Important Analysis of the Wilson Document

By | November 14, 2019

One of the members of this website (Kosh) has undertaken a deep analysis of the leaked 2002 document from Dr. Eric Davis concerning his meeting with Admiral Thomas R. Wilson. This is very significant work. I am honored to be able to communicate with Kosh and discuss this and related matters, as his level of detail and logical analysis are both exceptional. 

What you will see in this article is a detailed discussion of the leaked notes that demonstrates much more than the existence of four UFO-related Special Access Programs (SAPs) within the classified files of OUSDAT (Office of the Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition and Technology). Kosh shows very clearly in his discussion of this document that the programs are, for all intents and purposes, rogue programs without proper oversight that would be considered illegal by any American citizen with an ounce of common sense. 

There is of course much more. I encourage you to visit his blogsite and especially this latest iteration of his ongoing analysis of this critically important leaked document.

I think I can speak for everyone, Kosh, when I thank you sincerely for this excellent work. We respect your desire for anonymity. Personally, I look forward to your further contributions. 



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  1. dodge

    Who in the mainstream media has the cajones to run with this? The story of all time and nobody has stepped up.


  2. Ed Coffman

    Wow! I can’t imagine there being a more thorough analysis of the “Wilson Document”!

    My hat’s off to you, Kosh, for providing this!

    Also, thanks for “turning me on” to that “book” by Gordon Novel. It was quite an adventure going through it and at some point I’m going to have to post some stuff.

  3. Kosh

    Ed Coffman,

    Thank you very much for the kind words. I hope the analysis will help alert people to the tremendous significance of the document. Not only does it provide additional confirmation that waived, unacknowledged Special Access Programs are in possession of intact extraterrestrial vehicles (and therefore likely bodies), but there has been COMPLICITY between them and various DoD officials. For example, instead of showing their appreciation to Adm. Thomas Wilson for exposing the UFO related SAPs hiding out behind other programs, the members of the Senior Review Group denied him access – with the Chairman going so far as to threaten his career! This means that these individuals were willing to allow these SAPs to continue to BREAK THE RULES by not reporting openly and transparently to the overall Special Access Program Oversight Committee.

    1. Ed Coffman

      Thank you again, Kosh, for all the time & effort you have invested into this topic…and for your added perspective here. Getting a “better grip” on the magnitude of the Wilson Document will certainly help us in our pursuit of “getting to the truth.”

    2. iam080


      I have unsuccessfully attempted to contact Richard Dolan regarding two important leads which I have regarding the EW Davis / Admiral Wilson notes. I’m going to write more information on the member forum in an attempt to establish more dialogue and to engage other researchers who might be able to pursue these potential leads. It is an unusual path, yet the mere fact that these two obscure individuals (who are associated), with both mentioned in the Wilson notes, further validates the fact that the minutes are real.

      I will ask your acquaintance, Brian_X, if there is some means to communicate with you.

      Three points in support of your analysis:
      1) If, for whatever reason, Admiral Wilson suspected there was a rogue SAP program which potentially fell under his purview, it would have been his RESPONSIBILITY and his JOB to thoroughly investigate the matter. Solely on the basis of suspicion, Admiral Wilson would have been ethically bound, professionally compelled, and in his very senior position, authorised, to pursue the truth as part of performing his duties. Therefore, the EW Davis / Wilson notes potentially reflect a real and reasonable investigative effort.

      2) The minutes express Admiral Wilson’s justifiable anger that a private defense contractor refused to acknowledge his oversight authority. When Admiral Wilson was allegedly told by a ranking officer to drop his investigation, it seemed that insufficient explanation was provided yet Admiral Wilson’s career was THREATENED. The EW Wilson / Admiral Wilson notes imply that that significant obfuscation occurred. That is highly suggestive that illegal activities were taking place, potentially involving manipulation of oversight and fraud at the highest levels of the military and wrongful collusion with private defense sectors.

      3) Oversight is an important function of government which is a legal necessity. Look at what happened with the Iran-Contra affair.

      Thank you for fantastic research!

  4. Craig Champion

    Not letting the Wilson document slide into oblivion (as so many significant events in UFO history have done) is truly important. This effort by Kosh furthers the cause and is certainly part of what Richard has done over the years and continues to do in such a reasoned, professional manner. It’s clear that many members of this site posses both the expertise and drive necessary to also “carry the torch.” In other words this site appears to be quite a resource. It’s conceivable that the work of some, or perhaps even focused collaboration between members of this community could prove significant in the course of disclosure, overall.

  5. PressToDigitate

    Great work, Kosh, and thank you, Richard for publishing it here.

    As I’ve said before, the obvious (and, perhaps, ONLY) next step, likely to unveil any more information on this and other uSAPs working “off the books” on the ETUFO problem, is to pursue recovery of funds under the False Claims Act, 31 U.S.C. §§ 3729 – 3733. It provides *any citizen* the legal standing to sue to recover government funds that have been misappropriated, diverted, embezzeled, or otherwise fraudulently converted and for which the intended value was never received in full by the United States Government. ANY tax dollars EVER used for ETUFO activities which were billed as something else, for some mundane “cover” contract purpose, unquestionably constitute “False Claims” under the Act, no matter what the rogue spooks, Deep State, Men-in-Black, or USAF Generals may have intended at the time. That constitutes Contract Fraud on the part of the contractor, to participate in such a diversionary billing scheme. The FCA prescribes Triple Damages, plus a fee and costs, and awards the independent citizen-plaintiff, suing “Qui Tam”, a bonus of 25% of that total.

    This means that a well executed Qui Tam suit under the FCA to recover fraudulently diverted funds received by these contractors – specifically, for starters – the contractor Adm. Wilson documented, would likely be worth Billions, if not Tens of Billions of Dollars in damages, and the bounty for recovering it worth more than has been spent on all the books, documentaries and conferences in Ufology, from 1947 to the present day.

    What should happen would be a team lead by Richard Dolan, and including Daniel Sheehan, and perhaps three talented [and uncompromised] researchers, to spend a few days in Washington, D.C., meeting with Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton, his researchers and litigators, then with other attorneys and NGOs in DC who have specialized in FCA litigation practice, and, finally with Auditor and IG representatives from the DoD, CIA, and other agencies. At these meetings, the agencies would be served with initial notification letters, instructing them to preserve all documents which might be relevant to the anticipated litigation.

    Officially, these agencies *should* support citizen efforts to recover tax dollar that they have been apparently bilked out of; and, honest yet ignorant federal employees there will be helpful. But the beauty of it is that any efforts to dissuade the group and discourage such litigation will tip their hand, leave its own paper trail, and subject the agencies to FOIA scrutiny over the suppression effort itself. Between FCA and FOIA, shrewdly used in tandem, I believe that substantially more information can be pried loose than we have at present.

    There is no question that billions have been diverted without legal cover; there is no question that some digital “paper trail” exists to prove it. The bad guys know this. Using that – and the *personal criminal liability* of *everyone involved* is our best bet to “Kick the Door Down” and force the Disclosure that Humanity is entitled to.

    1. iam080

      If priceless public assets were transferred to private consortia, a great fraud may have been committed. Moreover, think of the opportunity cost due to secrecy – hundreds of thousands of the brightest minds on the planet have been working on redundant fossil technologies! Only through proper and full disclosure will it be possible to re-direct human intellect and energy on a civilian scale which far exceeds the Manhattan Project, the capital invested in 20th century warfare, or projects like SAGE during the cold war.

      The over-riding principle of national security (Ueber Alles) is a farce in the face of pending systemic collapse and catastrophic climate emergency. At present, under the current private defense regime, only a lucky few have a ticket to the stars.

  6. OgronWaitress

    There should be something written into the US constitution along the lines of how if a high officer of government, whatever their rank, is discovered to be grossly abusing their power, then ANY citizen above janitor can legally arrest them. Imagine that LOL.

  7. OgronWaitress

    Could we now assert that, thanks to comments from Admiral Wilson, Majestic-12 IS confirmed at last as a real thing and moreover that MJ-12 debunkers now have to think again?

  8. MarkH

    Hi Kosh.
    32 pages and not 1 page unnecessary! Great analysis Kosh. I don’t know if you have any movement on Mary Elizabeth Elliot so I asked Ms. Kerr who is going through Stanton Friedman’s files and archiving to look for her name and to let me know if she comes across it. Outside shot but she agreed, very very nice women. Great work again Kosh.

  9. MandingoNZ

    Great job Kosh!!!
    Utterly brilliant.
    One for the vaults!!
    Your work into this should not be ignored and celebrated 😃👍
    Kind regards

  10. Lynda

    I believe the Wilson-Davis document is real, though I do question parts of it, like abductions.

    I support people who endorse the meeting and the document, but I am so sick of the fights over it by people like John Greenewald, Jr. and others. If they want to fight it, they will need to prove the meeting did not happen and based on my research, good luck to them on that.

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      Exactly, just because the document itself is real doesn’t mean everything in it is exactly true. It’s only what Wilson was told, or more accurately what he told Davis.

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