My Appearance on Weaponized

By | January 9, 2024

Hi Everyone, 

I had a great conversation with George Knapp and Jeremy Corbell on the latest program of Weaponized. 

In program, I was given leeway to discuss the history and current state of UFO and UAP research. I emphasized that the U.S. military has been interacting with these phenomena since the 1940s and that the public interest in the subject has been growing despite attempts to dismiss it as a silly topic. I recall discussing the transformation of the world through digital communication, which has allowed for a greater sharing of information and data on the subject. I got into some media issues, including the New York Times‘ decision to cover the topic, and what I believe its actual policy on UFOs happens to be (spoiler: still doing service for the establishment). Heck, I even speculated on whether President Joe Biden will make a disclosure statement (spoiler: no). Hmmm let’s see …. I also discussed the potential threat posed by these phenomena and the need for counterintelligence. And finally, I got to talk about my upcoming book on USOs and all the historical evidence for these objects.

All in all, it was enjoyable and I do think many important topics were discussed. Check it out! I hope you enjoy it. 


24 thoughts on “My Appearance on Weaponized

  1. Pyroxide_Martini

    Great episode.

    I had a thought on souls and containers which is this:

    We think of a soul in terms of a singular organism but what if it’s more like a liver in that you can carve out large sections of it to transplant elsewhere but the original regrows intact.

    What if a species became aware of us, of our immortality via a soul, something that perhaps they didn’t have BUT WANTED and they sought to harvest portions of our soul energy to transplant into their own being so that they too may become immortal via a soul (although I suspect connected to the original host on a quantum level).

    It’s an abstract thought but something I feel I partly remembered a long time ago

    1. Jeanne36

      “I feel I partly remembered a long time ago”.
      It is not a memory from a book, or is it?
      My story: All my life I remembered that I wanted to be born. I was before my mother and told her I would come. (I am 74 now).
      My mother, who was unaware of this story, told me at the age of 86, that she was always afraid of loosing me during her pregnancy.

      Wouldn’t it be interesting if someone makes a study of those memories?

      What if the soul is immaterial?

  2. Bjofod

    Brainstorming a bit.

    Can we handle the truth ? When the truth come, will it be the truth or will it be based on our perception of what the truth is.

    I am a little suspicious to this and we may be very observant towards the possibility that some intelligence are messing with our perception and that we in fact will accept the projected truth but that it is more to it then what we will hear and possibly ” understand ” cause it will fit what we have seen over many years and what we believe.

    The word ” change ” have often been heard from ” them ” during regression sessions and some researchers results points towards an agenda that may not be benign.

    I am asking the question openly. Are we beeing set up to accept ” friends” in our image ( speceships and normal life)

    We are a carbon based lifeform but the latest few decades we have been developing a silicone based intelligence. Data-Computers – AI… And it is soon there. Not a lifeform yet but a possible change is right there. Carbon to Silicone intelligence.

    Could there be a connection?

  3. DeanTucker

    Hey Richard, listened to about about half of your talk on “Weponized” I always enjoy listening to your thoughts! FYI Biden will never come forward to telling the truth about UFOs unless he is forced to. He is too deep in the pockets of those that still want to keep this a secret. If you really think what you said that full disclosure won’t happen until a president comes forward willing to tell the truth about this than you need to give serious thought about running for president in 2028. It is hard to think about anyone that’s more qualified than you. If you have no interest in this than what are your thoughts on Daniel Sheehan or Sean Stone or perhaps Jeremy Corbell running for president? Anyone else that you would recommend? The way I see it is that it is not really about winning but about the passion and courage to tell the truth, which is what you have!

    I also was very impressed with the first 2 eppisodes in the TMZ special on the “UFO Revolution”. I really thought you did a great job!!! I especially loved you talking about the “Wilson/David memo”! I do believe you have been the leading proponent of getting that information out! Keep up the good work brother!!!!

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      Thank you so much Dean — really appreciate that feedback. And no, I have no presidential aspirations … sorry! But seriously, what snowball’s chance in hell would that be, anyway? 🙂 Ditto Jeremy or any of the other folks in the UFO community. I suppose it’s not impossible, but I must say it’s not in the cards for me. However, I do very much appreciate the good word from you. Sincerely.

  4. Andromeda107

    Really great interview Richard, I watched it Monday morning at 3:30 am when Jeremy aired it. Everyone in the chat absolutely loved you. I watched the video all the through to the end until 5am. It was a really captivating interview. Although I am not as optimistic as Jeremy Cornell,but good for staying optimistic. Richard your next talk needs to be with Bryan Zabel and Ross Coulhart . Also I have watched the two TMZ special episodes on Tubi, absolutely great episodes, can’t wait to watch the 3rd episode. I would like to know your thoughts on the video Jeremy released of the jellyfish looking object flying over Iraq? Maybe you can address it in your next fireside chat.

  5. Allan Lavigne

    I can share It was great to see Richard finally on “Weaponizied” with Jeremy, and George.
    No better, or more informative group of researchers could be assembled in a single show
    Also, I can highly recommend the current TMZ documentary series running on “Tubi” with Richard, Jeremy, and George.
    It is a very serious, and well crafted series on the current UAP/ UFO issue and the tension around efforts for transparency and disclosure.
    If you have relatives or friends who remain todate, unfamiliar with the revolations of 2023 on UAP disclosure, and where we are headed in 2024, this documentary clearly lays out the gravity of what has been revealed and what it portains to humanities future.
    One further thought regarding the questionable gravitos of the Pentagon, and it’s competency as a gate keeper of not only a world changing paradyme like the UAP/UFO Phenomenon, and technology more valuable than the nation’s combined debt, no better example could have been given this week than when Secratary of Defense Austin went missing for 4 days while in the ICU, and not only was his 2nd and 3rd in command, both of whom were vacationing outside the country not told, but neither was the Excurive branch. Not the President or Jake Sillivan of the State Department.
    Even more serious than them not being told, they didn’t even realize he was gone.
    This is with two serious wars in progress, threats of nuclear conflict in Eastern Europe, and of China invading Tiwan.
    As I posted two days ago, the Pentagon’s reputation is not only in tatters, its abilities to safely manage these Legacy Programs and their valuable assets is undeniably questionable.
    It would be wreckless for the Congress not to act and police up these materials before something serious occurs.
    Allan Lavigne
    Former A.P.R.O. Investigator

  6. itsmeRitaC

    I caught Corbel on Newsnation cast from last night. On a couple of shows i think. I didn’t know he is the leading expert on the topic and has spent his life studying this. No one ever begs to differ i have noticed. I guess nothing matters when it comes to the media and double for this topic! LOL Granted i was not able to sit through too much.

    I also saw they devoted a show with some woman who seems to talk about celebrity murders and such, but it was all about uap and Corbel. He was again the leading expert, etc and the pundit and Corbel were talking about national security because of evil other countries involved, because, as merita has been saying for the past three years right here, that we need to be scared because those evil doers have the futuristic tech and we should be scared of their spy craft. I see no threat narrative of course, Richard. 😉

    I also see that Burchett himself said he knows nothing will come out of the big secret meeting tomorrow, friday and he doesn’t expect anything will ever come out. I think he is ready to throw in the towel.

    It seems what is left in the topic now is Grusch, over and over again and Corbel getting the most top secret video to post and talk about. I also know i have seen that tiny thing floating around in previous times, the thing they are calling the jellyfish uap. It is extremely familiar to me. But i guess i am supposed to not remember things from times gone by. LOL.

    I apologize but i have can’t avoid my realizing that i have been correct about the direction here for a few years now but i didn’t know it would just sort of fall into monotony. It is a shame and not even too interesting to watch. Nothing happened except some people got more publicity.

    Again, very sad time for folks like me who were into the topic forever.

  7. J-Rod

    Well if we have craft that have “flown around the solar system” then why hasn’t the US used them as weapons in times of war? Because there aren’t any? What sort of war would it take for a revelation of such technology?

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      Oh man … I’ve done my best over the years to discuss this very question. I’ll do the short version here. 1. it assumes the US is actually intent on “winning” the wars rather than enriching the MIC. 2. It assumes that highly highly HIGHLY classified tech can be used for events that rank much lower on the secrecy spectrum. In fact, the US has long had a policy of holding back certain kinds of weapons for operations because the threat of exposing them to the rest of the world is too high to justify the benefit derived from actually using them. perverse, but true.

      1. Jeanne36

        Ray McGovern: “The corporate-controlled mainstream media have become a cornerstone of the Military-Industrial-Congressional-Intelligence-Media-Academia-Think-Tank complex, MICIMATT, if you will.”

        America’s enduring belief in exceptionalism is the path to national suicide.

      2. J-Rod

        @Richard. Just want to pick your far-better-brain-than-mine. China, Russia and Nth Korea have launched ICBMs to the US. What happens? Does the US reveal this “dangerous” tech and negate the threat or do they assume annihilation? I’m just trying to figure where the “red line” is.

        1. Richard Dolan Post author

          First thing I would say is that there ought to be no danger of any of those nations launching ICBMs (including N Korea) if the US actually were not the world’s #1 global firestarter. And if the US actually had diplomats who understood their job, understood the world, and had the emotional intelligence beyond that of a 12-year-old. BUT, IF such a scenario were to occur, would the US have the ability to defend against such incoming missiles? We have a pretty good idea that the Russians and Chinese have far better anti-missile tech than what we know the US has. That is, the S-400 system vastly outperforms the Patriot or Hymars systems. It’s not even close. But ICBMS … I would imagine this: that if a launch were to occur, and if the US has some sort of space-based defense in place, even if it’s comprised somewhat of exotic tech, yes, they would likely use it in this instance. And then they would say that this was not exotic UFO related but just good ol’ American know how. That’s my guess.

  8. Bernard Pelletier

    The UFOs/aliens are not here to observe us, they’re here to interfere, and have done so probably since prehistory. They were responsible for the Black Plague, interfered on behalf of the British against the Spanish Armada, and have had in place a mysterious person in attendance at several important meetings throughout history, have a kidnap ring going, have interfered genetically, etc., etc. And there’s no chance aliens would be here to guide us. They are self-serving and are doing hybrydization for their own purposes. And, yes, we are sustenance to them, they are energy parasites. Ufologists usually ignore the compelling and convincing evidence that says ETs control the planet.

    And there’s no justification for the cover-up. It violates the right to know and freedom of information, and it’s a veritable mafia.

    Most people don’t care about the truth, and if they were told the truth, they would just go into denial. That’s exactly what happened during the Covid scam. And I don’t think they have much of an idea of the disclosure of the last 6 years: the 2 long-time radio broadcasters hosting the Trivia Show on CJAD, which can be listened to on-line Sunday mornings 9-12, had no clue of it, so I had to set them straight, including telling them UFOs were a category on Jeopardy this past Friday, January 12. And CJAD carries Coast to Coast AM.

    Science didn’t start 200 years ago, it existed since Antiquity, with Aristotle, Plato, Aristarchus, etc.

    The phrase isn’t ”went off-line”, it’s ”became non-functional”. Jeremy Corbell said ”this **** is real”, which is not only obscene but also bizarre and incoherent but commonplace.

  9. D.A.

    Hi Richard,

    I haven’t chimed in a while and figured you were missing me, so I decided to write in. Though this might be a bad time to write given you’ve been away and have a lot to catch up on, it might also be a good time given the lull in news, which my Spidey senses tells me won’t last very long. As usual, I’m several shows behind, and just got around to listening to your Weaponized Podcast interview with George and Jeremy. It always makes for a good listen when some of ufology’s biggest titans get together. It’s just too bad the audience never gets a chance to hear what’s discussed off mic—the real conversation. Before continuing on with my comments about what was discussed, I have one quick observation about George and Jeremy I’d like to make (assuming someone else hasn’t already made it): is it me, or does the whole dynamic between them give off the vibe of an old sheriff giving his deputy a crash course on how to outdraw a gunslinger before riding off into the sunset?

    Anyhow, I thought Jeremy/George asked some interesting questions that gave you an excellent platform to bounce some of your ideas off; however, I do have some counterpoints that I’d like to make for no other reason than to give you some different perspectives to think about. With that said, I could say up front that my comments are short, but not unlike Kirkpatrick stating that AARO found no evidence of NHI, we both know that would be an abject lie, so as with all my past comments, I ask only that if you do decide to continue reading on that you do so out of curiosity, and not out of obligation to me as a paying subscriber. Since there is so much to comment on, I broke my comments up into 8 parts to make it easier. I understand if you don’t wish to read through all of them. If nothing else, writing them down allowed me to sort out all my thoughts on what was discussed.

    Part 1: I’ll start off by touching on the most ubiquitous topic that was discussed during the interview, which seems to percolate through every UFO conversation, and has been the main topic of discussion and debate on many of your shows as well as on many other people’s shows, including other Weaponized podcasts. That topic, of course, is official “UFO Disclosure” (UFOD). I already commented about this on your site a while back, but at the expense of sounding redundant, I will do so once again only because it keeps coming up.

    In general, I think the whole topic, which—let’s be honest—is all too often used as easy filler for discussion during lulls in real news, has played itself out, creating subject fatigue. I also think that those people who keep dwelling on the topic need to let go of the notion that some sort of official UFOD will ever happen, because not only are they setting the stage for their own bitter disappointment, they are laying the foundation of a fundamental misunderstanding of the UFO acknowledgment and acceptance evolution that is currently unfolding right before their very eyes. The fact of the matter is UFO transparency has NEVER been about the official government “Disclosure” of UFO truth with a capital “D”, but rather about the official government UFO Acknowledgment (UA) with a captial “A”. The word “disclosure” connotes an underlying willingness by those having the highest level of authority in the government to officially divulge the truth about UFOs and their origins to the public. That’s never going to happen. I’m not saying that some aspects of the UFO phenomenon will never be publicly addressed, openly discussed, or officially “divulged” by POTUS, or some other high ranking government official having substantive authority and gravitas; only that by the time that such an event occurs—which is inevitable—the public will likely have already been made fully aware of everything the USG, or more specifically, the National Security State (NSS) apparatus, will allow them to know, and not know, about UFOs—including the CR&REP.

    After that critical point has been reached, anything else over and above that which had been officially, albeit begrudgingly, “acknowledged” by the USG will be divulged to the public only through future insider leaks and Unofficial Disclosures (UDs), not unlike what has been happening over the last 6+ years; only it will happen from a somewhat different, more enlightened, perspective, in which the USG, or at least a part of it, has admitted that UFOs are real and involve NHI. The extent to which NHI has interacted with mankind is likely something that will remain under wraps and will be the target of truth-seeker investigations for quite some time to come…unless, of course, something truly transformative happens in the interim, which can never be ruled out.

    In the meant time, between now and the time we reach the point of general UAP and NHI “acknowledgment” by the “USG” and subsequent UAP and NHI “acceptance” by the general public, a substantial amount of incontrovertible evidence has to be disclosed to the public. These disclosures, however, will likely continue to happen in fits and starts, so we’ll just have to sit back and wait to see what (if anything) gets divulged—in particular, over the next 9 months or so with respect to Grudge-gate and how the political apparatus decides to handle such explosive information during an election year. An important question here is would the official “acknowledgment” of UFOs by either presidential candidate help or hurt their electability, and who would it help or hurt more (assuming both candidates can make through the entire election cycle, and/or if a legitimate third party candidate doesn’t get into the mix)?

    It certainly would make for an interesting dynamic if something substantive outside the control of the NSS were to come out over the next several months, like a highly credible Unofficial Disclosure (UD) by a deep-state whistle-blower, or a public mass sighting or encounter. Of course, we are at that point in the game in which the UFO Secrecy Establishment (USE), which includes both the deep-state and shallow-state UFO factions within the MIC and IC, is still reeling from Grusch-gate; and as we all know, animals are most dangerous when they are injured and backed up into a corner. Now it’s fourth down with three seconds left on the clock, and all we know is that the deep-state faction’s next play is going to involve a Hail-Mary disinformation, smear, and threat campaign, the likes of which no one has ever seen before. This time no one will be safe, and no prisoners will be taken. How the game will end depends on what substantive news comes out over the next several months to counteract, or defend against, what we know the USE, and in particular the deep-state faction of it, will unleash. The outcome of the whistle-blower’s legal case, and its published findings will be pivotal to UFO transparency and enlightenment going forward. Which side will emerge from the scrum victorious?

    To be continued.


    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      Hi DA — great comment and I think I am starting to agree that what’s happening may not be any official disclosure but a slow drip that will acclimate the public — step by step. Not sure we will all agree on that strategy, but I do think that the recent group at SOL Foundation for instance believe in a slow-walking strategy as the safest. My guess is that none of it will go according to anyone’s plan. At some point, “too much” info will have come out and then the craziness begins. Unless of course we are stonewalled for the next few decades. I wish I had a crystal ball! 🙂

  10. D.A.

    As promised, here’s Part 2:

    As I previously mentioned, “disclosure”, as in official UFO Disclosure (UFOD) with a capital “D”, is a misleading, if not entirely inaccurate, term; and as such, has become quite passe to my ears. On the other hand, UFO Acknowledgment (UA) is a term that I believe better describes the official, albeit reluctant, admission of UFO truth by those in authority after highly credible, and in some cases incontrovertible, facts and/or evidence has been divulged, or leaked, into the public domain by insiders and whistle blowers through Unofficial Disclosures (UD). Only after the UFO secrecy dam’s weir gate is fully opened, and the USE whistle-blower testimonies start spilling over into the public domain, will past, present, and future UAP incidents and encounters start to be officially acknowledged by high-ranking “individuals” within the USG, and even then only reluctantly. This includes the acknowledgment of public encounters as well as military ones, which the USE can no longer keep hidden from the public, or obfuscate, like they did with some of the events related to last year’s Balloon-gate (i.e., Balloon-gate, Part 1).

    Generally speaking, the term “UFO Acknowledgment”, or UA, can also be expanded to include subsequent UFO and NHI acceptance by the public, MSM, and the Scientific Community (SC), whose collective ego will make them the last group to come to terms with the new reality. The current era of incipient UA was formally initiated in 2017 with the leaks of the three Navy UAP vidoes and the disclosure of insider information to the NY Times about a secret UFO (and paranormal) investigation program within the shallow-state of the USE called AAWSAP. As you know, this UD effort was spearheaded by a singular group of individuals, which includes the likes of Christopher Mellon, Jay Stratton, Luis Elizondo, Harry Reid, John Alexander, Hal Puthoff, and others, who I refer to as the Agents of AAWSAP (AOA) simply because they were all part of, or closely associated with, AAWSAP. The history of UFO related events that have unfolded since 2017 show that these individuals had collectively acted in concert to publicly resurrect the military UFO encounter and CR&REP investigations that were originally carried out in secret by AAWSAP and its contractor, Bigelow Advanced AeroSpace Services (BAASS), which as you know had ties to NIDS and the ATPWG, as well as to paranormal research programs within the SRI, CIA, and Army. See, it all ties together quite nicely.

    Regarding the NYT article, which first cracked open the weir gate of the UFO secrecy dam, it needs to be reiterated that the article erroneously attributed the acronym AATIP to AAWSAP, which only muddied the waters (possibly deliberately in case something went sideways). I bring this up only because the program’s name continues to be the source of confusion for many to this day. By all accounts, the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program, or AATIP, was never an official program. The name is simply a pseudonym that was attributed to AAWSAP by AOA member, Harry Reid, to protect AAWSAP by concealing its identity from unwanted eyes within the USE when he was shopping the program around to other government agencies in 2010. The acronym was then later unofficially attributed to the in-house UFO investigation group within the OUSD(I&S) that Elizondo took over in 2008 from Stratton, when the latter left that position to work for the DIA and AAWSAP. The fact that AATIP later became the name of an informal UFO encounter investigation group within the OUSD(I&S), and not that of an officially sanctioned program, gave the Pentagon plausible deniability about AATIP’s existence, as well as Elizondo’s role in it in the aftermath of the NYT article. The issues was resolved only after Reid came forward and vouched for Elizondo. It should be noted here that Stratton was the one who brought the investigation of the 2004 Navy Tic Tac encounter over with him from the OUSD(I&S) to AAWSAP. Afterwards, he and his AAWSAP-BAASS colleagues maintained close ties with Elizondo and the UAP investigation group within the OUSD(I&S), which, despite now being defunct, is identified for all intents and purposes as AATIP.

    By 2017, AOA member, Chris Mellon, was in the perfect position to leak the Navy videos because he was no longer in the service of the USG, but still maintained high-level contacts within the Pentagon and Congress. It should be noted here that government employees, including high-level officials, like Mellon and Elizondo, do not retain their government clearances after they leave government service despite what some of them may have stated in the past as a reason for not disclosing more of what they knew—sometimes even good guys have to lie. The lack of an active clearance, however, didn’t matter because technically the UFO videos were NOT classified at the time Mellon leaked them, so he didn’t face criminal charges for divulging classified secrets or violating any NDAs he might have signed while he was still in the government. The information about AAWSAP that was given to the NYT, however, was a slightly different matter, since it was a classified SAP; therefore, divulging that information likely required some kind of workaround, like the backing of someone high up in the MIC/Pentagon food chain, who could declassify the program for public distribution, someone who was friendly to the cause (and who still remains nameless).

    The subsequent fallout from the NYT article promulgated an ensuing cavalcade of UDs by other mainstream military and MIC insiders (who had become emboldened enough to come forward about what they saw and knew). Remember UFOs were not classified, so people like Fraver and Graves could not be prosecuted for divulging such information—they simply kept quiet about them out of fear of ridicule and possible career ramifications associated with the UFO stigma, and/or were simply ordered while still in service to not discuss such things. These UDs ultimately led to a series of UAs, which set in motion the current process of inculcating the general public (and to some extent MSM and the SC) with the idea that UFOs might in fact be real; thus, building the foundation of a new UFO (and NHI) acceptance reality, era of enlightenment, or zeitgeist, which is where we are inevitably heading thanks to the efforts of the AOA, who will be looked at by future generations of historians as a collective group of singular individuals regardless of whether their efforts and contributions to the cause were concerted in their entirety as part of a true UFO disclosure cabal, or just loosely coordinated around a common cause for the good of the American people—a relationship not too unlike that shared by our nation’s Founding Fathers, who were so named as a collective group only years after their individual efforts and contributions to the cause of liberty ultimately birthed a nation.

    Hopefully, my comments haven’t bored you into submission yet. If not, I will post the remaining parts of my comments shortly.


  11. D.A.

    Okay. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

    Part 3:

    I have no doubts whatsoever that history will one day show that the CR&REP investigation by Grusch was nothing short of a continuation of AAWSAP’s investigation of the same. To this end, Grusch’s investigation—in addition to a general investigation of military UFO/USO encounters and the national security threat they potentially represent—is what the AOA were working towards all along in their bid to resurrect AAWSAP through a congressional mandate that ultimately led to the establishment of the UAPTF in 2020 (which was unofficially established in late 2019), followed by the AOIMSG in 2021, and finally AARO in 2022. Any third grader could connect these dots with a crayon while blindfolded. It should be noted that it was not by mere happenstance that the UAPTF was headed by AOA charter member, Jay Stratton. And just as importantly, it should be noted that the UAPTF was the only iteration of the three official UAP investigation programs to earnestly investigate the UFO phenomenon, and in particular, the CR&REP aspect of it. The subsequent short-lived Airborne Object Identification and Management Synchronization Group (AOIMSG) was—as it’s name implied—a total sham; it was stood up by the UFO Secrecy Establishment (USE) to replace the UAPTF so they could regain control over the UAP narrative by “managing” it while at the same time continuing to satisfy the congressional mandate to create an official UAP investigation office in accordance with the FY20 NDAA. This machination was made possible by the fact that the NDAA did not specify that the UAP investigation office had to report their findings directly to Congress, but rather to the OUSD(I&S) and DNI, who were then required to provide both public and classified reports to Congress. It’s an established fact that at least one organization within the OUSD(I&S) was part of the shallow-state faction of the USE, which had been secretly investigating military UFO encounters all along—likely long before Stratton and Elizondo were ever involved. And to assume that the DNI wasn’t read into one or more of the secret shallow-state UFO programs would be naive. Furthermore, the UAPTF was not meant to be set up as a permanent organization; therefore, giving the USE an easy workaround to create their own organization (i.e., the AOIMSG) that was not headed up by someone named Jay Stratton, who clearly had an agenda that did not mesh with their own.

    Replacing the UAPTF with the AOIMSG was the simplest and easiest fix for their little problem. Standing up of the AOIMSG meant that the USE had complete control over all UAP investigations, including Grusch’s CR&REP investigation under Stratton, which was officially terminated—though Grusch kept it going on the q.t. after the fact with the blessings of his National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA) and National Reconnaissance Office (NRO) supervisors—the same individuals who in 2022 attended the Scientific Coalition of UAP Studies (SCU) conference in Huntsville, Alabama, with Grusch AND Jay Stratton. Stratton had brought Grusch to the conference for the sole purpose of meeting none other than…ding…ding…ding…George Knapp. Of course, while there, Grusch and his supervisors also happened to meet Jeremy Corbel, John Alexander, Travis Taylor and Gary Nolan. Interesting isn’t it? Hmmm… Let me think…why would Jay Stratton want honorary AOA member, George Knapp, of all people, to meet David Grusch—someone who had just filed a whistle-blower complaint against the DODIG about a clandestine CR&REP? What could possibly be the connection between Knapp and a CR&REP whistle blower?

    Anyhow, I’ve digressed too much. Back to the AOIMSG; its charter mandated that all UAP findings be forwarded directly to the National Air and Space Intelligence Center (NASIC), which as you know resides in the lion’s den of UFO cover-ups, Wright-Patterson AFB. The USAF/Navy dynamic with respect to UFO cover-ups shouldn’t get dismissed here either. Anyhow, at NASIC, the UAP reports would be compiled (i.e., scrubbed) prior to being forwarded up the chain of command to the DNI prior to briefing Congress. As with all my suppositions, all one need do is just look at the historical records to see this is what happened. This ultimately begs the question: did Stratton’s and Grusch’s CR&REP investigation under the UAPTF directly lead to the UAPTF’s dissolution by the Pentagon, or at least hasten its demise in favor of standing up the AOIMSG? I believe the answer to that question is a resounding “YES”. Fortunately, Congress, or I should say those within the Congressional Disclosure Caucus (CDC), must have seen right through the AOIMSG sham (likely with some help from AOA members, Mellon and/or Stratton), so they immediately added a new provision to the FY22 NDAA mandating that the Pentagon replace the AOIMSG with a new office called AARO, which this time was directed by statute to report their findings DIRECTLY to Congress. Unfortunately, Congress being the slow learners that they are allowed the Pentagon to maintain control over AARO. Of course, we know how the USE countered this move…by naming Philip J. Klass’s reincarnate, Sean Kirkpatrick, to head up AARO. It should be noted that Kirkpatrick was likely removed as the head of AARO to counter the damage caused by Grusch’s sensationalized disclosure of the CR&REP. As an outsider, Kirkpatrick could more easily spearhead a new disinformation campaign based on the credibility he had already established with the MSM and the public through his position as the head of AARO. After all, who has more clout in the public’s eye, a virtual nobody, who’s reputation had already been smeared through a USE disinformation campaign, like Grusch, or the previous head of an official government office created by Congress to investigate UAPs? Furthermore, Kirkpatrick couldn’t go on a full fledged UAP debunking campaign as the head of AARO without drawing suspicion, which is exactly what was starting to happen. His piss poor handling of Grusch-gate only exacerbated that scrutiny. So the USE pulled him out while he still had enough credibility and clout left in his tank to do…well, exactly what he is doing right now.

    To that end, the ultimate fallout from Grusch-gate can have one of two entirely opposite effects on official government UAP acknowledgment and public acceptance going forward, depending on what other corroborative evidence comes to light in the next year or so, and conversely what the UFO Secrecy Establishment (USE) can do to: 1) successfully prevent the disclosure of that evidence; 2) to further destroy Grusch’s and any other CR&REP whistle blower’s credibility going forward; and 3) to subsequently mitigate any damages that the whistle-blower’s testimonies, and any other future unofficial disclosures (UDs), might ultimately cause. History is in the balance. Grusch-gate could just as easily end up being the spark that ushers in a new period of human enlightenment—which mankind may or may not be ready for—as it could be just another UFO disclosure pothole that the USE needs to patch up in order to get society chugging back down the blissful road of cognitive and spiritual ignorance.

    To be continued.


  12. D.A.

    Part 4.

    I know by now this string of comments might appear to be wandering aimlessly, but I assure you they are germane to various aspects of, as well as the overall tenor of, what you had discussed with George and Jeremy on how we got to our current state of UAP awareness. With that said, few can deny that mankind appears to be on the threshold of the next stage of human enlightenment, which is at a critical juncture defined by a dynamic equilibrium that has formed between the incipient state of official UFO/NHI acknowledgment and public acceptance, and the extant state of UFO/NHI stigma, obfuscation, and denial. This equilibrium pits the UFO Secrecy Establishment (USE), which includes both the deep-state and shallow-state UFO factions within the MIC and its broader IC counterpart, against the UFO Transparency Coalition (UTC), which includes a number of shallow-state UFO faction whistle blowers, the Congressional Disclosure Caucus (CDC), and a newly minted group of deep-state UFO faction whistle-blowers, who are the latest kids to come to the party thanks to the efforts of Jay Stratton, and his lead CR&REP investigator, David Grusch. In order to see how we got to this point, all we need to do is look at the unfolding of events, which were set into motion in 2017 by the AOA, culminating in a sequence of UFO related provisions that were injected into several successive NDAAs (and at least one IAA). These provisions, which were subsequently made into law, led to a series of subsequent moves and counter-moves between the USE and UTC, which dominate the current landscape of government UFO secrecy and public denial on one side of the equilibrium equation, and government UFO transparency and public acceptance on the other.

    This back and forth tug of war between the seekers and suppressors of UFO truth will continue as each new UD comes to light by the UTC, and is then pushed back by the USE. The UTC has the public’s desire for government truth and transparency working in its favor, as well as its insatiable appetite for intrigue and sensation; whereas, the USE has public denial, stigma, and inertia on its side, as well as impatience, which if allowed to fester too long morphs into apathy. Though much of the UFO stigma has been for the most part erased, denial is still a major issue to overcome, as is the natural resistance to change and the apathy that creeps into the public mindset during times of no news. The current state of equilibrium has no doubt shifted in the direction of both government acknowledgment and public acceptance, but that momentum is already starting to wane, and can totally reverse direction in an instant—depending on what comes out next. The longer the lull in substantive disclosure news becomes, the easier it will be for the USE to halt the current moment and push it back in the other direction through strategic releases of disinformation.

    To keep the UAP transparency momentum going, the UTC needs a blockbuster disclosure to occur in the not-too-distant future, like one involving the release of information by one or more of the CR&REP whistle blowers, which is subsequently validated by incontrovertible evidence. Another possible wildcard would be a situation in which a highly visible, and undeniable, public UFO incident or encounter were to occur, like the Phoenix lights, Hudson Valley Flap, Zimbabwe school yard encounter, or Varginha, Brazil. A legitimate video of an alien being walking down a road in downtown Varginha would send MSM into a feeding frenzy, subsequently increasing the demand for UFO transparency exponentially; however, for it to bring the USE to its proverbial knees, it would need to happen while the iron is still hot. The timing of such an event is critical because not only are the politicians, who make up the UFO Disclosure Caucus, prized targets for subornation, their positions within the government are tenuous at best. The temporary nature of public office gives the USE added ammunition in their war against UFO transparency. Add that to the public’s short attention span, as previously discussed, and one can easily see how time is clearly on the USE’s side. And the longer they can drag the process of universal UFO acknowledgment and acceptance out, the greater the likelihood will be that the UAP genie will simply crawl back into the bottle on its own accord.

    To be continued.


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