New York Times and Disclosure: What’s Really Going On? | Richard Dolan Show

By | August 4, 2020

Hi Everyone. 

I recorded this earlier today and it will premier on YouTube at 8 p.m. Eastern time. It is a solo show — rather like how I used to do Richard Dolan Shows in the past with KGRA Radio, if you remember. It runs 75 minutes and is my assessment of what is going on regarding the NYT recent pieces, TTSA, and whether or not we want to see this as a genuine (albeit limited) disclosure effort or some kind of operation. 

Some of what I have to say is related to my recent Fireside Chat on the subject but I’ve expanded much of this. I do think we are potentially — and very possibly — looking at a scenario in which the process more or less stops where we currently are. That is, an acknowledgement of the reality of UFOs and maybe possession of an artifact or two, but that may well be all we get for a long time. And if that is so, you could actually see the coverup continuing for a much longer time, even with an open acknowledgement that some UFOs are from another civilization. 

What a strange world we live in. I hope you enjoy this.



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  1. JimmyBeeJimmyBee

    Mr. Dolan,
    Listeed to you broadcast tonight. I found it to be intriguing and enlightening. Also, a little disturbing when talking about surveillence. Great RDS. Thank you.

  2. FamousAmosFamousAmos

    Excellent breakdown of past and current events!

    I agree with Richard’s theory towards the end that now may be a very opportune time for disclosure with the global pandemic, global recession, increasing tensions between US and China, US elections in 90 days, racially-divisive social unrest, etc. providing lots of cover and distraction for the bewildered herd of humanity. This presidential election will probably be a whopper, and the losing side isn’t going away without a fight after the election is over — it will be contested. A limited hangout of UFO disclosure will hardly get noticed with all the mayhem dominating the news cycle.

    I also agree that the current form of fascist disclosure certainly plays into the hands of the ‘visitors’ if they truly have infiltrated and/or are secretly working with the upper echelons of human society and govt. I am becoming convinced this is the case.

    Finally, at 1:01:52 — Richard says he reads ZeroHedge! I’ve been a daily reader and member there for 11 years. I personally commented on the UFO-bashing article in question and urged all the readers in the comment section (which is where the real value of ZH is) to watch / listen to Richard Dolan’s videos. I recommend people to RD every time the UFO topic comes up because his logic and style are so compelling. This episode is a great example of that.

  3. KrisThomKrisThom

    This is good podcast. You talk more skeptic than in most RD member’s videos. Thank you for that. I like the more skeptical Richard. There are some proof in the long history of the UFO topic but that do not mean Alien… However, we may see in that direction.

    1. Carolyn3Carolyn3

      Hi Kris, what do you think abductees or experiencers are going through if not Alien involvement? Do you think they are all crazy?


    You nailed it again! The New York Times has given us permission to believe that UFOs are real. That is how I interpreted it in 2017 and now even more so. I always joke about it when people find out I’m a “UFO guy” and ask me about it. Usually they politely confront me by commenting about how there isn’t any proof that UFOs exist; I inform them about the reality of the evidence and sum it up with, “Well now the NYT says it is OK to believe in them, so it is officially socially acceptable to accept it.” It does make folks feel a little better.
    Oh! FYI: I am officially calling “SHENANIGANS” on this whole Covid business. I have reached the limit of bullshit any reasonable human can be expected to take. At this point I will have to see truckloads of bodies FIRST HAND if I am going to give this “PANDEMIC” any further consideration. I know I must be sheltered here in Fort Worth but I haven’t even seen a sniffle. The numbers are so unreliable it is insane! It is clearly political in severity. While it is almost business as usual here, 30 minutes east in Dallas it might as well be armageddon. Dallas is a blue city where FW is not. I added up the CDC stats and back when we hit 100k deaths roughly 80% of all deaths took place in blue states. I am thinking since we use these stats to gauge how severe this bug is and clearly the stats are flawed, we do not have anywhere near a clear picture about it. Only that it is inflated. Politics ruins dinner again!
    I would like to think people wouldn’t do such a thing just because they hate Trump, right now I wouldn’t be surprised. It seems to be the primary concern of a large portion of the country if not the world. It is part of it at least.
    A wise man once said “Don’t work to hard trying to prove yourself wrong.” I have been trying very hard. The lessons we learned from 911 seem to have been forgotten as a country. I imagine it is because this new generation grew up with that elephant in the room, only the elephant was camouflaged by our denial.

    So, in case we are keeping score, HappyCup is pro false flag. But hey! UFOs are real now so we got that going for us.

    1. Carolyn3Carolyn3

      Hi, I liked your reply to this. I think it’s silly that we have to wait for the NY Times or any media to tell experiencers that we’re not crazy when they’ve done nothing but lie since day one. But I’ll go along for the ride and see where this is going.
      As far as pandemic I have to agree with what you said as well. One of our daughters is in the Houston area in town of Humble and she says it’s nuts over there now. The upscale neighborhood she lives in is just fine. Here in NC it’s the same way and nothing is adding up. All of my nursing friends are still telling me something is not right with the numbers etc.

      I like your last line. Yes we have that going for us, indeed.

  5. Carolyn3Carolyn3

    Richard, I loved this chat. I heard every word of it with my coffee this morning. I think we are in a wait and see stage again, You may be correct in that this may be all we get. I mean I don’t need anything from any of the media or gov to tell me something is not right, but it’s nice not to be called crazy anymore, my father being one of them. My brother and I know what’s going on as we each have had our own experiences. I just found out that my brother bough stock in To The Stars Academy when it first began. I told him he better split it with me if it does well.

    1. Avatarjennymemon

      Can I suggest that ALL members of Richards site deserve a cut too? (I am a subscriber to TTSA website, if that helps my case, lol)

  6. AvatarPressToDigitate

    “Deer in the Headlights” is not what Man should want carved on his Tombstone.

    ITEM: Deep State plans for “Controlled Disclosure” under Pres. Hillary Clinton (proven: Podesta Emails) upended by election of Pres. Donald Trump. New POTUS, getting “the runaround” instead of “The Briefing” on the ETUFO Problem, and taking heed from Pres. Bill Clinton’s [phony] Berlin remark “They didn’t tell me, either”, and Pres. Obama’s [phony] “the government has no evidence”, orders wholesale reorganization of the entire military space enterprise, changing all the lines of authority to bring all the ETUFO-related uSAPs under lawful, Constitutional control, as “The U.S. Space Force”. Trump Pentagon Audit uncovers, among other things, ONA payments to Dr. Stefan Halper >$1M, for ‘studies’ never performed.

    ITEM: Deep State parlays CIA/FBI Peter Strzok’s politically-motivated “Crossfire Hurricane”, the predicate for which dissolved in January of 2017 (proven: FBI Notes) into sham Mueller Investigation, as intended basis for Impeachment. Hillary’s manifest corruption in Russia over bribes from UraniumOne oligarch remains unprosecuted, and obfuscated by Anti-Trump propaganda from the Mockingbird State Media. When “Trump Collusion” narrative fails, as CIA Russian Hoax (contrived through Halper-arranged CIA Mifsud tip that Papadopoulos relays to Halper-arranged CIA Downer) is debunked – by Nunes Memo and Mueller Report itself, Deep State contrives CIA/NSC Eric Ciaramella’s politically-motivated Ukraine Hoax narrative, advanced by the CIA/NSC Vindmen Clones, as second try at Impeachment. Biden’s manifest corruption in Ukraine over bribes from Burisma oligarch remains unprosecuted, and obfuscated by Anti-Trump propaganda from the Mockingbird State Media. Trump Administration sabotaged. Yet, Impeachment Fails – AGAIN – and was known destined to fail several months previous.

    ITEM: *JUST THEN*, A Globalist/Illuminati Schism – Cultures of a synthetically engineered weaponized pathogen (proven; NATURE, 2015), intended for discrete, rural domestic eugenics use within China by CCP (& NWO Sponsors, Incl. Fauci/NIAID, Rockefeller, Gates & Soros Foundations), is stolen from super-secure BSL-4 Containment at Wuhan Institute of Virology by infiltrator(s) with Top-level Clearances, and disseminated in predetermined global effort, creating Plandemic, in keeping with longstanding NWO strategies, to fulfill 40-year-old Georgia Guidestones’ objectives. Its principal effect on Mankind will be widespread Male Infertility, achieving long-term Human depopulation objectives and requiring the mass market introduction of In-Vitro Fertilization. Initial casualties of [Reported: 707,518 ATM] Old & Sick are merely a ‘bonus’ to the [*inhuman*] perpetrators. Other benefits of increased Surveillance, accelerated Censorship, Behavioral Conditioning, Expansion of Government Power, Eradication of Bourgeois financial independence and Proletarian financial security, creating mass helplessness and dependency, and other factors weigh heavily toward the decision to unleash it. Without public contact among strangers in large events, hunkered down at home, Socially Distanced and Facemasked, both the spread of information by word-of-mouth among those not already acquainted, and *the visual inspection of strangers* is largely eliminated. Those not well networked – or who *were*, but have been “deplatformed” – are easily ‘disappeared’ without trace or question.

    ITEM: Two Minneapolis drug-underworld involved grifters, Chauvin and Floyd, who both moonlight as bouncers at the same nightclub, are commandeered into a camera-ready. “Made for TV” outrage, where *less than five minutes* of precisely-targeted psychic ‘mental suasion’ are required to turn an ordinary arrest into [yet another] police killing, amplified by the Mockingbird State Media into the global legitimization of [*admittedly*] Marxist cultural objectives of Intersectionality, and the universal demonization of “Xenophobia”. Resulting political changes will include the end of national borders or immigration control as we know them, and the *guaranteed acceptance* of any “Others” Walking Among Us, henceforth Living In Our Midst; “Humanity Not Required” (i.e. ‘scales’ or blue ‘feathered plumage’ notwithstanding). (“Nostalgia” becomes remembering when your ‘Illegal Alien’ neighbors were merely “illegal”.)

    ITEM: Physical Isolation prompts accelerated introduction of ‘wearable’ 5G AR/VR in 2021 as new entertainment craze; personal HealthChip Monitors, made increasingly compulsory by the persistent, ‘apparently incurable’ plandemic, are incorporated into the new 5G “HeadPhones” for ‘convenience’. A couple years later, the now-‘standard’ HeadPhone gets a new upgrade, and begins to feature full-duplex neurotech. Thus, 5G-BCI fulfills Tenet #3 on the Georgia Guidestones, and Feinberg’s primary 1969 ‘Prometheus Goal’ for Mankind – possibly in keeping with an Eisenhower 1955 capitulation to Alien Conquest.

    ITEM: By 2040, the first large cohort of ‘Hybrid Containers’ produced by IVF openly, on Earth, attains adulthood, carrying millions of civilian Alien Colonists, disembarking into ‘humanesque’ bodies from the Quantum Stasis of their interstellar migration; by 2045 this generation is effectively in control of the technocratic world. The “wetware” of the Billions of Humans then jacked-in to the Hive Mind with 5G-BCI has already been ‘Under New Management’ for several years by the Alien Hybrid Operatives’ “Agent” class, who began disembarking more than a century prior, to pave the way.

    It doesn’t matter if one loves Trump or hates him; its obvious that he has been THE obstacle to the Deep State, which has undeniably ‘pulled out all the stops’ to get rid of him. In their planned unveiling of the ETUFO presence, the narrative they had prepared to spin to acclimate the public to it, as a benevolent “Arrival”, is vital to their own personal continued wealth, power, comfort, safety and security. We were supposed to buy the ‘Amy Adams version’ of “Arrival”, when its the ‘Charlie Sheen version’ that’s actually happening all around us, right before our eyes. So, they’ve trashed Trump’s Presidency (with the best economy since JFK), and we’re getting the Deep State sock puppet, “Old Gropin’ Joe”, instead. To Deal with the Extraterrestrials. Joe Biden. Seriously.

    And this all seems perfectly normal to some people…

      1. Carolyn3Carolyn3

        My daughters and I are very aware of this movie. Watched it several times. Seems very plausible to me.

    1. Carolyn3Carolyn3

      Thanks for the breakdown. I believe a lot of this and some I’m still getting more formation on. I believe an acquisition of our planet has been underway. Depopulation would come first hence the pandemic. IVF possibly brings in more hybrids. After reading that I need a stiff shot of something and I don’t drink, Shot of espresso sounds good.

      1. AvatarPressToDigitate

        LOL, After posting the link, I decided to watch Sheen’s “The Arrival” again, last night. I am struck by the contrast between that film, and the 2016 Amy Adams “Arrival” movie (with the Tentacles and circular Ink Blots), on essentially the same subject. They are representative of sub-genres of the “Alien Invasion” movie genre outside the predominant “BSU” (“Blow Sh*t Up”) scenario. Since we’re obviously not dealing with BSU, but *are* in the midst of some form of enveloping Contact, with what increasingly appears to be, at least, an ‘Invasive Species’, I think it would be wonderful if Richard & Tracey were to have a Movie Night, and watch both films, and then do an “Intelligent Disclosure” video, reviewing, analyzing and discussing both films as treatments of the subject – and the implications of each, if True.

        (Note to Richard & Tracey: Watch them both with a Timecode, or an external timer running, so you can make notes of key scenes to clip out and use in your reviews of each. Odds are, the studios would even comp *you* DVDs of each, suited for the purpose. Ask Bryce.)

          1. AvatarGreg

            Hi Richard, PTD, Carolyn,
            I’d also add “They Live” as it introduced another alternative to BSU: the ETs as Economic Hitmen (with apologies to Perkins.) Plus it introduced the metaphor of “putting on the glasses;” I believe the extended fight scene was a metaphor for how difficult it can be to convince even a friend to see what’s really going on.

            Possible spoiler alerts on “The Arrival”: 1) the “white hats” may have been at work when in the film the ET’s point out a feature of “the nature of time” that may serve us well; 2) Garth Brook’s “The Dance” would’ve been the perfect song over the end credits.

            ETs aside, the steady deterioration of the Y chromosome is concerning too.

            1. AvatarPressToDigitate

              Yes, “They Live” is looking more and more like a documentary these days. Its a shame they never came to terms on the sequel before RRP died; it would have been a good one.

    2. AvatarGreg

      I’m coming to think the most genuinely rare thing in this ‘verse is liberty. Some worlds are borderline habitable, and if intelligent life has manged to arise there nonetheless, it may be very constrained by the harshness of nature. A lack of technology can also be liberty-constraining, though I keep in mind indigenous peoples that had achieved a significant degree of freedom with a deep knowledge and reverence for their environment.

      If evolution is a feature of the ‘verse at large, then predation and dominance hierarchies may be the order of the day. The only sort of dominance hierarchy friendly to freedom is Jefferson’s natural aristocracy of virtue and talent” that solves problems by inventing things rather than invading peoples.

      If the asteroid hadn’t slammed into the present-day Yucutan, the intelligent life on this planet may have been the evolutionary descendants of raptors. Would reptilian brains be capable of liberty as we understand it, or would they know only fascism or perhaps a hive mind?

      Humanity is in the sweet spot between atomistic isolation and a hive mind. We can become part of something bigger in any number of circumstances, including a rock concert; but we are also capable of hours of solitary practice on the guitar. We’re still capable of realizing a truly free society, but the clock is at the two-minute warning. There are quislings in league with the Hive. These traitors to humanity were perfectly willing to sell out the rest of us even in the absence of ETs. They’re perfectly willing to make common cause with the Hive as long as they get to be the big shots where Earth is concerned. Don’t be surprised if the ETs double cross them; they may have no use for traitors either, once their usefulness is at an end.

      The sad thing is, so many people on earth are oppressed in so many ways, that they may be insensible to the ET tyranny awaiting them. Perhaps the ETs will offer them the pleasures of revenge upon their erstwhile oppressors, but like that initial high from a drug, it will be followed by an even worse dependence on the ETs.

      If only we had put our own house in order these past two centuries! If only humanity had become free and prosperous as a whole and not just here and there! We could have been a lot harder to colonize, maybe even impossible to subjugate. But were so enraged at our modern-day Aztecs that we fail to realize that the ETs are not our long awaited space brothers to liberate us but conquistadores from across the sea of stars.

      According to Jon Rappaport, the cultivation and use of imagination is a powerful weapon in freedom’s arsenal. It’d be great id Richard could interview him in the context on how to resist the Hive mind–whether homegrown or ET.

      1. AvatarPressToDigitate

        Greg – Wise observations!
        I’d like to think that Liberty vs. a Hive Mind is a philosophical choice that intelligent species make through some socio-political process as they evolve, moving one way or the other. I’d like to think that a Reptilian species could have its own Thomas Jefferson, Frederic Bastiat and John Stuart Mill; its own Ayn Rand who could have won the day as easily in their own tortured political past. But, if innately, biologically Telepathic, that Hive Mind might come naturally to them, regardless of intelligence, and never have been subjected to rational debate in their history. They may struggle to understand why it has never come naturally to us, as well.

        The proximate issue for Man is going to boil down to two “techniques” that will be infused into our daily lives; In-Vitro Fertilization, “IVF” and Brain Computer Interface, “BCI”, both necessary to the subtle, “Usurpation Conquest” that seems to be underway. In fact, that’s how we’ll know this is what is really going on, as these two enter the mainstream during the 2020s. I’ve often addressed 5G-BCI and how people will crave getting their neurons on it, as soon as it becomes available.

        But, Monday’s CBS News headline, and the two studies released earlier this summer supporting it, strongly suggest that this thesis is operative, and also on-track, where IVF will be concerned, as well:

        [NOTE: These projections on reduced Human pregnancies do NOT account for Infertility induced by either the COVID-1984 virus itself, nor that resulting from vaccines deployed in its wake.]

        Before this is over, we’ll be asking just who “Planned Parenthood” is actually ‘planning parenthood’ on behalf of. Will anyone think it strange when PP’s Abortion Clinics begin offering IVF services as well? Will anyone question its use of “New Agey” bioneural feedback devices, to help “calm” the implanted Mothers? Will there be a particularly unique “procedure” that IVF patients are called back to the clinics for, on a certain day of pregnancy, the 42nd, 49th or 90th or 120th day, for example [which effects “ensoulment” of the foetus, in accordance with various ancient literature on the subject] that will be given some prosaic explanation?

        Over the next year or so, we can certainly *figure out* what we should be looking for, as evidence of mass disembarkation of Alien Colonists. IF we’re smart enough to even be organized and on the lookout for it.

  7. AvatarTomTort

    I am always impressed when you have notes and walk through them. You appear to be more revealing and speak “off the cuff” which makes you more open and real in your presentation. It is as if you are frustrated and you let off a bit of steam revealing facts and information that you know is factual, yet frustrated because it is not fully acknowledged.
    I truly appreciate your attitude and sincerity as a researcher. When you speak, you inspire.

  8. Avatarjennymemon

    Well thats good to know, I thought it was pretty obvious from the get go that this ‘Plandemic’ was just one huge psyop. I thought it was just me, Catherine AF and a few others who feel like we have been dropped in the land of the zombies. I dont waste my time anymore on people still wringing their hands and saying ‘lets just do what we are told’ no matter how much logic is involved. If anyone is still using the lines, ‘its only for a while’ or ‘its only a mask’ etc, then there is no hope for them.
    Time to pick a side, it has come to that. This may still sound to some like conspiracy talk, but if it does, you havent been paying attention. This has been long planned, and then rolled out, to almost overnight transform humanity into compliant robots at the mercy of the technocrats.
    The UFO subject is crucial and it all ties together i think. The alien presence here, that is possibly involved in the manipulation of human society for a long time, would be fully aware of all this and no doubt complicit. I dont think anyone has ALL the answers but there are lots of people who have pieces of the puzzle, the idea has always been to keep them apart so the bigger picture can never be revealed.
    I look forward to Richards take on all or any of this subject.
    This was meant to be a reply to, not as a general comment on Richards piece, not sure if i put it in ‘reply’!

    1. Carolyn3Carolyn3

      HI Jenny, time to pick a side is correct. You reply took the words right out of my mouth thanks. Nice to see others on the same page.

  9. AvatarEd Klatt

    Totally objective and sobering commentary on the current estimate of the situation. Excellent in every respect. PS: I still think Mr. Dolan should do a deep dive on the 1969 Berkshire’s incident. Fantastic case.

  10. Avatarcosinaphile

    my set of conclusions and RD overlap tremendously,…a very enjoyable listen… yet depressing to hear of the strong possibility of not much further disclosure … and especially supression of the alien topic


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