By | December 27, 2021

Hi Everyone,

Okay I’m a little embarrassed. I got my nights screwed up, LOL. Not doing Coast tonight, but Wednesday night, which will be funny because I’ll be wrapping up with Jimmy Church shortly before that on the same night. 

My apologies for the false-alarm!

By the way, as things stand now I am planning for a livestream on my YouTube channel tomorrow night as well. I’ll keep you posted. 



9 thoughts on “CORRECTION: On C2C WEDNESDAY Night

  1. Phillip Lavelle

    The Coast2CoastAM website has you for a guest on WEDNESDAY, December 29th. Did George change
    the night? Thanks,

    Phillip Lavelle

  2. BiliousBob

    I am looking forward to hearing you on the C2C show tonight. I used to be a big C2C fan but the past few years the show has gotten boring with some of Noury’s guests. Especially the guy touting all the same vitamin packs for every ailment under the sun. I think you know who I mean. Or his astrology guests. Who cares about hearing of someone else’s astrology reading! I tend to only listen when George Knapp is on. But I will definitely listen tonight when your on Richard.


    Sounds like I mite have a Lil Yum-Yumz for this Nite’s Entertainment : 🎼🎵🎙🎸👽🇺🇲

  4. PressToDigitate

    OK, it has so happened that you’ve got Five Consecutive Hours before *live* national radio audiences to hold forth on whatever you want about the ETUFO situation. Neither you, nor anyone else in Ufology has *ever* had such an opportunity. Don’t waste it!

    For The Love Of God – don’t fritter it away on drivel about ‘this sighting’ or ‘that encounter’, or some housewife in Poughkeepsie with an Orb in her kitchen, or ruminating on Elizondo & AATIP versus AOIMSG versus ASRO (versus Bluebook), when *we all already know* to expect “bupkis” from this latest diversion. Instead, how about you “make some news” with a fresh, “Clean Sheet” analysis, reducing all the data points we’ve discussed over the last three years into the obvious themes, and connecting the dots between them and the evolving technopolitical environment? Both the C2C and F2B audiences are already way up high on the learning curve on ETUFO matters, and don’t need crib notes on the basics. Tell them something they probably haven’t heard before – and *won’t* from Cumbaya Prophets like Greer – or from the Vichy Collaborators in the Deep State preparing the next “Official Narrative”.

    None of those listeners will tune you out, either that night or thereafter, for articulating the Colonization Theory with an integrated explanation of the factors suggesting that conclusion, “from Astronautics to Zelenko”. Yes, Its a “Hypothetical”, but one which probably cannot BE proven until it is ‘fait accompli’ (if, indeed, we haven’t crossed that Rubicon already). Mimetically, once the concept has been effectively injected into the public consciousness – as a five hour exposition by your grand self would do – it would be up to the local apex fauna as to whether or not to react, respond, or return to sleep on the issue. We are then absolved from responsibility should it turn out to be True, for having done or said nothing, when we had an inkling that that was what was really going down.

    If you want to sell a lot of copies of UFONSSv3 (whatever it ends up saying), and Seminar Seats this summer, my recommendation is to stop avoiding “controversy”. Stand up! – BE CONTROVERSIAL; *It Sells*. I think most of us following this field get to a point where the next time we hear some of the same classic accounts (i.e. Betty & Barney) recounted over again, we’ll start to wretch & puke. The very *sameness* of the Abduction stories is why its important to go from rote recitation of the accounts to an analysis (from the 35,000 ft. perspective) of what in Hell they’ve been done for since 1955 (or so) to begin with. I think we now know, and, even if its wrong, it is prudent for Humanity to at least have the benefit of considering what amounts to the “Worst Case Scenario”. Should it turn out to be the operative scenario, there is some chance that better minds than ours, and more courageous of youth, may find strategies to effectively repel the Invasion. Or, perhaps, at least to finally launch that fabled “Breakaway Civilization”, enabling some future remnant ‘Organic Humanity Movement’ to remain for posterity, as “a Tribe Apart” from the *NEW* Apex Fauna – the [psychically advanced] ‘Invasive👽Species’ then dominating our Third Rock from the Sun.

    Or, we can just wait for the infertile ‘dwindlement’ and hope the Brain-Sucking Aliens will find our particularly ‘uppity’ brand of cognition too distasteful to admit to the Metaverse. Perhaps a handful of us remaining Organic Humans who haven’t been Assimilated into the ZuckerBORG Hive Mind can hold conferences on what a nice place this planet used to be, “Back in the Day”, before the Space Wogs showed up. After all, by then, why should They care? Everybody left outside the Metaverse may as well be living homeless, under a bridge, for all the impact we’ll have on society at that point.

  5. Dan Jensen

    Happy to pay for your research. I started astrophotography at the beginning of covid. Outside at night by myself taking pictures of the night sky. Along with getting good at it I started thing about UFOs again. Read above top secret and the day after Roswell plus others during the art bell times . I don’t remember when I discovered you but you became my goto for three things , JFK , 9/11 and ufo research. I posted my best image of Andromeda on astrobin just in case you want to have a look. But I’m sure you’ve seen great pictures of our closest galaxy neighbors. I would love to go to a UFO conference some day. Thank you.

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