Happy Birthday to My Wife!!

By | April 21, 2020

Every day I wake up, and every evening as I am about to fall asleep, I reflect on how lucky I am. Not that I live a wonderful life and do things that fascinate me — I am grateful for many, many things. But what I am truly grateful for, consciously and truly every single day, is that I get to live with Tracey. 

To my amazing wife: Happy Birthday my love. Our journey has been for almost four years, and the time has changed me in very important ways, caused me to look deeper into the meaning of life and love and actually find some answers. And we are still just at the beginning. 

As each year goes by I find myself more in love with you than ever.


No Liveshow Tonight folks.

We’ll see you at the AMA this Thursday.

49 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to My Wife!!

  1. Carolyn3

    Wow and Happy Birthday Tracey. I hope you both have a wonderful day. Reading that just made me happy today. This made me tear up. I’ve been married 36 years and I do miss it when my husband use to say those kind of things to me. I’m going to make sure he reads this tonight as a refresher class on how to water your flower once in a while.

    Again have a wonderful day

  2. Salsafreak

    Happy Birthday!!!
    My birthday is the 22nd (tomorrow) …. so that makes you an Aries or a Taurus?

    – Edie Williams

  3. Bob2020

    Happy Birthday Tracey. You two are lucky to be on the same frequency with this phenomenon. My wife and I not so much but in the last year after 51 years of marriage she’s finally starting to come around.

  4. Kirsten RDMHost

    We hope you have a marvelous year full of celebration and adventure.
    Thank you for all the inspiration and laughter.
    Big hugs and love,
    Kirsten & Kurt

  5. Jim

    What a wonderful message! Congrats to Tracey!
    In these challenging times it’s great to know that life, love and relationship are valued and celebrated.
    Happy Birthday dear Tracey!!

  6. Sara Rogers

    Happy Birthday Tracey.
    You and Richard give us a lot of uplift – it’s always a pleasure to watch you two do your thing.
    Many Happy Returns

  7. iten-kun

    Happy Birthday Tracey! You guys are the best :D.
    Thanks for all that you are and all that you do.

  8. jennymemon

    Many Happy Returns Tracey :),
    Hope you have a lovely day, my daughter and I, also had our birthdays in the lockdown, its a bit crap isnt it!
    Sending you love xxx

  9. OgronWaitress

    Heartwarming. You’re both lucky people haha. Enjoy some quality time and we’ll see you on the other side!

  10. Pyroxide_Martini

    Happy Birthday Tracey!

    Hope it’s an amazing day for you and the year ahead, whilst it may look bleak atm, I am sure it will be a great one for you both!

  11. John_Bruno

    True soul mates are rare, as a person who found mine and had 25 wonderful years together. It makes my heart light to see another such connection! Happy Birthday Tracey!

  12. MarkH

    Happy Birthday, Tracey !!!!!!!!! Congratulations.

    Thank you both, Richard and Tracey, for letting us all here in on the event. Its what makes you guys just more than just faces on the screen, and indispensable in so many ways.
    Sincerely MarkH.

  13. Christina

    Aaaaawwww what a lovely post 💚
    Happy birthday Tracey, I hope you have a lovely day 😊

    Take care,

  14. cosinaphile

    A very happy birthday to you ….. your voice and thought on the most important questions of our age are appreciated by all who have had the chance to follow your work.

    cheers from nyc

  15. John Kafer

    Happy belated birthday, Tracey! As always, I appreciate all that you and Richard continue to do for this incredibly important subject. Stay safe and thanks again.


  16. Tracey

    I just read all these and I all I can say is that I feel so genuinely lucky to feel like we have this amazing extension of us (being all of you) who feel like family. A very wordy way to say thank you so much to every single person. I / we wish you all the best today and every day, and thank you for being here with us. It’s all of you that make this so special. Thank you for the Birthday wishes.
    Much love,

  17. Lazy Mystic

    Very sweet. Yes, happy birthday, and thank you for sharing your thoughts and experiences re: remote viewing, and other topics.
    It was a surprise & honor to meet you guys in Newport a couple summers ago, and i hope we can chat again, or plan a first annual Dolan-approved conference on the Vineyard.

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