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By | February 13, 2019

I’ll be appearing tonight (Feb. 13/14) on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory. Just a heads up to anyone who might be awake for that. George is having me on for the last two hours of the program. It’s always up to George regarding the final decision of the topics to be discussed, but I believe we will be talking at least somewhat on the recent release of 38 titles of advanced scientific studies by the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) that deal with some very interesting concepts: warp drive, traversable wormholes, and much more. I’ve attached the three pages that were released.

Indeed, these were all developed under the auspices of Dr. Hal Puthoff of Earthtech, a few years ago when Hal requested submissions from various leading researchers and scientists to describe where their field of expertise would be in the year 2050. He did not tell them at the time that this was part of a DIA/Pentagon program to assess potential technologies behind UFOs for the government personnel and aerospace contractors working the issue, only that it was a general survey of the aerospace field.

I’m able to describe what I just did because this is precisely how Hal Puthoff described it to me. There will be much more to say about all this, I assume, so buckle up!

Oh, and for those of you who want to read these papers, I am told by Hal that they are Unclassified, which means they should, somehow, be available. A number of them have apparently been published in professional journals. My impression is that they are predominantly available on Pentagon servers, where they are very popular — again, according to Hal. I imagine they will become available for the rest of us to read sometime in the near future.

I do have Hal’s paper, which he sent to me some time ago, and which I believe is out there. I tried to attach it as a PDF but had no success. I will try to figure something out. Meanwhile, please peruse the titles below!

9 thoughts on “Coast to Coast Appearance Tonight

  1. Rmarks

    I’m on Pacific Time so a mere double espresso should be sufficient prep for me – looking forward to it.

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      I’m not sure mark. Coast to coast has its own system for people to listen to episodes, which requires an account. In practice people post these on YouTube pretty frequently, but I try not to advertise those links out of deference to them.

  2. Carolyn Padgett

    Excited to know you will be on C2C tonight…well in the wee hours. I am a member of C2C so this will be fun. Thank you for the list of research which should keep me busy for a while.

  3. Scott Madsen

    Sorry Mr. Dolan, I’m not staying up that late. But I have a membership there so I’ll catch it later. I wish George Knapp was hosting however, he is a much better host on the these subjects and would be a better fit with you. Oh well.

    BTW what do you think of Diana Pasulka’s recent work? Is there any there there?

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