Citizen Journalist on UFOs: Interview with Danny Silva

By | July 21, 2020

Excellent chat with Danny Silva, one of the newer voices in the UFO community. His site is and we discussed several key stories he has been looking into, most notably those connected with TTSA and the growing coverage of UFOs in the media. 


3 thoughts on “Citizen Journalist on UFOs: Interview with Danny Silva

  1. PressToDigitate

    Yo!, ‘Old Gun’: 🙂
    Were there an ‘Institute for Priority Research in Extraterrestrial, Cybernetic & Interdimensional Policy’, d/b/a “The Precip Institute”, or “i.PRECIP”, it could create ‘Fellows’, conferring [ideally, *funded*] Fellowships upon promising, up-and-coming Ufologists, such as the “Young Guns”, based on their submitted Proposals for the financial opportunities to pursue specialized research on topics of ‘Priority’ interest. The most promising aspiring ufological professionals would be afforded the time to focus on deeper and more protracted research than would be possible while they have to work at other jobs, or produce frequent public entertainment content in order to obtain a living.

    In effect, it would empower you to establish the equivalent of ‘Tasking Orders’ assigning the ‘Best & Brightest’ to those questions which you find pressing enough to make subject to such Solicitations, through an Annual, Semi-Annual, Quarterly – or, even Monthly, “Request for Proposals” (perhaps all of the above). While there will never be enough ‘hours in the day’, ‘days in the week’, ‘weeks in the month’ or ‘months in the year’ for You to *personally* ‘deep dive’ into immersive research on all of the Open Questions in Interstellar Relations, Conspiracy, or Metaphysics that capture your fancy, you could orchestrate a broad-based program of Research, both Historical and Technical, and of Development, of both Technologies and Policy, which would enable you to find those ‘Answers’ across a broader range of disciplines than you ever could as the ‘Lone Sage’, on your own.

    Epistemological and Pedagogical factors have severely inhibited the progress (and transfer of knowledge) in Ufology for decades. Each new morsel of evidence raises a host of new questions; some are recognized immediately and diligently pursued for such Answers – while most do not become the subject of focused attention by anyone, some such questions are not even properly identified and framed for investigation until decades later. Often, insignificant details are mistaken for critical ones, and substantial effort (and debate) expended over issues of no consequence. Multiple essays could be written on the challenges of Knowledge Management in Ufology, but I am certain you can readily conceive of what most of those challenges have been; and the fact that most of them have effectively gone ‘unmet’ thus far, up until the present day.

    We can put in place the infrastructure needed to change all this. Of the two dozen or so organizations in the history of Ufology (most of which are defunct today), nearly all were concerned with the collection, investigation and documentation of ‘Sightings’, in one way or another. I submit that unless there are dramatic changes in the Aliens’ flight operations we should suddenly become concerned about, this entire line of inquiry has reached a Dead End. With the massive proliferation of, now, millions of aerial Drones, and soon tens of thousands of comsats in Low Earth Orbit, together with quality VFX editing available on every laptop, tablet and smartphone, the likelihood of any individual observer returning a Sighting Report that can be relied upon as unequivocal evidence is now effectively ‘nil’. Only Bob McGwire’s data fusion approach, based on Peter Davenport’s instrumental observation model will retain any validity, as to the isolation of specific instances of the ETUFO presence ‘in our Skies’, from here on out.

    Consequently, as you already perceive, it is the Abductions, Crash Retrievals/Debris, and localization of ET facilities and activities that retain any probative value to Ufology. Interestingly enough, none of these are being ‘probed’ in any systematic manner. If we accept the weight of experience, that ‘Waiting on Disclosure’ is unproductive, and that neither the Deep State, nor the Alien Hybrid Operatives present and involved (and these may be one in the same) have any reason, incentive or desire to so disclose, then the rational course of action is to explore these non-anecdotal evidentiary forms that are NOT Sightings, instead of repeating the past 25 years over the next 25. This, of course, neglects the entire problem of urgency in deciphering the Alien Agenda, and the possibility (or probability) that it is of existential importance to Mankind that we do so, at the earliest possible opportunity.

  2. Craig Champion

    It’s great to meet one of the “Young Guns” of Ufology. He seems to have a natural moral compass and appears to have a good sense of journalistic practice. His bent toward objectivity is certainly welcome within the overall ufo community!

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