From Richard: A Heartfelt Thanks

By | June 25, 2022

Hi Everyone,

I am going live for my special online conference/event in about 90 minutes but wanted to take a moment to give my thanks and appreciation to all of you here on this website. 

We’ve been running this site for four years now and I’m constantly amazed at the community we have here. I’m also excited about the upgrade we are working on here — more on that soon. 

Lately I’ve been fixated on creating this presentation that I’m about to give — 92 slides. It’s a fresh exploration of many facets of the UFO and world situation. Some of you have tickets for this and I look forward to seeing you there. 

While I’m here, I have to acknowledge the amazing support of several others who are working behind the scenes to make this event succeed. Our marketing team of PursuingX and finally Tracey, who has created all of our newsletters and done so much more to help promote and organize this for success. Thank you my love. 

See you guys soon. Feeling good going into this. 

Oh … if anyone has technical issues getting in — PLEASE EMAIL:

That email address is also listed on the main page of this site below the banner promoting the event. 


8 thoughts on “From Richard: A Heartfelt Thanks

  1. Lynda

    I ordered it for replay due to schedules today.

    I hope everything runs well. Thank you both and PursuingX for all you do.


  2. Spyros

    Fantastic!!! I can’t wait to watch the replay In a few weeks (by 9th July it says) !! Thanks Richard Dolan & Team for all that you do !! Looks like it will be an amazing groundbreaking event/presentation!! Thank you ❤️ from the top & depth of my soul. !

  3. Lauren2844

    No Richard thank You! In my travels outside the U.S. I’ve constantly been laughed at by my colleagues at work and in life about UFO’S. There was never a place where I was around anyone who knew more than me about the UFO universe. One of my favorite videos on this site was your reaction video of Timothy Good’s Guya interview. You were just giving your opinions on the information he was providing. Same with the Michael Schwartz interviews you did. Those were incredible. Just two elite level guys talking shop about their opinions on certain events in time. Same with Grant Cameron. You two together is just magic. Both you guys go back and forth about certain stories and give your opinions…. Just awesome stuff
    Plus Cameron is so funny with his rapid talking and like all Canadians (not named Trudeau) he’s the nicest guy. Those are just a few of my favorite things.. I would love a fireside Chat on planet Serpo. I just think the story is fascinating and the travel logs of what was brought to Serpo sounds a little close to what the truth would be. Anyway Richard thanks again for giving us all your time/energy and your opinions/Research.

  4. Joshua Ringer

    I’ve only been a member for a few months but it’s been well worth it. A lot of my free time is spent educating myself on the UFO topic and you are a great educator Richard. I’ve learned a lot from you and Tracey. Your site is fantastic, keep it up! 👽

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