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    This clip is the perfect opportunity for me to post a third set of reference links for you, following those on the early EME/Moonbounce projects & NASA Social Science Research (on your Eisenhower 1954 Meeting post), and Current Space Defense Policy (on your upcoming Live Hangout link post). Here are several fascinating books in .pdf (and some related links) on the history of CONUS Air Defense/Missile architecture and deployment, through the 1950s and 1960s, actually from WWII to 1972, when the major systems, NIKE & BOMARC, were decommissioned, along with the [lone] Safeguard ABM complex, ostensibly as part of an ‘Arms Control’ agreement with the Soviet Union.

    To Defend and Deter: The Legacy of the United States Cold War Missile Program
    The Emerging Shield: The Air Force and the Evolution of Continental Air Defense, 1945-1960
    Searching The Skies: The Legacy of The United States Cold War Defense Radar Program
    Field Manual 44.1: U.S. Army Air Defense Employment
    North American Air Defense Command and Continental Air Defense Command
    Historical Summary – JULY-DECEMBER 1962 1 APRIL 1963
    https://www.northcom.mil/Portals/28/Documents/Supporting%20documents/(U)%201962%20NORAD%20CONAD%20History%20Jul-Dec.pdf (Evidently one of a series; others must be found)
    Guarding the Cold War Ramparts: The U.S. Navy’s Role in Continental Air Defense
    The Computer in the Garbage Can: Air Defense Systems in the Organization of US
    Nuclear Command and Control, 1940-1960
    Cold War in South Florida: Historic Resource Study
    Last Line of Defense: Nike Missile Sites in Illinois
    Atomic Warheads for Air Defense:

    The relevant question to ask would be “How many NIKE & BOMARC interceptor missiles were ever launched against UFOs during the 15 most active – and paranoid – years of the ETUFO presence?” This is a knowable, finite number that is no longer classified – though not readily made obvious in this material. If the answer is “None” – and since we know that ‘Flying Saucers Are Real’, the more serious question would become: “Why Not?” (and of those that were, new details could thus be forthcoming.) Lest anyone claim “We couldn’t hit them”, its worth noting that some 3,750 of these Air Defense Missiles were equipped with Atomic Warheads, and the release authority on them was distributed among the regional Air Defense commanders:

    Space Handbook: Astronautics and Its Application: Staff Report of the Select Committee on Astronautics and Space Exploration (1960)
    Space Primer – Prepared by Air Command and Staff College
    SPACE POWER 2010: A Research Paper Presented To The Directorate of Research Air Command and Staff College
    Space Handbook A War Fighter’s Guide to Space Volume One

    We spend so much time looking at the historical sightings, aerial encounters, crash retrievals, etc., that nobody in Ufology – but you – has ever addressed it from the Warfighter’s perspective; before the CIA/NSA corrupted the whole issue. At about 44:00 in this video, The Computer History Museum’s “The Secret History of Silicon Valley”, the *very moment* in 1955 when the Spooks created “Silicon Valley” – over ELINT/SIGINT – is delineated. A great case can be made that the ETUFO problem had a lot more to do with it than Soviet Rocketry.

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