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By | January 21, 2020

I was recently interviewed by Alex Tsakiris of Skeptico. Alex of course has been doing this show for many years, having interviewed many stellar guests. This was my very first time on his program and it was a challenging and enjoyable program. I hope you like this as well. 

The link to the interview as an audio-only file is on his site, which you can find here.

My thanks to Alex for this interview. I really liked talking with him about some important issues relevant to the phenomenon of UFOs. 


17 thoughts on “Interview on Skeptico

  1. Ed Coffman

    Richard, I love people like Alex that know how to ask the right questions. His podcast is absolutely one of the best out there. It was great watching your dialogue with him.

    During your discussion with Alex, a “little light bulb came on” when Grant Cameron talked about that document Wilbur Smith analyzed. It was when Grant mentioned the term “mental phenomena” that something struck me. I’d like to suggest that it’s not “UFO Disclosure” that we’re currently striving for here. Maybe what we’re really looking for at this point is “Consciousness Disclosure”. And if that resonates at all, we could come up with a new term like “Conscious Mental Phenomena” (CMP) or something like that. Just an idea.

  2. Croydon Kemp

    Interesting to see you stretch your mental legs.

    Let me bring my thoughts this discussion.
    Imagine a world that is organized and controlled by a very powerful universal extra universal group which exists beyond our perceived Universe. Incorporated in this world are all the worlds and there inhabitants including human and not human. The general understood or not understood goal being the accumulation of experience as a precursor to graduating to a much greater existence.
    This level is not beyond our understanding. The question is how much of our programming and beliefs are each being willing to give up to understand this.
    I believe that what most if not all researchers in this UFO field fail to do is widen there view. I ask the question how does the system we exist in work? Who runs the universe? What is the structure the exists to govern and organize?

    My personal research indicates there exists a very precise structure in our perceived universe which encompasses all living entities which exist within it.
    Those who created and manage this structure are not gods but just way beyond this world. They are interested in us as with all other beings. But have no allegiance to any. They a relatively dispassionate toward all but are concerned for all. What we need to understand is all answers are there only if we ask.

  3. Gal Matheys

    as always TTSA emerge my problem with them is Christopher melon and tom delone Chris is a guy that believes the 9/11 gov version 100% this gut is following orders he is a gov guy. and tom well i cant see how he got involve in with high level go guys i don’t believe his story

  4. JimmyBee

    Death and life are doorways. Many are the paths to doorway of death. But to life, there is only one. However you die, it is but a blink in eternity. Whether you live a life of bliss, or a tortured life of misery, it is but a blink, in eternity.
    Evil and sadness pain the living, not the dead.

  5. JimmyBee

    Well, this was a surprisingly great interview! When I saw “skeptico” and read that it was a “challenging” interview, i assumed Richard was battling a trolling debunker. I had never heard of Alex Tsakiris- now I repsect him. Glad I decided to “give it a listen,” instead of avoiding this interview. 🙂

  6. Doctor3j

    A profound discussion of the phenomena as the current state of knowledge is. Amazing . Very high order thinking.rarely ever heard in this opinionated world. How to apply hard scientific proof and analysis to such an ethereal subject.

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      Very glad to get this feedback. I can barely remember all that we discussed but I do remember thinking how I enjoyed the way that Alex and I challenged each other in the very best way.

  7. DrD

    An absolutely mature and professional discussion of the subject. When I listen to two intelligent and informed researchers talk about Ufology and with passion I might add, I can’t help but be amazed by how far these discussions have come. Richard, I think your sense of spending some time reviewing the developments of the past few years has merit. We sometimes need that type of reflection in order to understand how much things have evolved. I think that for most people immersed in the field there a risk of losing touch with the prevailing views of the general public. I have some sense of this as I am still very much involved in my professional life. So to hear an academic even suggest that they could try to earn an honest living through UFO research makes me marvel at how things have changed. I don’t think this was possible even ten years ago!
    One final parting request , If I may. Richard would you please consider combining your interests in false flags and ufology. I have a suspicion that you may be able to provide us with invaluable psychological preparation and information should the powers that be choose to use a UFO false flag as the next opportunity to further erode our rights and privileges. We have to be able to respond in a timely fashion and not let the moment to challenge them go by as in the 9/11 debacle.

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      Thank you, DrD. Appreciate the positive feedback on the interview! As for doing something on false flags and UFOs, it’s a theme I have broached in the past but I do think I will come back to it. Some years ago, I created and recorded such a theme for Gaia when I did my series on False Flags there but for reasons I’ve never understood they didn’t want that one. I think I will re-record it and also publish my article on it, most likely with a few new thoughts I’ve developed since then.

  8. wumantis

    Just got a chance to listen to this at work, driving around delivering mail. WOW… Great interview. Kept me intrigued throughout. Bravo! Definitely down for round 2

  9. James, Hitt

    This was great. I hope you guys will have more discussions periodically. I feel like you would never lack for super interesting content. Alex comes up with some great topics, and your personalities mix well. Some people of a more timid disposition might be taken aback by Alex’s challenging manner, but you respond exactly as I think he is intending for his guests to respond, i.e. not affronted, but meeting his questions and arguments with more good arguments and ideas.
    I really do hope you guys have another session.
    It would appear to me that an interview like this really generates new ideas and ways of looking at things. Is that the case? I imagine these sorts of rich discussions are not just good content for us spectators, but a lot of real food for thought for you.

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