Commercial Pilot Speaks Out on UFOs | Richard Dolan Show

By | February 28, 2023

Hi Everyone,

I recorded this interview a few days ago with Christiaan vn Heijst, a Dutch commercial 747 Captain with two decades of professional flying experience. Christiaan has close to 9,500 hours of flight time, including over 6,000 hours on the Boeing 747. In addition, he has become well-known for his aerial photography, which has been reproduced widely in print and online. His photos have been shared worldwide by media, including CNN, BBC, TIMES, Daily Mail, National Geographic, and more. During those years he has seen a large array of fascinating things from the sky and even captured some with his camera. The majority of these sightings have been identified and explained, but some are truly puzzling. 

In this interview, we examine some of his most interesting images. He does a great job at explaining them, as well as describing a few instances in which it really does appear that he saw a genuine UFO. 

In addition, he had some interesting things to say about the commercial aviation community and its attitude toward UFOs in general. 

Many thanks to Christiaan for doing this interview!


9 thoughts on “Commercial Pilot Speaks Out on UFOs | Richard Dolan Show

  1. Ted2

    There are several purported pictures of the O’Hare UFO on the web. Some are obvious fakes, but one or more appear to be real.

  2. Craig Champion

    What a rational, decent and respectful guest. Refreshing to hear a commercial pilot speak to the phenomenon as I’d imagine, as he stated that many sightings of unexplainable craft are in-fact noted by other pilots who simply keep it to themselves.

    Good deal that his airline has a reporting system in place, not that it’d be necessarily followed-up in any meaningful way.

    Hopefully his witnessing and reporting will inspire more pilots to come forward.

    Thanks, Richard!

  3. Andromeda107

    Great interview Richard, thank you Christiaan for sharing your thoughts on Uap phenomenon,and the 4 encounters that the you were witnessed . The images that you shared of the AI enhancement photo,Northern Lights, and the St. Elmos’s Fire that wasn’t St. Elmo’s Fire were cool. I hope more pilots like you speak up the UAP field needs that.Pilots like Christiaan speaking up will definitely help remove some of the stigma that still surrounds the UAP phenomenon .

  4. SunPower

    I finally got to see this after overcoming a poor internet connection. Sounds like a good talk, but reminds me of those books/videos where they blow up a picture of the moon and it’s fuzzy/blurry. And they say if you squint, you can see caterpillar tractor marks in the reggia. See that proves artificial construction work is going on there on the moon.
    But all I see is the fuzziness and I get a headache.

    So enough with the lights & dots & streaks seen by pilots, military personnel and other “credible” observers. I’m going with the “fringe factor” errata I am familiar with. But as the tall grey said to the MIB (referring to me I think), not hostile. So I enjoy these talks. Keep ’em coming.

  5. Peter Squire

    Great interview Richard. As you alluded to this guy is quite level headed and reasonable. One of his pictures, the one that was AI enhanced looks exactly the same as one my mate took last year, first thing in the morning. I wish I could post it here.
    Anyway I look forward to listening to part 2 now.

  6. itsmeRitaC

    An old friend i rarely get to speak with actually sent me the link to this very show this morning. I am highly amused. All he wrote was “PS You might like this Dolan video” It was after he sent an Australian photo of the planetary conjunction from two days ago. 🙂

  7. Archetype

    Thanks very much indeed to Christiaan van Heijst for speaking about his experiences. This was a really useful, important discussion.

    It can only be a just and good thing for humanity that aviation professionals are able to speak about what they have observed with their own eyes on this matter. It has always been greatly disturbing that there has been so much pressure placed on aviators not to speak on these matters, from the beginning of aviation to now in 2023. It’s like asking Alexander Fleming to refrain from speaking about observing penicillin. Keeping humanity in the dark on these matters cannot be good for the majority of us. Again, apart from reporting these observations is the elephant in the room – not just ‘what are these objects?’ but most importantly what are they doing, and why?

    Thanks again to you both for taking the time to have this conversation and to share it. It is a real good for civilisation that we can have a place for these discussions, and a possibility to hear them.

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