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By | December 2, 2020

Hi Everyone, apologies for the short notice. 

I will be the featured guest tonight on Fade 2 Black with Jimmy Church. As always, my segment begins at 7:30 Pacific, which is 10:30 p.m Eastern. If you are in a different time zone, I am sure by now you are a pro at conversions. 🙂

You can listen in live at his site, which is:

Jimmy Church Radio

and actually it’s on Youtube. so you can hear it there:

(27) Ep. 1338 FADE to BLACK Jimmy Church w/ Richard Dolan : New Book: The Alien Agendas – YouTube

the Youtube thing is good so that you can hear it after the fact. 



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  1. PressToDigitate

    FROM YOUR DISCUSSION ON F2B: The only hypothesis which seems to adequately explain the widespread presence of ‘Human’ (-looking) crewmen involved in performing Abductions and aboard Alien craft, and, more importantly, their absence in early Abductions and increasing prevalence over the last 60 years, is that those are Hybrid ‘Container’ bodies carrying the technologically-reincarnated Souls of a larger Alien expeditionary presence. Whether the [dominant] Aliens’ native biology is Reptilian, Insectoid or Tall Grey, to peaceably disembark millions of Colonists HERE, they would find Human biology the most viable option. Indeed, it would be the *ONLY* option, if their Colony Expedition arrived with “Souls-in-a-Box”, needing to “live off the land”, as it were (what NASA calls “ISRU”). If a simple genetic tweak could enhance a Human embryo to provide better neurological gene expression – key genes enabling the Aliens’ higher mental functions (Telepathy, Clairvoyance, Precognition) then their “people” would feel a lot more “at home” in their new “wetware” here on Earth.

    I’m not sure why people resist this explanation, other than perhaps some religious prejudice against the idea of technological Soul Transplantation. Once we had good scientific data and theory to the effect that the Soul is a Quantum Artifact – which we *DO* (one of its leading proponents, Dr. Sir Roger Penrose just received the Nobel in Physics this year) – the idea that the Aliens might just understand how to manipulate it at ‘the Life/Death Interface’ somewhat better than we do, is not a hard leap to make. But there is no conflict between “the Soul as a Quantum Artifact” and “the Soul Transcendental” as characterized by most religions. Penrose, and his partner in “The Theory of Quantum Consciousness”, Dr. Stuart Hameroff, originally faced derision and opprobrium in science for their work, which establishes a theoretical basis for Life-After-Death by rendering the Soul severable from the biology. Put another way, the Soul being “Quantum” is what makes “God” *possible*. But then other Quantum processes were unambiguously found at work in warm, wet, macroscale biology, which removed the fundamental theoretical hurdles said to prohibit their Theory.

    Understood as a process of disembodied [“passenger”] Souls being incarnated into Hybrid Containers from a quantum-mechanical “Guff” brought as “Cargo” from the Old World, their gradual replacement of the original bioelectronic Short Grey “Avatars” as working Crew Members seems quite reasonable. The problem is that while this accounts for the increasing prevalence of [apparent] ‘Humans’ among the Alien workforce over the years, it also raises the presumption of a *vast* number more such “passengers” ready for disembarkation into such Containers. However large a Colony Ship vessel might have to be to accommodate – say – ‘Fifty Million’ Tall Greys, Reptilians or Insectoids, *bodily*, “in the flesh”, it would be minuscule to carry them in Quantum Stasis instead, and likely not much larger to carry Fifty Million than it would to carry just Fifty. This explains why Abductions, germplasm harvesting, and Hybrid production have continued unabated; they were never about scientific sampling or experimentation – or improving/upgrading *us*. It also should provide a cautionary notice with respect to IVF, Eugenics, Depopulation, and Agenda 21/30.

    1. PressToDigitate

      12/4//20 2:00PM EST – Your book just arrived!
      First thing that caught my attention:
      Your picture isn’t on the Back Cover or even the “About the Author” page.
      You’ve been the single most visible Researcher/Analyst/Author in all of Ufology for the better part of the 21st Century, a standard feature of practically *every* Documentary and non-fiction Television series on the subject for the past two decades. Certainly, in the last 10, if not 15 years, you’ve eclipsed Stanton Friedman as the single most “Public Face of Ufology”. I’ll bet “Dollars to Dolans” that you’re on tonight’s episode of “Ancient Aliens”, and I could click on a dozen different programs on Roku that you’re featured in, in less than five minutes.

      SO, when some noob is nervously leafing through UFO books in the back of Barnes & Noble, lowering his head so as not to be seen in “that” section over the top shelf line, lest someone he knows not spot him browsing the more “respectable” books by Comey, Brennan, Strzok – or some random Kardashian – instead, that prospective book-buyer needs to see your recognizable, *familiar* bespectacled mug staring up from the book, to know that its an epistle worth Buying – to read, privately, at home – in its entirety.

      We all know that you’re among the nicest and *least egotistical* figures in all of Ufology. But this is basic to Selling Books, which we all hope you’ll do a lot more of. Since Amazon is all-digital (hence, dynamically changeable), have Tracey pick out three of her favorite pics of you, put them up here for us to vote on, and put the winning shot on the Back Cover of all future copies of “Alien Agendas”. Five months from now, when the interstellar SHTF, you’ll be glad you did… 🙂

      And, Second Thing I Noticed (after that rant): Thank you for the Acknowledgment!!!

    2. Richard Dolan Post author

      What’s wrong with the idea that those humans onboard craft are “adopted” and raised in a different culture? I am not saying you are necessarily wrong, but isn’t it simpler to assume the aliens “grow” their own humans?

      1. PressToDigitate

        I don’t doubt that they may have taken Humans back home with them long ago, and raised their own “crop”, Offworld (from Earth). Gene Roddenberry almost spun off a whole new series from Star Trek TOS on that very premise (“Assignment Earth”, S02E26). We have no ‘better’ explanation for where the Maya – or some other ancients – went, with Millions of *missing* skeletal remains which *should* be in the fossil record – but aren’t. But we have a distinct progression, in Abductee accounts, from ‘No Humans’ aboard the Alien craft, to ‘Some Humans’, to ‘Many Humans’, to, in a few cases ‘All Humans’, that are seen by the hapless victims that have been Taken. Since these Hybrids are said to be working alongside, and performing generally the same duties as the Small Grey [biomechanical drone/droid] Avatars, it suggests a progressive proliferation of Hybrids that are ‘locally produced’, (i.e. in Heliocentric Space aboard craft, or on the Moon or Mars, or in hidden facilities on Earth) to *replace* the functional short Grey Cyborgs.

        IF *These* Aliens – the dominant ones here, the ‘Abductors’ that no others seem willing or able to interfere or intervene with on our behalf, HAD a population of domesticated Human-ish kinsmen/servents/slaves, ‘back Home’, from legacy expeditions here, one wonders why they wouldn’t have been the entire crew complement in their menial-class presence, without the less capable – and less suitable to Earth’s environment (and Culture) – Small Greys , altogether? How much easier and less traumatic/disruptive would all of their Abductions over the last 60 – 65 years have been, if all of the “Beings” the victims encountered had been seen as Human, and reacted to them accordingly? Why would there be any Greys in our ETUFO lore at all, if the Real Aliens had a choice of which phenotypes to do their grunt work on the mission here?

        I believe the answer is that the Small Greys are a ‘Minimalist’ Worker Drone/Avatar, easily reproduced to its fullest functionality in the shortest possible time; that they tended to the functions of the expeditionary “Mothership”, with the vast preponderance of its ‘Crew’ (and ‘Passengers’) in the [highly efficient] disembodied Quantum state for transport. The Small Greys thus would serve as either “Receptacles” or “Remote Manipulators” for the real beings, who came from a different biology – suited to the Homeworld – which may have been Reptilian or Insectoid or Tall Grey. They either ‘enter’ the Small Grey cyborgs (think: “Ellen Ripley driving a Loader”) or operate them remotely from an interface to them in their Quantum state (“Jake Sulley” in “Avatar’). But if the ‘Humanesque’ Hybrids seen aboard Craft are from ancient, harvested stock and came with the ETs to Earth in the present case, why would they be harvesting germplasm from virtually all of the Abductees, as their primary – and ‘industrial scale’ – occupation?

  2. itsmeRitaC

    Well, of course i heard just your introduction here, but i guessed that the song you had last listened to was “your time is gonna come”. I got the album right away!

  3. Greg

    Hi Richard,

    Very much enjoyed your “Alien Agendas” book. It’s necessarily also a “Aliens and UFOs 101” work because a lot of readers may well be new to this field, their curiosity recently whetted by official-though-limited disclosures. But how wonderful to have an introductory book that also tackles one of the most important questions: “Why are they here?”

    Some random comments: The ETs that may have gened us up would not necessarily monitor us throughout the millennia. “Old men plant trees.”

    You might spend some time at John Michael Greer’s ecosophia.net website, where there are serious discussions of magick, planes of existence, etc. If magick is a feature of the world, then it’s likely a feature of the ET world as well.

    I still think that PTD can consolidate his comments into a book extending the hybrid-hubrid scenario first broached by Dr. Jacobs. I see your Alien Agendas as an overview book, with subsequent books (by you or different authors), giving book-length treatments of specific topics.

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      Hi Greg, all good points here. And yes, they could have enhanced us and then just left. Totally possible. Except that I believe that someone at some point, took a bunch of humans to breed for their own purposes. But that’s just a theory of mine. I will check out ecosophia some time, and the idea of magic(k) … hmmm. I am going to think about that. And I definitely agree that our august Mr. PTD could easily write a great book on the theme you mentioned.

  4. itsmeRitaC

    I am listening to this interview now. Finally. I must say, i personally don’t want the military mindset to be the framework for my reality. I am a broken record here and pretty solitary as well. I guess i am just a fan of the fear/hate template. But that gets into a whole discussion regarding evolution of consciousness. I see the military perspective as long outlived its used by date. Yet, the economy feeds on it. But, this is from two weeks ago, so i am sure no one is interested in my comments now.

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