One thought on “Off the Cuff on the Pentagon Videos

  1. miket52

    Well here it is, we can keep listening to all the talking heads about their opinions on the reality of it all and what each tidbit of information means. We can keep talking to each other and having conventions, which are nice, but. None of that has got us very much closer to opening this thing up to the public. We like to tell each other it does, but the secrete keepers do not care because tomorrows headlines won’t be saying anything more about it.
    But now the time has come. With this admission by the pentagon the door has finally been opened. They just told the public it is all real. We now know they want to tell us more.
    But WE! Need to walk through that door. Now is the time for everyone to demand the rest of the story. WE! Need to put the pressure on our government representatives, or the secrete keeps will just ignore this latest revelation as if no one said a thing. After all that is how they get away with it all, they just pretend nobody is asking.
    I suggest an email writing campaign to every congressman, senator, and the white house. Demand the release of the rest of the information that we now have proof, by their own admission, that they have been keeping from us. Be relentless. Everyone needs to write to each one of them and not just their own representative. And keep writing to them.
    All the gurus need to tell their followers to do this while the time is right. Everyone is still home look for the chance to blame someone for their misery. What better chance to grind on Government and get some answers.


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