined to believe that the document is authentic based on what evidence is available. However, this whole controversy goes to the core of the UFO secrecy and cover up that is still on going within our government and military. Based on the most recent developments it appears that that secrecy has moved to some extent to some of our elected officials on specific congressional committee’s. They may still be bound by the classified nature of the reports they might receive so the general public will still most likely be in the dark. However this does suggest that the knowledge obtained will be become far more political in its nature and not necessarily and completely controlled by whoever is in control. Maybe this was the ‘Disclosure Plan’ all along.

  5. Andy Walker

    Excellent interview. I don’t know how Greenewald comes up with the “Davis can’t comment because he has a clearance” argument. That’s not how a clearance works, it’s not a blanket gag order.

    It’s puzzling why John has picked this particular hill upon which to plant a “skeptical at all costs” flag. In the past he has been very reasonable and gone in whatever direction the information has led him. In this case he’s pulling theories about screenplays and imaginary restrictions on what a clearance means out of thin air.

    My counterargument to the “screenplay” idea is that the notes read a lot like they have been transcribed from audio; is it possible Davis recorded the meeting (openly or surreptitiously) and later transcribed the notes from that audio? Davis is undeniably brilliant, it’s also possible he has an eidetic (photographic) memory, or at least one far better than we mere mortals possess. That would allow him to quote exactly the conversations as they occurred, hours or even days after the fact.

  6. Dubh Sith

    I found it curious that Church continued to blur the line between Greer’s leak and Davis’s notes tonight. Some of what he does seems flat-out deceptive.

  7. Mike Drake

    Well… the bell rang and you definitely answered the call + lots of good UFO content on the site lately. Thanks for doing the interview with JC.

  8. itsmeRitaC

    I am listening to this right now and i laughed out loud. It is when you told JC that he took up valuable interview time with the debate about the NRO document being irrelevant in the scheme of things. I needed to look up NRO btw. Anyway, Jimmy gets sort of thrown off his track and says “That’s why i love this guy”. 🙂

    I thought it was very useful myself because i would not have known all these details. And so Greer is the person to make that NRO connection important, based on his own narrative? Well, i may be the only one who was informed by this part of the discussion, but what the heck. 🙂 I just stopped here to comment before i continue onward.

    Oh, i also appreciated your lack of enthusiasm when Jimmy expressed his deep feelings of being so moved regarding the space x launch the other day!

    1. itsmeRitaC

      I came back and listened to more. Will Miller? I am listening to his offer at $180.00 an hour (who was going to track the time he spent?)……….Anyway. I don’t know if you guys explain who this man is, but why isn’t he scared to death? He sounds like he was highly classified person and was willing to sell everything for some cash? I would really be interested because………….WTH? Seriously.

      Unless i am just not ‘getting’ this at all.

      And why isn’t Miller as scared as the other men you mention, like Hal P.? And. Has anyone looked into that pepper spray company in Vegas that he asks about? I would think it could be important and of course, if you haven’t been sprayed………..I think someone should do the research.

      (That inkblot looks like an evil alien. Or. A bat?) 😉
      Thank you!

      1. Richard Dolan Post author

        As far as I can tell, Miller is terrified of saying anything else in public. He already angered Wilson by speaking with Leslie Kean 20 years ago for her Boston Globe article. It’s obvious now that the notes have been out for a few years, Miller is doing everything possible to minimize the damage.

  9. itsmeRitaC

    Richard, sorry but i just finished that interview. I have a problem, not surprising, with your ending comments.

    You talk about, i agree, being controlled by the intelligence community, Mockingbird, etc. Yet. You have no problem making counterintelligence agents your source of truth about the UFO subject. You initially said to JC “It used to be don’t trust authority and now it is believe the science”. I agree.

    However, what i have been very dismayed about is that what i have also been hearing in UFO world in recent years is “Trust Military Contractors and Intelligence Operatives”. I couldn’t be more serious and forlorn about it to be honest.

    And. Since it came up in the interview. I have no interest in the meaningless public relations Senate UAP report or coming reports. And i actually think that sometimes ‘nothing’ is better than disinformation and spin.

    The fact that Lou called into JC show to talk about every three months……… No comment. We will see what Lou is suddenly able to say in his book. And. After it has been reviewed by intel.

    I had to say it here.

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      I hear you, Rita. But the question I ask is where have Elizondo or any of his allies been engaging in deception? Where are the lies? And I continue to ask, has he helped us to develop a better public conversation on UFOs than we had in the past? I continue to think the answer to that last question is yes.

      1. itsmeRitaC

        Thanks Richard. I appreciate where you have been coming from here.

        My personal insight, and it could be wrong of course. I think the military now owns the narrative on ufo/uap. I feel that now the only ‘real’ ufos are coming from those sources as far as the public is concerned and the Senate has said there could be some things that are physically real and unidentified. The biggest pronouncement, which i believe this was all about, was to tell the world that no US classified projects were involved. I must ask anyone here. Do you believe they would have announced other than that? And that is all that was said.

        Why would we expect more than this? I also can’t get excited about the powers that be, and we know where they have taken us in the past twenty years of course, to be in charge of public perception. And they indeed are.

        I think Lou E. has been quite the player by the way. He knows how to work the ‘community’. He seemed to learn really fast in fact. He also seems to still be working in the military. And. I don’t think he would have written a major book if it wasn’t ‘allowed’. There may be some people he worked with who don’t like him, because, who knows the inside politics and personalities. But it doesn’t seem that he is being very squelched by anyone.

        To be honest, i think he is going to be recreating how the public sees the whole issue or issues, when he gets on a book tour. I won’t mention the services he was offering on his website, but dark is dark as far as i am concerned. But you know me! 🙂

        1. Richard Dolan Post author

          Hi Rita, yes I agree that the military — or let’s say the establishment in general — has done a great job at managing the narrative. I do think I disagree with you however in how this whole thing started. I do not think the trend of relative openness began as a government or intel operation. I continue to believe this was an unwelcome development to the establishment, brought about by disaffected insiders. But that once on the back foot, the establishment has done a great job at retaking the initiative and keeping things as quiet for as long as possible.

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