No Live Show Today or After-Show Chat

By | September 14, 2019

Hi Everyone,

I was just chatting with Tracey and it occurred to us that we both have been burning our candle at both ends lately. I could have done a live show for today, but to be perfectly honest, I think I need to do a few other things in this life of mine and take a breather. We’ve been thinking about my workload lately. In addition to website contributions and personal/professional writing, I do (in theory) three radio/Youtube programs per week. In practice, it’s usually two, because three is almost impossible for me without a full-time production team. In reality, two is hard. So we are thinking about ways to deal with this moving forward. 

Meanwhile, I am just NOT going to do a show today, and we think it’s probably not realistic to plan for a post-show chat with you guys, so I wanted to let you know as early as possible in case you are waiting up for me. 

Also, Tracey asked me to mention that the newsletter is going to go out this next Sunday, according to the normal schedule. She was trying to get it out a bit earlier, but Sunday is more feasible for us. 

The good news is that we have quite a bit of material built up from the recent conference and even the last few days that have not yet been uploaded, and it’s all very interesting. I think you will enjoy it. Planning to upload material over the weekend and beyond. 

Onward! 🙂


17 thoughts on “No Live Show Today or After-Show Chat

  1. Eric Karch

    No need to explain, you are one human being, not three:) I believe your content is informative, interesting, and there are no complaints from my end. Thank you and Tracey for all you do!!

  2. James Crowell

    Hi Richard and Tracey I am so glad to hear this!! As I noted in the chat during your last ama broadcast , you guys are troopers but you looked dead on your feet!! Kudos kudos I am glad you are willing to take time for yourselves!! You will be the better for it. Lots of love and respect. Jim

  3. Kirsten Blackburn

    Rest, rest, rest….you two have earned it !

    Delving into the fabulous FORUM is eating up all MY free time, and I’m lovin’ it. Couldn’t be happier!

    It’s truly a thing of beauty.


  4. Rmarks

    HELL yeah. You guys have been going full tilt for a while. Go shop at Aldi in your pajamas, maybe a mini Fringe marathon on Netflix, something like that. You’ve been turning out a ton of content plus appearances.

  5. Ed Coffman

    Richard & Tracey…take a walk in the City Park…or any peaceful, beautiful place in Rochester you can think of…I hope whatever you do to “unwind” does the trick.

    By the way, Richard, I hope you can share with us sometime, what it was like for you & Jim Marrs to collaborate with Gordon Novel. Did you ever ask Novel what his relationship with Jim Garrison was like?

  6. Christina

    Hey guys,
    I totally hear you! I’ve been wondering how you stay sane and healthy with the load of work you do, and I always feel for you when I hear how traveling drains you. I struggle the same way, though I also fully love the experiences.
    I hope you take care of yourselves! I’d rather miss a show here and there than seeing you burn out completely. And I hope you come up with a future schedule for your shows, that makes you feel comfortable…


  7. Barbara Joyce Reed

    Not a problem, although you will be missed. The two of you are super human with all the activities you are involved in. Travel is so stressful these days, I don’t know how you manage it. So do what you need to be well. We’ll be waiting. Hugs!

  8. Joni Berger

    I agree with what everyone has said and hope you can develop a more realistic schedule for
    yourself. The work that has gone into your voluminous and top-notch quality output for
    richarddolanmembers is simply not healthy. I don’t know how you’ve kept up this pace for
    as long as you have. I appreciate all you do but PLEASE take a breather and re-group! I’d
    rather have you healthy and happy providing us with a realistic amount of bi-weekly
    content in all its interesting forms.

    MANY THANKS! I hope you heed everyone’s heartfelt wishes, especially mine!
    You and Tracey are priceless. Please know that your diligence and dedication is
    above and beyond the call of duty!

  9. chris gaffney

    Good call guys,
    Its important that you folks get plenty of chill out and recharge time..

    Chill and have a Guinness

    Very best wishes

  10. juner4u

    Hey! When it is all too much sit on the fence and sing Somewhere Over the Rainbow. Everyone needs to get away once a while.


  11. n4hy

    You are the most serious and grounded of the current UFO investigators. I personally would rather have you rested, taking of yourselves and continue to give us quality as opposed to a quantity. The forum is off to a wild start. I don’t see a slow down after several days.

    Take care,

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