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By | May 8, 2020

Tracey and I just made a change to our Youtube Channel and, since the changeover happened before we even realized, a few of you were on the ball asking us questions about it before we even knew what was going on! So let me take a minute to explain what we did.

Our Youtube Channel was already monetized in that we have advertisements on our videos (the exception being videos that are available solely for members of this site, which are not monetized).

Over time, people have told us that they want other ways of supporting what we do in addition to a membership website. I’ve often wondered what is the best way to proceed on this. A Patreon site? Something else? Then came a new opportunity with Youtube and we thought, let’s look into this.

What we have just done is create two layers of “membership” for the Youtube Channel. 

First of all, the Youtube membership does not offer any content that members of this site don’t already have

The first level of the Youtube membership is $2.99 per month and enables those people to access a limited number (roughly two per month) of older videos that we have already created for this site. For example, there might be an older Part Two of the Richard Dolan Show, or an interesting Off the Cuff Video. For this level of membership, what those individuals get is very limited compared with what is available here. It’s essentially just another way to accommodate people who don’t want to spend a larger amount of money but still want to support what we do.

That level also enables a 5% discount on all items in the Richard Dolan Store on Shopify. (This is something we are setting up for current members of this site as well).

The second level, which is $6.99 per month, offers a greater amount of videos and recordings, but still much less content than is available here on our site, and no content from me that isn’t already here.

One thing that will be there that isn’t here are a variety of special animations and personalized emojis – GIFs, badges, and stickers – that are part of Youtube’s specific culture which people can use during our public livestreams.

There is one thing that the $6.99 Youtube membership offers that is unique at this point, which is a spot within a closed Facebook group. It’s the one thing that Youtube Members will have access to that isn’t automatically offered here. Of course, we have our Forum, which is clearly a more effective place to share ideas and research. But the Facebook group will be available for the Youtube membership.

There are other features we are debating at the moment. Our main concern, quite frankly, is that the Youtube membership does nothing to dilute membership to this site. This was simply a concept that was made available to us and we thought, yes, let’s try it out.

So that is what the Youtube membership is about. I have to emphasize this is new to me, too, but I will keep everyone posted as this matures. 

I will just add that I have been extremely busy in my office doing UFO related research for the past few days. I will have a lot to report soon!


15 thoughts on “Explaining the Youtube Membership

  1. Peter Squire

    I will not be paying YouTube any money, not one dime, cent or as we have in the UK one penny.

    After what them charlatans have done to David Ike it’s only a matter of time before I wont be giving that platform any of my time.

  2. David Loach

    Thanks Richard. Yep, see how it goes but I’m Kool & the Gang with the current members site.

    As always, epic work and have a great weekend.


      1. David Loach

        We’re of a similar age, so on the Venn diagram of our music tastes there’s quite a bit of overlapping!

  3. PressToDigitate

    Good for You! Now we just need to get your Subscriber count to catch up with Linda’s (139,000) – preferably with newly paid Subscribers.

    Pssst: That bad link on the RDP button to buy UFONSSv.1, which leads instead to the Amazon page for ’21st Century Mind’,

    that I emailed you about a year ago — is still bad.

  4. Christina

    Hey Richard,
    Thank you very much for explaining. I was going crazy trying to figure it out on Youtube, and I gave up after several attempts 😝 I totally understand you’re trying it out, but I gotta say I’m grateful it makes sense staying here!
    I do have a Facebook accent, but I avoid FB and haven’t been there for a very long time. That place doesn’t do me any good 😉 And there’s a much appreciated atmosphere here which makes me more comfortable than I feel in general on the internet, so thank you…

    Have a great weekend, I’m looking forward to what you’ve got to report 😅

  5. stlthlvis@hotmail.com

    That’s cool. I’m still plugging the members site whenever possible. YouTube is on my 💩list right now.

    When I am in other platforms there are a lot of people who ask about decent sites for the UFO topic; I say, “It just so happens I know this guy….” It happens more than you would think.

    Soo…..what’s you got for us today??? 😉

  6. jimirod

    I think ‘loose lips sink ships” comes close to my opinion on something I cant remember right now but I’ll wain for it and get back to you on it. today is May 8, 2020

  7. whatif

    Hi Richard. Thanks for the explanation.

    While on the subject of members and things, have you considered creating a Slack group for organizing group chat etc.? I know you already have a chat and member forum, but in my view Slack is easier to use and much more functional, basically a world of difference. It’s also the industry standard, which means most of your members will already be familiar with it. Anyway, it’s worth having a look if you haven’t already. I’d be happy to help with setup.


  8. Dennislogan.927

    WTF, now I have to pay YouTube to watch your older vids? I binge watch your videos for the last 3 yrs as well as lectures from many in the field. It’s part of my research on ufos etc. I can afford it but I protest if I’m correct, if not, I still say, format format and try a nahru collar shirt. You would look fabulous.

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      Hi Dennis, no no. That’s not the case so take a breath! I just created a post hopefully to explain things better. It’s all good and members of this site lose nothing at all.

  9. georgemedich

    While I’m waiting for ML baseball to start I was wondering if you had a Sunday evening when you could speak to the MUFON ERT.

    George Medich

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