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By | September 23, 2023

Hi Everyone,

I was asked this morning if I would appear as a guest for the first hour on Coast to Coast AM with guest host Ian Punnet, This is in order to discuss the recently (and very quietly) released group of UAP videos by the US Customs and Border Patrol office, which happened back on August 9, only to be discovered recently by dedicated researchers. 

The videos are interesting, and they include the fairly well known Aguadilla, Puerto Rico video from 2013, which shows a seemingly very fast object entering and exiting the water, seemingly splitting into two and rejoining …. crazy. Several others that are intriguing. Others perhaps more easily explainable. But an interesting development in any case. 

The US Customs and Border Protection website has the videos (and a long paper by Franc Milburn) at:

Not many articles on this that I could find but here is one:

And this is a short video that is also helpful:

Again, I’ll be discussing this on Coast tonight. I don’t know if you can listen live from their website! Silly, I know. I should know. In any case, the link to the site is here: https://www.coasttocoastam.com/


6 thoughts on “On Coast to Coast AM tonight

  1. Lauren2844

    **Seymour Hersh “Zelenskyy’s army No Longer Has Any Chance for Victory” Richard i guess you and I were right all along even after all of Washington’s disinformation about the Ukraine war. Seeing Ukraine soldiers forced to chasing high school aged boys to “recruit” for the meat grinder of the front line is just pitiful to watch. Zelenskyy should be brought up on war crimes letting an entire generation of Ukrainian men Die for zero reason. The peace deal with the Russians was a done deal. Zelenskyy RAN on that promise when he was running for office. Now over a half million Ukrainian men gone. For what?
    Putin has privately said that he’s gonna strangle to death the U.S. Deep State. First by destroying the Petro Dollar and then watch the population turn on their government..when a population watches its children starve…. True rebellion occurs.
    Everyone here in Switzerland just marvels at the genius of Putin. He’s always 10 moves ahead.

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      True about Putin. Whether one loves or hates him, he is clearly vastly beyond other world national leaders intellectually and in a number of other ways, too. As for the war, yes — Ukraine’s position is now finally being seen by Western establishment to be untenable. To say the least. Yes, the MSM still histrionically promotes the cause and tries its best to portray the military effort as being successful, but everyone who is actually following events knows otherwise. It can’t be hidden any longer. Russia has a surging economy, spending 6% of GDP now on the military (which in a time of war is not outrageous and has been done many times before) and indeed they are massively increasing the number of trained troops, weapons production, missiles, drones, tanks, everything. Ukraine meanwhile is on Western life support and cannot function without it. Zelensky himself stated last week that without MORE Western money and weapons that Ukraine will “lose” the war. His words. On that matter at least he’s only stating the obvious. And yet no one in the west seems interested in any sort of negotiation with the Russians short of total capitulation, which is fantasy. This will not end well for Ukraine or the West. All they had to do was NOT to try to push Ukraine into joining NATO, and NOT to try to arm it with nuclear weapons — both objectives being at the top of the US neocon policy wish list, as they stated repeatedly for years. Well, I don’t know what else they could have expected.

      1. Lauren2844

        Zelenskyy has been told by his military “leaders” that if the last of his army is FORCED to go to the front lines there will be a mutiny.. a refusal to go and die for zero reason.
        Seeing “president” biden propped up and stating “that Ukraine and the U.S. will never stop fighting Russia’ bla bla bla… Richard what worries me is the U.S. in a desperate attempt to hold off a cease fire tries a Gulf of Tonkin “Russian attack” to justify the U.S. into a direct war with Russia something Tucker Carlson says he think will occur. Thankfully guys like Tucker and Alex Jones have already put that out there that the U.S. may try that so i figure they wouldn’t try it. If America tried to fight an actual war with Russia who in the U.S. is gonna fight? There military elite have all left because Alpha males would never take that clot shot.. If they try a draft…. 😂 95% of American males wouldn’t go. There is zero patriotism.. what then? Hard to say.. although i can tell the elites are looking for ways out. I think they see the writing on the wall its just a matter of time.. Months, Years or Decades the shit is gonna hit the fan

        1. Richard Dolan Post author

          Yes, I think the basic problem is not a lack of desire by the crazed neocons running American policy, but the genuine lack of ability to project the kind of power they always thought they could. It’s become clear that the US military is not prepared for this kind of war. In terms of equipment and material, it would be possible perhaps to become battlefield ready in some years — I would think not less than five and more likely a full decade or more. But manpower? Those days are gone. US military massively reduced its troop numbers after the Cold War and I just can’t see any way those can come back. We don’t have THAT population any more.

  2. paul treseler

    Ukraine has only ever been a Live Fire weapons test range for NATO to evaluate current ordnance effectiveness versus Rusk ordnance usage, and prod Rusk logistics capabilities.
    Central Banc Digital Currency, A/GI, NeuraLink…
    We, All of Us, are in a toxic river headed to the falls.

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