Interview with Allan B. Smith | Time for Disclosure, or Exposure?

By | September 9, 2023

Hi Everyone, 

This is another interview I did this week — in fact it was two days ago, I think. Allan B. Smith is someone Tracey and I met at an event a little while back and is a good guy, smart researcher and just someone we like. I hope you enjoy this conversation. 


One thought on “Interview with Allan B. Smith | Time for Disclosure, or Exposure?

  1. Nickolas Caldarera

    I’m fired up. There are billions of more people compared to the minority of these excruciatingly annoying group of people that out of their own ego, narcissism, unmanageable fear, greed, out of control selfishness, and lust for power to continuously act for sole the purpose to control us. I am a realist- there is a warring faction. House divided will fall. We must stick together. I don’t care that people think I’m crazy; every one that know I tell them everything I know about UFOs. Win hearts and minds. Richard we are killing them by a thousand cuts. One day, full disclosure is happening. We might not see it but the children of the future will see it. Word of mouth communication is as old as Human beings. Our refusal to stay quiet are our thousand razors. Grusch is straight up beast mode. It’s our job to stand up for him and set the record straight about a true American Hero!!! We stick together and keep swinging the axe. We must be relentless and ferocious in doing our part that include researchers, whistleblowers, alternative media, podcasters, the fans like Richard’s Dolanites, and etc. A rope made of three cords is stronger than a rope made of two cords. Observe nature’s wolverines and Honey badgers- they are relentless and ferocious. These arrogant jerks bleed if you cut them. Wolverines and honey badgers representing exposure of UFO’s will kill the bears and lions representing secrecy.

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