Disinformation Agent: The Truth About Philip Klass. Richard Dolan Show with Kathleen Marden.

By | March 17, 2020

This show will premier on Youtube tonight at 8 p.m. Eastern Time. I’d have it earlier for members of this sight but the way I am rolling it out on Youtube makes that impossible. 

My description of this episode in Youtube reads this this:

In the history of the study of UFOs, Philip J. Klass takes the title as the leading debunker of the subject. For forty years, his name was practically synonymous with the idea of UFO skepticism. He was regularly cited throughout the mainstream media as an authoritative voice on the subject, and his work helped to stifle acceptance about the reality of UFOs. But Kathleen Marden has investigated the background of Philip Klass and found it to be highly questionable. Back in the 1960s, Klass developed a close relationship with a member of the Soviet embassy in Washington, DC and was suspected by the FBI to have been a Soviet asset. What it looks like is that the intelligence community used this against Klass to enlist his services toward full-time UFO debunking efforts. Without a doubt, Klass’s knowledge of the UFO subject was superficial, but his relentless smear campaigns and personal attacks against leading UFO researchers more than made up for that. To this day, Klass is lionized by the skeptical community, but in fact has left them with a shameful legacy.  

I can tell you that Kathleen did a great deal of research here and has the goods on Philip J. Klass. I will post Part 2 of our interview today as well so keep watching! That will be available immediately, so you will likely be able to hear all of that before Part One airs tonight.



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  1. PressToDigitate

    Kathleen confirmed what we all have always suspected, that Klass was, indeed, working for the Intelligence Community in his “debunkery” efforts. There is *no way* he could have remained with AW&ST with a questionable background involving intimate relationships with Soviet agents – UNLESS he had ‘cut a deal’ or been extorted to perform to the satisfaction of the CIA in the future. AW&ST has been the leading trade journal of the Aerospace/Defense industry since the very beginning; its audience consists almost entirely of people in the DoD, NASA and Contractors, who hold Clearances. Its content is produced by reporting the information that insider sources provide them, on every major defense contract. It would be impossible for the magazine to survive the scandal of having a Soviet security leak on its staff throughout the Cold War. We can thus be *certain* that Klass was therefore in the employ and under the protection of, the national security apparatus, over that period.

    I’ve said it before: Ufology *badly* needs an aggressive “Lawfare” team, analogous to Tom Fitton’s ‘Judicial Watch’, comprised of lawyers and staff who will target and prosecute dozens of high-leverage FOIA cases and other litigation, on behalf of the Truth. This would include seeking documents regarding CIA, NSA, DIA, NASA or DoD funding paid to Klass and MSM outlets for their disinformation efforts (or, for that matter, to Menzel, Sagan, and even Tyson & Sleestak, today).

    But, exposing the “disingenuous debunkers” (or “Nasty, Noisy, Negativists” as Stanton Friedman called them) is hardly the greatest impact such a legal foundation could exert. Challenging the Constitutionality of UFO-related NDAs, security oaths, etc., as Greer has long proposed – would also have major consequences.

    Given that it was environmental, health and safety liability litigation that forced the acknowledgement that Area 51 exists, it is probable that a group of clever, hungry, rabid young lawyers could target ‘Majestic’ and the Coverup in many creative new ways.

    Once systematized, as Judicial Watch has done, such lawfare becomes ‘asymmetric’ against the agencies involved; a relatively small effort by the litigators can drive a far higher and more expensive level of effort by the agencies to defend it to maintain the secrecy. We need to be shifting this burden in our favor, and against the ‘Visitors’, and their minions in the National Security State.

    Of course, the real bounty is not in the FOIA lawsuits. It would be from the lawsuits that such a legal team could file against SAIC, Leidos, The Aerospace Corp., Battelle, AECOM, Raytheon, Boeing, Lockheed, Northrop, etc. First, the False Claims Act allows citizen lawsuits on behalf of the United States, to recover (X3) federal funds illegally diverted from Congressional appropriations. Some, Most, or All of these Contractors have extensive liability for just such FCA Contract Fraud. Second, by deliberately engaging in such fraud as corporate policy, these companies have exposed themselves to liability for class action derivative shareholder suits. Between the two, all of the publicly traded aerospace contractors involved could be brought to ruin – unless they settled. Even the non-public Aerospace Corp and Battelle are in extreme legal jeopardy (under the Internal Revenue Code) – if only a serious lawfare effort existed in Ufology to pursue it.

    “Sue The Bastards!”

    1. Doctor3j

      Where is Perry Mason when you need him? Or Melvin Belli ?

      I’ll even take Johnnie Cochran! ” If the encounter is close the gov must disclose” That’s exactly what we need.

      Great insight. Another instance of the discombobulated UFO community being manipulated into ineffectuality for 70 years. We were so busy that we never realized the total lack of a legal Judicial watch approach. A few FOIAs were pea shooters. All redacted. Roswell files lost. Stanton going cross-eyed reading all that pre screened stuff. We need to get those judicial guys a free subscription. This is a virgin field, target rich, environment . They can easily get a legal Pulitzer….. If they don’t value their lives.


      As someone who has been there, done that, and chewed the bones with UFO FOIA, I can tell you a few things.

      1.) No lawyer wants to do this. Daniel Sheehan and Peter Gerstein aren’t there for us any more. And even if both of them were here with Supermen “S” on their chests, it wouldn’t be nearly enough. So people end up doing it themselves, and to quote the old Italian adage– “A Man Who Is His Own Lawyer Has a Fool for a Client”. Unless you are admitted to the bar, it’s like being black in Alabama in 1954. You are hated “because you should not be here”. You absolutely have to prove yourself to get even the tiniest smidgen of respect.

      2.) The government will lean on judges and journalists, especially in national security matters. Re: my case, local journalist, cartoonist and playright, Jay Rath, wrote about his experience in the preface to his book, THE “W” FILES. He was the only person who wrote an article anywhere about my UFO FOIA case against NSA. He paid for it. There was a total media blackout, except for his newspaper article.

      FOIA isn’t a magic key, especially with respect to UFOs. I have some hope for information about biological warfare research at University of Wisconsin, but FOIA as a UFO tool is dead to me unless I re-open my case after many years.

      If you could find a pro bono legal team of at least 6 lawyers whom you could trust not to be working for the other side, go for it, dude!

  2. Jean-Jacques Gariepy

    I knew that Philip Klass was a nasty piece of work but not to the extent that Richard Dolan and Kathleen Marden have exposed in this interview. On the subject of Klass’s interventions to sabotage the UFO community, I also believe that Klass was guided by intelligence community handlers. He was likely compromised by his “inappropriate relationship” with a Russian person and coerced into attacking UFO investigators and researchers on behalf of the CIA or whatever agency was tasked with neutralizing the emerging UFO community. I hope Klass rots in hell for all the harm he has caused. P.S. Happy St. Patrick’s Day to you, Richard, and all of the Irish people!

  3. Scott Santa

    That was a great interview! Confirms everything we thought we knew about that schmuck. The only thing I didn’t like was his ugly mug staring at me throughout the show. 🤓 Actually incredible that very few really called him out when he was at his worst – which was always. I hope he is as uncomfortable wherever he is now, as he made the rest of us feel over the years. It was maddening to have to hear him speak.

    1. Tracey

      Hi Dr3j,
      Tracey here. We chose not to have them automatically post so that we can personally read them. I will often read them first, but we won’t “approve” them until Richard can look through them. We merely do this as way for him personally to stay in touch with everyone’s comments as opposed to holding it for moderation or “approving” as it seems. There are just so many to get through on a daily basis, there are times when he gets a few days behind. He will get through the outstanding ones today as we prepare for the AMA tonight.
      All the best,


    I corresponded with Mr. Klass in the 1990s. He was always polite and non-confrontatory. He offered me $10,000 if I could pull off a UFO hoax that fooled the military. I declined, even though I explained to him how I would do it, as actually carrying out such a successful hoax (or even a unsuccessful one) would end up costing me more than 10K in legal fees, not to mention the fines and prison.

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