Live Video Chat with Richard Thursday July 5!

By | July 3, 2018

Letting everyone know that I will be doing a live video chat on Thursday, July 5, at 7:30 p.m. Eastern time. This will be similar to the last one I did, which ran about 40 minutes or so. I’ll have it running on my Youtube channel, and we’ll also have a link to it in the chatroom that evening.

Members: you can list topics below this post if there is anything specific you want me to discuss. I’ll do my best to answer them all!



6 thoughts on “Live Video Chat with Richard Thursday July 5!

  1. Lori Hamilton

    I’d love to hear more about the Psyops side of things, I know you did a preso @ CITD, but more is more! 😀

  2. Brandon Lanich

    Hi Richard, could you please address the major focus of Ingo Swann’s conclusion in his book, Penetration. If you recall, his greatest takeaway was how we all may be naturally telepathic and/or able to access non-local information and this was a major concern with his handlers . Perhaps our natural psi abilities have been one of the primary targets of the Dumbing Us Down strategy you point out in your current appraisal of our situation.
    A must read book for everyone..

    Keep up the fantastic work!
    and thank you for introducing me to the work of
    Albert Rosales and David Paulides

    – Brandon
    – Brandon

  3. Blake Stevison

    How would you handle a TTSA-Type opportunity differently than Tom Delonge; and what would you do now if you were in their position (assuming face-value motivations)?

    1. RyAn

      Hi Kit. My name is RyAn. That is an excellent question. I’ve never been a fan of labels, but I do consider myself an experiencer. Personally, this is the word I use to describe myself because simply an being called an “abductee” doesn’t check all the boxes when it comes to my personal encounters with high strangeness and the paranormal. From OBE’s , to feeling a presence in my room, communication with some form of intelligence , lights in the sky, missing time etc etc.. I could go on and on but to answer your question more clearly… some of us feel kind of funny about saying we have been abducted. Some do not feel like they were due to them giving consent at some point and time. Some just don’t like the stigma attached to that label. Others have no problem at all saying they were abducted.. it’s literally a case by case basis is what I have found. I hope this helps Kit. I love to hear fellow experiencers explain which term they identify with and why. Another term you will hear is Contactee and I find after meeting so many of them over the years that these are the three words we use to describe this crazy phenomenon. ?

  4. David Ostby

    It would be interesting to have your (and Tracey’s, if she is present) perspective on the evolution of the ‘evidence’ axis in UFOlogy through the decades. That is, in the early days, it was a field that was driven entirely by ‘hard’ evidence. But then as we began to admit the reality of UFOs, we began to ask questions about their pilots, creators and civilizations of origin. Did this have the inevitable consequence of ‘softening’ the UFO research/evidence scene? And has it now gone too far, with the wild stories we are hearing at conferences like CitD?

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