Interview on Jeff Mara Podcast

By | September 9, 2023

Hi Everyone, 

I did this interview with Jeff Mara a few days ago. He mainly interviews people regarding near-death-experiences but interviewed me and we had a great conversation. I even mentioned the crazy story about my father’s passing.

Jeff was a good interviewer and I hope you find this interesting!


One thought on “Interview on Jeff Mara Podcast

  1. Margie Anderson

    I was really close to my dad too. We were hunting buddies. When he passed I had a dream and my dad was healthy and strong again and dressed in hunting clothes. He looked at me and said “Hey Eigram, I can hear!” That’s how I know he’s in a good place. I just wish I’d noticed if the dog was with him! (Eigram is Margie backwards- his nickname for me)


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