On Fade 2 Black with Jimmy Church tonight

By | February 18, 2019

Almost forgot to mention that I will be on with Jimmy Church on his show Fade 2 Black on KGRA radio tonight. I’ll come on for two hours starting at 7:30 p.m. Pacific time, 10:30 p.m. Eastern.

For those of you wondering, we will not be discussing any of the current sordid controversies affecting our community. I will acknowledge that it had been a possibility, and may at some point be something that will need to be addressed, but not tonight. I don’t think the time is right.

There are far too many issues of actual importance to talk about, and that will be the plan.


8 thoughts on “On Fade 2 Black with Jimmy Church tonight

  1. Satyagraha

    I was too late with that link for the KGRA player. Oh well, I tried.


    Wow! That was a packed program. So much there. It’s this geezer’s bed time, but what I will ask for tonight is, what is that white paper with “vacuum” in the title? Is there some way I can see that?

    I posted an Edgar Cayce reading about a vacuum that even excludes the ether the other day. One of the few books about science where I had little to doubt or dispute was called, “The Secret of the Creative Vacuum: Man and the Energy Dance,” by John Davidson. My copy was found by a friend and given me as a Christmas present, after hearing me wishing I had a copy of it, as the first one I had was on loan.

    She found it at Powell’s Books in Portland, OR. I am thinking Powell’s had someone at an estate sale to get it. It was a gift to the previous owner, one Dr. Eugene F. Mallove, with the note below the dedication: “To All Torchbearers:” “– and that includes you, Gene,” with a signature I cannot read, first name, Chris.

    Anyway, how do I get that white paper (though I too will probably be at a loss when faced with the equations)?

  2. Mark Spearman

    Caught the first part of this interview. Topic of latest controversy nicely handled, evidence that it is almost always the right decision to stick to the high road.

  3. Susan Schmieding

    Hi. I thought the interview was good and really like that pushed to discuss the details regarding the papers you recently had access to with new studies related to unusual physics, possible attempts at understanding how ET craft work. I was really surprised though, While i was listening i received a notification that CW Chanter went live at the same time in particular to critique the interview with you and Jimmy Church. He was rather negative in my book, doubting everything about the Utah video for example, although he of course had not listened to your full discussion of it. I stayed long enough to tell him he was making statements based on partial evidence and then left. I hope he listened to your full interview. I do think there were quite a few of your fans sticking up for you. I did not know he was this way. Not sure if he likes anyone since he was the one that reported the recent doxing incidents. He lost my confidence at least!

  4. William Lawton

    Hi Richard,
    Love the way you and Jimmy role! When will we get our “Richard Bleepin Dolan” T-shirts Jimmy?

    Glad you stuck to the high road as well. I truly wonder, if everyone Used their real name on the internet and social media, if people would be a just a bit more civil to each other?
    William Lawton

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      Good points, all, William. Yes, Jimmy always brings out good conversation from me. And I am very glad I didn’t start dishing it out. There’s truly no need. And yes, people do act very aggressively when they can be anonymous. There have been studies going way back demonstrating this. For my part, I have to say I am so grateful for the exceptional quality of folks who come HERE.

  5. Alastair Barker

    my word ,Mr Church certainly has a lot of merchandise to offer the world. I guess a guy has to make a living eh? Less church more ‘mall ‘maybe? I may never drink coffee again. It doesn’t help one’s credibility – in my humble opinion – a bit like a friend coming round to see you to ask if your’e better after an illness and then trying to sell you a time share.
    Maybe I am too sensitive. Maybe that’s the way the universe works? Maybe some of the unpublished snippets from David Jacobs abductees regressions – go like ” I remember being, on the ship & taken down a hallway, we passed several billboards, which were advertising a product called ”eee zeee probe the universes favourite lube” I felt knew what was coming.”….
    That apart it was a very fine piece of radio. Very glad you didn’t waste time over the CG business – which I think is a terrible waste of everyone’s time. For what its worth – and as far as I can see – this is an ‘in community’ squabble which actually tarnishes everyone it touches -so best to say what you think, clearly , once and then remain distant. I do agree with Mrs D that his claims, might have some substance in the possible but he is not plausible. ”he’s not the messiah he’s a very naughty boy” ?
    Tell a big lie -sell more stuff? who said that? or – no one ever went bankrupt under estimating the willingness of lost people to buy into a faith. Ask any cult leader.
    Question- whats the difference between telling the world that the coffee you endorse has pseudo magical restorative qualities – and selling some eager to believe ‘new agers’ a new religion which has you front and centre as a 120 years old time traveller?

    I know what I think.

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