LEAKED info on UAP Task Force Report, plus talk on the Threat Narrative | Richard Dolan Show

By | June 29, 2021

Hi everyone,

Got an interesting Richard Dolan Show for tonight. Mostly an analysis of the UAP Task Force report, but also including some last minute leaked information about the classified portion of the report. I must emphasize that this is not confirmed, but it did come from a source I trust. 




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  1. TomTort

    Simply speaking, people follow you because what you present is logical and makes sense. You don’t have an ax to grind without the appearance of increasing your following resulting in a larger revenue stream. Your thoughts represent legitimate research giving intregrety to your conclusions.

  2. kwerner31

    Humans might not accurately perceive or understand the behavior of these objects in order to state if the objects are a threat, or not. A “threat-based narrative” is just one type of narrative frequently employed by the military to justify war and violence in various conflicts. One can analyze these narratives in media reports empirically, such as in the run up to the Iraq war. Human behaviors could contribute to the incidents in which pilots are reported to have lost their lives, including hostile or erroneous maneuvers. When you say, “nations have a right to defend themselves,” what are you wanting them to defend against? The real folly is having an initial, fear-based and violence-based approach to these objects up front. Having the jurisdiction based solely in the defense sector biases any approach to the objects toward violence. The black and white idea of “good and bad” could very well be irrelevant in this context. There also could be more complexity associated with these objects, like what some term “exo-politics,” with multiple sources of the objects, not just one entity or source. These objects are not targeting one country or nation. It appears to be a global phenomena/phenomenon of sightings. Not sure if we are thinking broadly enough on what a military based approach means and its implications, if we allow the defense sector to “own” this topic, to the exclusion of other agencies or social sectors involved in our analysis of these phenomena. One cannot ignore the military history of deception and disinformation (and threat narratives) that occurred in multiple incidents leading up to justification of war and violence, to gain public support for the military actions. The whole Wernher von Braun story is of interest in this factual and historical context of past military behaviors in relation to propaganda and striving to influence the general public to support wars.

  3. Simmo1

    I agree with your assessment about the bureaucratic battle underway. In that context, the leak you received about exotic tech says that *someone* in USAF has stuck their head above the parapet to say: “it’s not us either”. I hope that USAF person/faction ends up winning their disclosure battle within that service

    (assuming that the idea of the exotic tech not operating outside the Nevada test range isn’t BS, which it could easily be).

  4. Ted2

    About the leaked information you reported on propulsion types related to the government version of the UAP Task Force, the statement was made that such technically advanced craft never left the Area 51 or associated sites in the region. In reference to that, Richard Doty was in a video with Steven Greer talking about Area 51 (and his other UFO-related experiences). He briefly discussed the 1980 Cash-Landrum incident in Texas in that webcast. He said the craft was experimental, reverse-engineered from alien technology, but using a US-made nuclear engine. He stated the craft was flying from Nevada to an Webb AFB (?) in Texas when it had problems when the people encountered it on a road. According to Doty, the Air Force sent helicopters to assist the craft. Eventually, the problem was resolved and the craft flew back to Nevada. This seems to go against the policy/practice of keeping such advanced technology from leaving the government-controlled areas. Of course, that incident may have been a factor in keeping such advanced technologies in controlled access areas.

  5. FamousAmos

    Excellent analysis and handling of these distracting theories on false flags and psy-ops. You succinctly sum up where we are and how we got here, and how to see the UAPTF preliminary report in this context.

    I have to say I am pretty skeptical of the ‘leaked information’ on the classified briefing and worry it may be disinformation, if for no other reason that it just sounds too good to be true: Advance Group 6, ET related items, anti-gravity, anti-matter… I’m sure that whoever backfilled for Richard Doty at AFOSI is probably busy cooking up stuff like this all the time.

    I trust Dolan’s judgement to include it in the presentation, since he obviously knows more about this than we do – his source, their credibility, etc. If this information is true, this would be a *huge* level of confirmation.

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      Just to be clear, when I introduced that information in the video, I tried to let everyone know that it had just arrived, and I could not possibly vouch for it. But I thought it would be better than not to let people examine it.

      1. Halgroar

        Richard, been a member for a little while, I have a question. Right now the UFO/UAP question is being addressed. I have long been a bit of a UFO nut. Now that the mainstream media is taking it more serious, do you feel like the pressure is more on you to try and explain this stuff? I have many friends that thought I was a “Kook” but now want answers from me. (My ex wife included) I imagine every country on earth wants your take,

        1. Richard Dolan Post author

          Hi there. Well if every country on Earth wants my take, they don’t seem to be getting through to my email address 🙂 in all seriousness, I personally don’t feel any different in what I do. I too am a student of this subject, like everyone else. I don’t know everything, and I’m working my way into this maze as best I can, doing my best to explain the things I think I have learned. If I start reflecting too much on the gravity or profundity of all of this, I’m not sure I would be able to get out of bed in the morning! Seriously, part of the trick for me is not to burden myself with an overwhelming sense of seriousness. I think I work best that way, business as usual.

  6. Greg

    Hi Richard,
    You may be familiar with John Michael Greer, an original thinker who discusses a wide variety of topics on his website, ecosophia.net. Based on his own research, Greer has concluded that UAPs are homegrown exotic craft. I have not yet read the book he had authored defending this point of view, but based on the quality of his other writings I’d say he’d be a worthy interviewee. An exchange of ideas between you and Greer would make for a deep discussion of the extent to which UAPs could be credibly attributed to deep-black projects, as well as the extent to which deep-black projects could be coalescing to a breakaway coterie.

  7. Doctor3j


    They presented to the politicians the sci fi like amazing technologies that may be involved even though they must absolutely know the answer of which tech the UFOs use. They hid the antigravity quantum-time real phenomena that we all know must be present, among a long list of other technologies that are way beyond the comprehension of any politicians. In the past that must have been Hal Putoff’s job. “Dazzle them with science.” The key here is that all these other disinformation technologies are propulsive methods. As I have said many times, any type of propulsion at near light speeds would be self destructive because it would be impossible not to collide with dust and larger matter that is 100% certain to occur in traversing trillions of miles. Any collision at light speed would be catastrophic. Yet they are here so they must not get hear in Newtonian speed travel.

    We know the UFOs can do trans medium travel. That’s why I have argued that a UFO could seem to pass right through an aircraft if it wanted. The giant molecule 115 may be the interface that allows quantum effects traditionally occurring on a tiny nano scale can now be applied on a macro scale.

    The gov did “shock and awe science,” on these dumb politicians.
    So shocked and awed that they never think to ask about aliens and craft retrievals, and meeting etc.
    In such a briefing the gov controls the narrative. No penetrating questions would be allowed.

    What brave politician would dare say, “You guys know the answers. So tell us the answers not disinformative questions. You are not telling us all you know.

    Plus all this amazing science came from “black” projects and pvt companies. Wow what a bargain for us . Thusly they justified these black unregulated efforts, that we are lucky to have. (the constitution is almost dead anyway)

  8. Simmo1

    Your video got a big reaction on the subreddits today. Someone over at /r/ufos linked this in reference to the K-Song Energy Propulsion System Research Project. Could be relevant:


    magic words include NASA, “Magnetohydrodynamic drive propulsion’ and ‘metamaterials’

    His full bio: https://www.nsu.edu/getattachment/Academics/Faculty-and-Academic-Divisions/Schools-and-Colleges/College-of-Science-Engineering-and-Technology/Departments/Engineering/Faculty-and-Staff/Dr-Kyo-Song/Song-bio-detailed_final-ABET-8-26-2019.pdf.aspx?lang=en-US

    Could be worth Bob McGwier following up on?

  9. intranuclear

    Wow, thanks Richard. The leaked info might as well admit that they have been working on reverse engineering.
    If you got it, you would think this info will soon be all over the world.
    Maybe there is hope after all, unless of course US starts a war with Iran and then all this will go back to history.
    Hoping this is not the case.

  10. PressToDigitate

    Great Commentary! Thank you for calling out the specific true nature of the ‘perception management’ being invoked here by the Deep State/Establishment. “THAT’S WHAT I’M TALKIN’ ABOUT!!”

    Very interesting Leak, but it is notable that at least five (5) of the eight technologies listed (1, 2, 4, 5 & 6) would be incapable of producing the performance characteristics noted in the UAP under discussion; if not with respect to speed, then in terms of maneuverability – and, certainly, where submersible operations are concerned. In addition, items 4, 5 and 6 *are not executable* in the ‘form factor’ (size, shape, volume) visually confirmed by direct Human observation of the Objects. Moreover, four of the five would return substantial IR signatures which no “fancy nozzles” or laminar flow management have any chance of concealing from the tactical FLIR instrumentation used by the Naval assets reporting the observations.

    I would suggest that, from your database (if not others, as well), you (together with other experts on the accumulated record, as needed) rapidly compile and publish a list of precisely 144 UFOs reported by military sources in the 20th Century, at least 21 of which display “unusual movement patterns or flight characteristics”, and including at least 11 aerial “near misses”, including, of course, the one ‘obligatory’ “balloon”. I would release the compendium of these accounts to great fanfare, under the ironic banner “Nothing New Here, Folks….”, openly baiting the ODNI/Pentagon to explain how, with these accounts reaching back 80 years, they could possibly remain ignorant as to the source and nature of some “mysterious phenomena” – and then recounting – in an Appendix – the list of known 20th Century Crash Retrievals in North America, from Cape Girardeau in 1941 (or before), until the Turn-of-the-Century. The One Question that must be raised by all of the leaders in Ufology – in unison – over the UAPTF Report, in light of the “Counter-Report” just described, compiled from the historical record, is this: “Are You – DOD/Military & CIA/Intelligence – still ‘in the dark’ on this after Eighty (80) Years because of A) Incompetence, or B) Corruption?” “EXACTLY WHICH IS IT, GENERAL AUSTIN?”

    I fear that unless this is done, and done effectively, that they will succeed in dismissing ‘all that came before’ as mere “rumors”, “superstition” and “urban legend”, and the more recent spate of incidents as some newly (‘suddenly’) discovered “software glitch” in the Raytheon FLIR system. Why not humiliate them into ‘Coming Clean’, instead?

    We’re in the process of wading through the presentations submitted for Contact In The Desert (which are finally functional online). Apart from your refreshing dose of Realism, there seems to be no end of philosophical claptrap and metaphysical balderdash, paranormal folderol, and historical tommyrot, all masquerading as relevant analyses of the ETUFO presence. Even Linda and Grant seem to have ‘gone on Walkabout’. When the world broadly realizes that something genuine is “going on” with the ‘Flying Saucers’, Ufology will be expected to hold forth with *the Answers*. Sadly, apart from various competing – and essentially useless – “Roadmaps to Ascension”, its not obvious that contemporary Ufology will have anything much to offer them. Though I actually share their aesthetic for New Age Spirituality, I fail to see its relevance to the manifest Extraterrestrial incursion on Our World. To quote Captain Kirk, “What does God (- or ‘Goddess’, for that matter -) need with a Starship?”. Or, perhaps a better allusion is to paraphrase the famous Gloria Steinem quote about Religion, as in “A Ufologist without a[n Awakened Kundalini] is like….a Fish without a Bicycle”…

  11. Craig Champion

    Thanks for the commentary, Richard.

    Yep – it seems that the “psy-op” is to provide continued deflection and confusion as related to the ufo phenomenon. Same ol’/same ol’. I’m afraid that, pretty-much anything we get from “authoritative” sources (perhaps the Keans and Blumenthals aside) needs to be interpreted with discretion; the intell community is very good at what they do. Post-modernism aside, I try to keep in-mind, the technical definition of disinformation; truthful information, probably well-written and based in actual fact, sandwiching false information, which may only constitute say 2 to 5% of the overall information, however is carefully designed with premeditated, calculated psychological effect. The long-standing ufo coverup, along with the globalization propaganda are perfect examples of the work the intelligence community, of psychological manipulation.

  12. JurassicRanch47

    What was done in the name of “experiments” to infantry and civilian populations during open air nuke tests in Nevada was a war crime, but sovreign immunity and the “interests of the national defense” held sway. In one test series, (I think it was”Smokey”), troops dug in less than a mile from ground zero were ordered forward while the mushroom cloud was still forming. In the trenches, troops facing away from the blast were ordered to close their eyes and cover them with their hands. When the flash happened, they could see the bones in their hands like looking at an x-ray. Great Basin, Mojave and Colorado Plateau towns got hit hard. My wife’s sister was discharged from the cancer ward yesterday, nothing left to try. She’s one more Utah kid who grew up during the tests whose lives became numbers in the study on the effects of fallout. Children born without eyes has been about the hardest effect I’ve seen. The feds let parents think that it was from their smoking pot as teenagers. Army vets seeking medical assistance years later learned that there was no record of them ever serving….
    The leak is very carefully worded. My understanding is that it pertains to DOD, but not AEC or DOE. The leak claims that UAPs using the listed propulsion systems have been observed in and around Nevada (UT/AZ), but no “experimental” craft with these are flown beyond NTTR. That leaves fleets of novel designs (piloted and drone)and jet/anti-grav hybrids that quit being “experimental” years ago and are being moved toward deployment. It also leaves uses of the technology that are not “craft,” strictly speaking. Not listed are ZERO POINT/quantum flux powered propulsion, “energy beaming” (wireless power transmission), or “cloaking” aka “active camouflage.” I can’t remember the last night, or day, that none of these made an appearance on the Arizona Strip (AZ north of the Colorado river), It was sometime in the last century. Then, there are these damn “persistent contrails”…..
    I figure Boyd Bushman was neither wrong nor crazy when he made his last video. Also, Mark McAndlish was tremendously insightful, and not just about Skunkwork’s ARV. His technical illustrations may be the most disclosure we get in a lifetime. Nothing in the leak would exclude his story of early Aurora flights to Hawaii in 15 minutes. If Michael Schratt is right about the field propulsion breakthrough in 1954, I figure “ours” have been flying for over 65 years. That was before ICBMs, nuclear subs, fleets of B-52s, and before most folks had a TV set, a ball point pen, a microwave, or had ever seen a computer. What are we flying now? I’ve never seen a tic-tac or the other navy reported UAPs. A few of the craft I’ve seen were so large that NTTR would not really be big enough to do much discrete flying, which tends to make me think that those aren’t “ours.”

  13. Nitefall

    Excellent points and reasoning. Thank you for the super clear explanations. You would have been amazing in the courtroom Prof. But am so glad you followed the UFO path.

  14. Kosh

    I have zero doubt that there are private corporations funded by the DoD and DoE that have been working on what could be called “anti-gravity” propulsion systems. Actually, I think it’s blatantly obvious they have been working on mastering the ability to manipulate mass, inertia, and gravity for the last seventy years. As soon as Lockheed and other aerospace companies realized there were indeed objects in the sky zipping around utilizing non-newtonian propulsion they would have instantly started a research program. When they were delivered ET hardware, bodies, and potentially survivors, they would have worked even harder. Although I do believe that some power/propulsion systems that utilized nano-layered meta-materials would have been likely impossible for them to reproduce several decades ago, I don’t doubt for a minute that they were able to build their own versions of these vehicles to produce the same field configuration with the materials available at the time. So although the claim that they have not been able to have any success at reverse engineering may be true from one specific view point (for all we know by now they have been able to copy these meta-materials), it was a huge lie of omission.

    It’s clear to me that they knew from very early on that the path forward was manipulating the vacuum or “aether.” The best way to do this is by harnessing the properties of “coherent matter.” This is matter in a super-conducting like state in which the waveforms of the individual particles are overlapping so instead of individual particles you may have trillions of particles that have came together in a way that makes them more like one macro particle. This large macro-scale particle may be able to manipulate the aether in such a way that mass, inertia, and gravity can be manipulated.

    After everything I’ve read, I’m convinced that the various forces are all different manifestations of the same phenomenon. Magnetic fields and electric fields, for example, are variations of the exact same thing. At their root is the aether. Technically, a magnetic field is simply a vector potential with curl. An electric field is simply a gradient in the aether produced by a changing magnetic field. A static electric field is also a gradient in the aether. Gravity, mass, and inertia can all be manipulated by mastering how to manipulate the aether. So if you are able to “crack” this secret you learn how to do everything at once. You can tap energy from the aether, manipulate all the forces, travel faster than light, induce novel nuclear reactions such as cold fusion, etc.

  15. whatif

    Thanks for the update, Richard.

    Couple of comments along the way.

    The idea that UFOs are government black projects is irrational. For instance, how likely is it that the 1952 UFO swarm over D.C. was classified technology? Such technology is nearly impossible to contemplate now, let alone in 1952. Considering time for research and development, the date is more like 1940. And why would the government put on such a display and then immediately cover it up? The whole concept is ludicrous.

    Of course UFOs/UAP are a potential threat, that should be plainly understood, however Elizondo and Mellon imply it is a threat against which our military is responsible for providing some kind of defense. Laughable. It really is difficult to trust their sincerity after remarks like that.

    Thanks for pointing out the PSYOP is what it always has been. What the UAP Task Force really is, pick one:

    1. UAP Task Force is what they claim to be and entered into this with a virtually blank slate.
    2. UAP Task Force is a tool the inner circles are using to control the narrative.

    If #1 is true, there can be no meaningful “classified” version of the report because, as they claim, they are our government’s honest investigation into the matter of UAP about which there is no pre-existing conclusive information, otherwise if our government were forthcoming, they wouldn’t need a UAP Task Force. Additionally, #1 implies the government ignored or lied about the past 8+ decades of UFO incursions (and crashes) and is just now taking the subject seriously.

    So #2 is the obvious reality, which again supports the theory that nothing has changed with respect to the government’s willingness to disclose anything of value, except perhaps tidbits here and there to misdirect our attention.

    nīl sub sōle novum


  16. Headhunter01

    This one would be “Live at the Vanguard” in hifi
    Sharp, insightful and entertaining.
    Thanks dude!
    Team Giel & Vondelen

  17. SLICK

    Having a background in physics and engineering and having spent now a few years Researching the relevant history On this whole multifaceted UFO/ alien topic. I have made an effort as most of us have to draw an overall conclusion or most likely overall Hypothesis. The series of incidents that occurred in 2019, or the publicly available information on those 2019 incidents Forced me to make a few changes to what I believe is the most likely overall hypothesis Regarding UFO’s. And this leaked information you present today actually reinforce my current hypothesis. I believe that the pyramid objects filmed in 2019 were problbibly made and controlled by humans.

    I Believe that all of the information going back to the 40’s makes it all but a flat fact that there have been more than one Crash retrieval of which Roswell was one. And this includes the recovery of an alien bodies. The final nail in the coffin for me was The documents that came out of Edgar Mitchel’s Personal effects. Namely the Wilson memo. You have made the statement that the mention in the Wilson memo that the so-called alien abductions are not real is something you consider to be a lie or is simply not a true statement. I’m inclined to go with your belief that that statement is incorrect. But more than that I find the statement to be completely out of place and only serve’s to complicate matters.
    There is another statement In the Wilson memo that I find to be an outright lie. So much so that common sense dictates to me that if this statement we’re in fact true I don’t believe that they would made it to anyone in any context. And especially not to Admiral Wilson. And that statement is this. “Said were trying to understand and exploit technology; their program was going on for years and years with very slow progress. Agonizingly slow with little or no success.” So They have a largely in tact Craft along with whatever devices and components that we’re inside And they are basically saying that over almost what would be at the time 50 years with All of the resources that the American government and their private contractors have at their disposal. Even with the problems that come with secrecy. They said to Admiral Wilson that they have made basically NO PROGRESS AT ALL in reverse engineering this massive treasure trove.
    I’m sorry but if you believe that this statement is even partially true I have a bridge to sell you! This is by far the most obviously phony statement in the entire document. Mark McCandlish and His ARV flux liner comes to mind but there so many accounts and witnesses of various types that suggest that someone in our Military or government has made considerable progress reverse engineering these things. It is for these reasons along with so many others and the sheer volume of sightings that Believe the most likely hypothesis is that Many of the UFO/UAP sightings that go down as unexplained are in fact under human control.

  18. Kelley Meehan

    I wonder if the classified leak information doesn’t dovetail nicely with the specific time constraints and specific incidents subject to analysis in the UAP report in a way that makes the public report technically accurate. Specific prototypes under development at a specific location (possibly originally of ET origin) could explain earlier sightings and incidents (going back decades) that have been carefully excluded from the discussion in this report. The existence of already known ET craft and/or duplicative technology need not be acknowledged for specific later incidents in this report as long as actual uncertainty as to the source of those specific incidents remains for the authors.

    If the US has had such technology for a while the possibility that the technology has leaked to China or Russia could not be completely dismissed. Also, if the source is ET technology transfer (by agreement or crash retrieval) there would be no way to know if China or Russia might have obtained that technology in similar fashion. All that is required is honest uncertainty about specific later incidents for the report to be technically true. This would avoid the deeper issues nicely.

    As an aside, one of the reasons to doubt the good will of ET species is the apparent willingness of ET to share game changing technology with the same government and military elements that produced the very atomic weapons that supposedly concern them. The potential for misuse is off the charts. In that context warnings to contactees/abductees who lack power while giving greater tools to the elites who have fostered those concerns makes little sense.

  19. Rosanne Losee

    Excellent analysis, Rich. I do wonder if Americans are a bit confused. That for decades after Blue Book, the Pentagon and PTB dumbed down the concept that aliens are here, and interfacing with pilots and with human beings on the ground.

    So they bought that schtick well, and it caused the entire topic to be ridiculed.

    Now decades later, they come forward to say, hey, folks, we know they are ‘real,’ but ‘don’t know what they are,’ but they may be a possible security threat.

    Possibly? I think of the hundreds of human beings who were/are terrified in encounters with UFOs, and/or abducted. So they kept this under wraps, deluding the public into thinking that UFOs were stuff and nonsense, and of course we know that the media exacerbated it all, being under corporate control.

    Here’s my question: what are they going to do when Americans find out that pilots have been killed and/or ‘disappeared’ with UFOs?

    I think they are playing with fire; I think the time will come when the FULL knowledge comes out, that country is going to be enraged for being kept in the dark for so long, when the phenomenon clearly has hurt human beings.

    Glad the topic has come forward, in teeny baby steps albeit, but at least it is a start. We need a major network to do a documentary on the history of UFOs, somehow to get everyone up to speed, as I mentioned before, with you, Rich as the star player because of your exhaustive & explicit knowledge on the subject.

    And of course, you more than adequately shot down Greer’s contention that this is all a set up by the PTB to fool the people. Glad to hear your assessment that it is not.

  20. patrick vantuyne

    In 1999 the “Institute of Higher Studies for National Defense” published the COMETA report.
    “UFO’s and Defense: what should we prepare for” (89 pages)

    What do we read on page 31

    Method and results of GEPAN/SEPRA
    – Method developed by GEPAN
    – First Classification of UAP’s

    Indeed, the US is way behind

  21. Mike Drake

    It’s a tough one. Seems like many are sceptical about the leak.

    It strikes me that one of the things you have been doubting all along is that the UAPTF would have been provided adequate security clearances which allow them access to such highly classified data (especially if the data is associated to any privately held aerospace projects). Have you changed your position on that? -because if the UAPTF was indeed able to add that content to the classified report then they almost certainly have stratospheric access to extremely highly classified materials and content…

  22. D.A.


    As usual, excellent work, but this latest video was quite exceptional. I agree on all accounts. And you are 100% correct that this phenomena could–in theory–still be US, Russian, or Chinese, (or anyone else’s) in origin, but the probability of that is so ridiculously remote given all the factors you outlined that it makes the probability of it NOT being ET in nature even that much more remote. If it looks like ET, walks like ET, and flies ET, then…

    Also, at the very least, the UAP report can put the false flag hypothesis to bed once and for all.

    Regarding the leaked info on technologies being studied at Area 51, none of this is surprising, given that Bob Lazar mentioned about witnessing the flight of at least one experimental aircraft of terrestrial origin–likely Ramjet (in addition to the ET craft at S-4), and that Stanton Friedman had said he had work on programs involving the development of nuclear rocket propulsion systems as far back as the 1960’s, IIRC.

    If proven true, the leaked portion of the report will provide evidence that corroborates Lazar’s story, or at the very least, lend substantial credence to it.

    “Anti-gravity propulsion systems” Lazar: Check

    “Anti-matter propulsion systems” Lazar: Check

    “Advanced use of exotic elements for energy research” Lazar: Check

    “Some of the craft observed in and around Nevada test ranges can be attributed to the above propulsion systems” Lazar: check.

    “None of the craft tested at Nellis test range can be attributed to the sightings photographed by the Navy”; i.e., none of the test craft in Nevada are tic-tac, orb, rock, cigar, or pyramid shaped. Lazar: Check, check, check, check, and check

    “Some funds come from private contractors”. This is not unusual. The use of cost-sharing contracts is not limited to black projects. I’ve worked on both sides of such contracts. Not only is funding shared, but the use of subcontractors is typically part of these contracts as well–which I assume would make it even that much more difficult to follow the money trail.


    PS: I have a quick question regarding UFO incursions over US territories during the last few of years. A couple years ago, I came across a report of a UFO being chased by a fighter jet outside DC on the night of President Trump’s State of The Union Address. I forget where I came across it, but it was online somewhere. Not long after reading it, I contacted my brother, who lives in northern Virginia about whether he recalled hearing any jets near his house that night. To my surprise, he answered affirmatively, and said his wife heard it as well, and they both made a mental note of it because it didn’t seem like typical air traffic–even for that area, which is prone to having military aircraft in the skies. Could be nothing, but I was always curious if there might be something more to it. Have you ever come across any such reports? I would think that such an incursion over the DC area during a State of the Union Address would have grabbed more attention if true, but you never know.

  23. D.A.

    One more thing: as previously mentioned, the proof of the pudding will be in the eating. Regardless of how disclosure is defined, dissected, and labeled, it is undeniably happening, and in a big way (as in snow ball). All we need to do is surveil the fallout from the classified report (as well as the unclassified report). Even financial entities are now looking at UFO’s/UAP’s seriously enough to include them in their safe harbor statements. “Procure Space ETF (UFO) Adds Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Risk Disclosure to Prospectus” A CYA exorcise…maybe, but an interesting one nonetheless in that they’re acknowledging something as a potential financial risk that no one even dared previously acknowledge. At least private industry has the balls to call UAP’s a potential “financial risk”, and not a “financial challenge”. In all honesty, this particular ETF is just capitalizing on the publicity–and why not? It already capitalized on the name. I’m waiting for someone else to come out with an ETF named “UAP”.

  24. Henk Kersaan

    You probably figured it already out K Song refers probably to Dr Kyo Song from the Norfolk State University. (Googled it.)

  25. Rob Jeffs

    The leak sounds highly suspicious for several reasons.

    Ion propulsion is used by satellites, but the technology wouldn’t suit high performance platforms; although MIT built a silent plane: https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/silent-and-simple-ion-engine-powers-a-plane-with-no-moving-parts/
    Not something one would see a need for testing at Area-51… although the leak doesn’t go as far as saying that all the propulsion systems listed are in craft being tested.

    Antimatter propulsion – the linked presentation lists several items directly or indirectly: https://ntrs.nasa.gov/api/citations/20200001904/downloads/20200001904.pdf
    Some of these technologies provide low thrust propulsion that is of more use in space exploration than Air Force planes.

    Limited anti-gravity research has been conducted by individuals, but it would seem that the breakthroughs necessary to create useful propulsion systems hasn’t occurred.

    Ramjet Hydrogen Propulsion references date back to 1960 – Star Trek fans (including myself, will recognise)

    All of the above involve research that is at least partially in the public domain.

    Then we hit the ‘ET’ related items (unless that’s Emerging Technologies), which appears to be a sudden departure from theoretically based concepts to alien artefacts. If the author means ‘alien’ then that would seem to represent a whole other field. Dropping that into a report, classified or otherwise, is going to get the author into significant difficulties and would require a lot of explanation.

  26. ColonelBleep

    Nobody expected very much from the report. I’m more interested in the motive of the TIC-TAC UFOs for harassing naval operations. My hypothesis is that there are underwater colonies and the Navy is annoying them with their SONAR systems. SONARS operate on a wide range of frequencies from very low to very high and they are known to disturb marine mammals like whales, dolphins, killer whales to the point that they beach themselves to get away from the noise. There is a chance that SONAR can annoy ETs on the bottom of the ocean. The sound frequencies that SONAR uses can be very low or very high. It might be painful for the ETs. Recently the Navy detonated a 40000 pound explosive charge to test the hull of a new aircraft carrier, the USS Gerald R. Ford. It created a 3.9 Richter scale earthquake. That also might aggravate any ETs down below. I view the TIC-TAC activity as reactive. They might feel threatened by Naval operations and are trying to drive them away. I might add that the Navy operates passive surveillance systems that listen to activities in the sea and compare them to the acoustic signatures of ships and submarines. It might be that the activities of ETs within our oceans have been detected. But as these systems are at the TOP SECRET SCI level, we won’t ever know what the Navy knows about underwater ETs. I’m sure that information is very closely held.

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      Excellent point, or at least possibility. We only sporadically hear bits and pieces about naval activities in the deep waters and how disruptive their technology may be. We hear about it regarding whales and other marine life, for instance, but … what about “others”?

  27. itsmeRitaC

    I don’t believe in Angels, Richard. I also don’t believe in “could it be…………………saaataan!” I see this agenda word as a loaded term, btw, as the new demons of the bible. In fact, supposedly the religious groups in our gov’t believe that as well. But i see many in this field as saying No Angels, But yes Demons.

    I still completely believe not only anthropomorphic thinking is prevailing here, but western european centered thinking is projected here and i find it beyond sad and dangerous.

    Sorry, but i have been through hell in the past six days of grieving some major shocks and i guess i am not in a mood to be less than real here or any place now. Life is too short.

    Regards, rita

  28. itsmeRitaC

    Richard, sometime about two months ago, i posted here that the report would need to redefine “threat” because the criteria of what the u.s. military considers a threat was met by the very proximity and tech of the ‘objects’. And sure enough, they didn’t use that term in the public report. Because if they did, then it would be asked why didn’t the navy do anything about it. 🙂

  29. itsmeRitaC

    One more as i got back to this podcast now. You are saying that these objects ‘invaded’ our military spaces. Please clarify.

    When people see a car accident, everyone has a different story on how they see things. I think this applies regarding how people take data points and connect dots in a myriad of ways. Again. It is all a big projective test. That is obvious to me. I can see it here. People who are of certain political orientations tend to have more similar views of what ‘They’ are doing here. How gosh darn surprising, Richard. 🙂

    I say we make E.T. wear white hats and black hats and that way at least americans can know exactly how to think. They need that.

    Also, i don’t expect the media to go all weapons of mass destruction full throttle here because ufos never existed as far as they are concerned. If the threat narrative were to come about, it would be after the officials established that the universe is suddenly different and that ET is real and that these craft are from another ‘place’. The existence of Iraqis was accepted before we destroyed them and their country. First would need to come the announcement that such things even are real. And we see how that is going.

    But the door is now open for whatever threats they may need in the coming years for reasons that most of us could come up with quite easily.

    Regards, rita

    1. itsmeRitaC

      As i come back to keep hearing parts of this one……………………. 🙂

      I think Mellon was in the DOD for the invasion of iraq? I used to know but i am being lazy about looking it up. Also, Lou Elizondo was very much a part of things i won’t mention again. So, what i want to say is this. Why would i believe these two men’s interpretation of reality when they were dumber than Rita was twenty years ago? I was on the streets before the invasion of Iraq, as i think any adult with character would have been, imo. I thought it then and i still believe it now. At least anyone with a working brain.

      So, if these two men were dumber than me, why do i trust their world view? I am deeply serious. Why would i trust someone who believed that torture would lead to usable information, even after like the past forty years of that being proven wrong?

      I am not going to get into the pathology of people who “were only following orders”, because i guess if you weren’t working under the Third Reich then it is cool to be be without any moral center. Actually, that isn’t even true because they were scooped up of course and given big positions in the usa.

      And it appears we have two men here who i find out were in high positions regarding such matters. And i know it continues in many undisclosed locations as part of the old CIA, etc, experimentation on humans. What a bonanza. All the disappeared Muslim men and what a lab experiment. A psychopath’s dream come true.

      I know i got off topic a bit here, but i think my point has been made. And i know this will piss off some of the members here, but i think that is permitted.

      That is all.. I shall cease from commenting on this podcast now. 🙂

    2. Richard Dolan Post author

      Hi Rita, when I say they invaded military airspace, I mean exactly that. Probably the single biggest theme of my two volumes of UFOs and the National Security State concerned airspace violations by unknown objects doing extraordinary things. Airspace violations means those objects were not supposed to be in that air space, which often housed sensitive military or scientific facilities. Ordinary citizens might not care about this sort of thing, but if you are running such a facility, and especially if you are in charge of security of such facilities, there’s no question that this is very important. And must be considered a potential threat.

      1. itsmeRitaC

        Thank you Richard. I didn’t equate air space ‘violation’ with ‘invasion’. But that isn’t my area. 🙂

  30. Steven Cole

    Wow. First off- PLEASE do an in depth analysis of this “leaked information”- what it implies and outright states as fact is truly mind blowing! Should this come to gain official recognition in its validity it would truly rock (if not shatter) the paradigm so much of today’s world believe they’re living in. The bottom line is, from where I’m sitting, having read hundreds of UFO related books, watching countless documentaries and lectures and interviews throughout my life, is the fact that this topic is far bigger and more pervasive than the current media portrayal suggests. At least for the moment. There seems to be an element of this topic that has followed humanity throughout our brief evolution up til today. We are just finally reaching a point where intellectually, technologically and perhaps esoterically, we are able to disseminate this phenomena with some degree of accuracy. The Internet in particular has given researchers, from the countless scientific fields this topic touches, exposure to one another’s studies and ideas, thus enabling the beginning steps of any kind of honest “disclosure”. Now, finally having the powers that be profess to the physicality of the phenomenon as solid objects of a technological nature and intelligent design is so huge- so much further than most long term researchers thought they’d live to see- it baffles the mind how so many within the ufo field fail to appreciate the enormity of this alone. To dwell upon the fact that our military has very loosely stated the potential threat factor this MIGHT present is astonishingly stupid. The folk crying about “project blue beam” and false flag narratives are not only embarrassingly theatrical in these claims, but are also extremely short sited and more than a little bit ignorant. Thanks Richard, for continuing to honestly inform and objectively educate the public about the many dimensions of this multifaceted topic. We appreciate you tremendously.

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