By | February 25, 2019


Tracey and I want to let everyone know that on Wednesday, February 27, this website will be getting a major server upgrade. The main difference you should notice after this is SPEED. Things should load noticeably faster.

On that day, please understand that any comments below posts or in chat will not be retained. They will be lost.

The site will still be available for you to explore, but nothing new that day will be retained, so for those of you who love to post a lot, think of it as a day of cogitation and rest. 🙂

Incidentally, this upgrade is Phase One of a Two-Phase process. Phase One is all about speed, while Phase Two will be about new features. More on that when we have it ready.


  1. Mark Spearman

    So, if someone has an epiphany of shocking clarity explaining the underlying mechanism of quantum entanglement, that should **not** be posted Wednesday.

  2. MarkH

    Make sure the person whos doing the work on the site ensures that we don,t have another episode of the chatroom being wiped. You can call it the Dolan redundancy if you like. LOL

  3. Lazy Mystic

    Mark! — i think we are entangled, because YOU. Read. My. Mind.
    It finally all came together for me, the Grand Theory of Everything!

    Let me summarize, below:

    ” The missing link of all physics, mysteries, & conciousness is

  4. Mark Spearman

    These souls have been compelled by a shared vision. They’ve come from all over to a place they have been told may delete their posts. Listen to me, Major Walsh, It is an event sociological!

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