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By | February 3, 2023


Hi Everyone, 

This was released sooner than expected. I recorded with these two gentlemen last night and was informed that they loved it so much they are publishing it now! That’s really nice to hear. We did have a very engaging and interesting interview, just about an hour long.

Some of the things we discussed I’ve covered before, but there was a fresh feeling about this which makes it feel different. Plus, I was able to discuss some recent themes (for me) such as USOs, low-flying triangles, and abduction/encounters. All in all I think this was a really good interview and I hope you enjoy it also. 

Also, I feel it’s a good thing to support them by visiting their channel. They do good work over there. 



7 thoughts on “Interview with UAP Studies Channel

  1. Ted2

    I brought this up previously that during his interview with Steven Greer, Richard Doty stated that the Cash-Landrum incident was a U.S. version of a UFO with a U.S. designed engine that flew from a base on the West Coast to Alabama (as I remember). It was piloted by Air Force personnel on of whom Doty knew personally. The craft experienced engine problems and a support group from a local air force base (as I recall) came to its rescue. The engine was nuclear-powered (again as I recall) resulting in radiation injuries to the three people. I believe that Doty said that after this event, the air force kept such craft in close proximity to bases on the West Coast.
    This is another reason to get Doty on your show if possible.

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      Yes, I know Doty said that. In fact, I would think that it is his statement more than any other that has led many people to conclude that the Cash-Landrum craft was “ours.” He could be right on this, no question. On the other hand, there are so many eyewitness reports over the years of jets and helicopters in (apparent) chase of UFOs. Both types of scenarios are possible in my opinion. And yes regarding your comment on a potential future Doty interview.

      1. itsmeRitaC

        Richard, i would personally get a kick out of it if you did an interview with Doty. I would assume that this alone would be a great reason to do it! 🙂

        I must say that i wonder why Doty is the ‘official’ disinformation DOD guy in the past fifty years………Or am i way off base on this? He does to seem like the only one we hear about. Now even i know that this can’t be right! C’mon men. LOL. That ‘Bidenism’ is so useful at times. Also,

        Who needs UAP to worry folks and give the media something to talk about incessantly, when a white balloon can whip up any kind of frenzy they want? 🙂

        Thanks, rita

  2. Craig Champion

    Nice interview. It’s gratifying to see others with an interest in this topic, seeking-out established researchers. Standing on the shoulders of giants.

    Uh-oh; I thought I noticed that you were getting the “sir” treatment; we’ll attribute that to your eminence in the field vs. being 60.😆


  3. Warwick Mccormick

    Thank you for posting the interview. Do you know where I can view the interview you did with the military man on his deathbed. I’d really like to see that one too!

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      I don’t have any control over that but the title as I remember it was something like “deathbed confession of CIA agent,” or something close to that. The man was NOT a CIA agent but that’s how someone described him. It has had many views over the years.


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