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  1. diy3

    I have not been an active part of this website or the journey you (collectively) have taken. However, I do believe we are at inflection point and will participate in taking action to preserve our humanity , even in its adolescence. Disclosure is only the rally point for the bigger question on what we will become. Thank you Richard for seeing and conveying the UFO phenomena , the cover up and our future, in the context of what it means to our lives and the choices we have before us. Keep fighting the good fight.

  2. PressToDigitate

    Listening to the segment with the Producer & Director now, following You, Linda, Whitley, the Abductee and Greenwald. It sounds like a great film; we’ll be watching it this weekend.

    This video popped up on my YouTube feed today. Its the first Alien Implant Extraction I’ve seen documented on video since Roger Leir died in 2013. What if the production team who made “The Observers” were available to produce the series “X-Traction” that I’ve been urging you to lead and host? Each of 100 Abductees would have their own story to tell, and their own test results. The more *alike* those results turn out to be, rather than making it boring, the more the Alien reality is CONFIRMED. (Remember, “Curse of Oak Island” is now in its 9th Top-Rated Season, with 138 Episodes of guys digging a hole in the ground.)


    From the F2B interviews, there seems to be a general consensus that “Disclosure” is dead, and only “Exposure” can change the equation, and bring out the Truth. Personally, I’ve concluded that the utter and complete absence of the U.S. Air Force, from any of the discussion in the last FOUR YEARS, is convincing that this AATIP & UAPTF Dog & Pony Show is contrived as a Distraction; a diversion to placate the clamoring masses for as long as possible. As such, it has worked perfectly for an entire Presidential term of office (and counting). This doesn’t mean that Elizondo, or anyone originally from TTSA, is a “Disinfo Agent”, it just means that they have been *used* — in the same way that Allen Hynek was used by Blue Book. AATIP was the modern Blue Book. The current incarnation of Blue Book is UAPTF. The 2022 NDAA will contain the next version of Blue Book, the “Anomaly Surveillance & Resolution Office” (“ASRO”). SS;DD Its all smoke and mirrors to keep from telling the public who is doing what to our world – and us.

    Ufology can either yank enough Implants to “Kick Down the Door” in the next four years or so, or we can cower at home and wait for the Regime to come Kick Down Our Doors, when such discussions and digital content become ‘too inconvenient’ for the Alien Occupation and its Vichy Collaborators in the Deep State to allow to continue. Up to You.

    1. itsmeRitaC

      Hey PTD, i basically agree with your paragraph right below the link you posted here. Is ‘ASRO’ a reality, or is it your own imaginative prediction? It sounds like something ‘they’ would do!!

      1. PressToDigitate

        Hi, Rita,
        ‘ASRO’ is in the 2022 NDAA Amendment offered by New York Senator Kristin Gillibrand, which seems to be what will be adopted (with changes). She probably even means well in offering it. But whatever ultimately gets passed will undoubtedly have ‘loopholes’ in it “for national security”, that will let the Deep State keep everything that matters under wraps for another decade. Official “Disclosure” will only come in a Hollywood-produced multimedia spectacular – probably mostly in VR – that “Mind Melds” the participating public, with the Silicon Valley “Metaverse”, with the Alien ‘Hive Mind’. It is grotesquely obvious that that is what all this is ultimately angling toward. Here’s the story on her Amendment, from TheDebrief:

        1. itsmeRitaC

          Thanks and thank you for the link here, PTD. I know i have an issue with the Debrief and i think it is because of its timing…………..It popped up too conveniently if i recall. It was my radar that gave me that vibe. I could be wrong about it being The D, but i will read the article of course.


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