Long Presentation Coming Later This Evening

By | April 17, 2022

Hi Everyone,

I just want you to know I have been working on a rather long presentation that I expect to record for this website later this evening. As you know, I have been compiling interesting UFO cases from the 21st century — well, starting I think with 2005 for this site, anyway. 

Tonight I will post a long video about 2008, which had an incredible number of good UFO sightings. Most people know about Stephenville, Texas, many others know about the Turkish videos near Istanbul. But my goodness, so many incredible encounters that have been lost and I want to discuss them. 

I’ll have lots of maps and visuals to go along with all this, but it’s been taking a bit of time so I think it will be ready later this evening. 

Also, I decided to do a separate treatment of the Stephenville UFO, simply because it truly was such an important case. I want to have that ready for you in the middle of the week. Meanwhile, be ready for a long video on 2008 to be posted sometime later this evening. 


3 thoughts on “Long Presentation Coming Later This Evening

  1. MarkH

    Well, I, For One, Cant Wait Richard!
    By The Way, When Is The Next Ama With Tracey! I Miss Them So Much.
    I know how you just love every first letter capitalised. I won’t give up any more of your ugly secrets if you do an AMA.
    Come on, that was nice. Capitalising every word is ugly.
    Don’t slap me now. I know how you award-winning Americans get.


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