Blast from the Past: RD interview in 2019

By | August 7, 2021

Lately, I’ve been seeing some of my older interviews and lectures posted on various YouTube channels. I found two more this morning. This is a 16 minute clip with George Noory from his Gaia show, Beyond Belief. It was done sometime around the summer of 2019. Everything in this is now “old news,” but it’s still an interesting clip describing the UFO situation at the time as it was unfolding. 


4 thoughts on “Blast from the Past: RD interview in 2019

  1. mcwest50

    Richard, I have been here long enough to appreciate those who contribute to making this
    forum what it is, a place were one can write an opinion free from censorship or being
    cancelled. Someone referred to me as an outliner, close but I’ve always been an outrider
    as I keep an eye on the forum and remind those to be open but stay skeptical without being
    judgmental. The forum needs a evaluation of where we’re at in a general sense. A question-
    naire to give us a sense of what we mostly believe or not. About Ufo’s and what we know about
    them. For instance do we think saucer shaped vehicles are Alien or ours. Delta’s are TR3’s or
    Alien or ours. Do you believe they are here with bases above and below ground or outside of
    earth on the moon or other planetary bodies. Do you think there are Hybrids amongst us?
    These are a few questions that should be asked. You know better than anyone what questions
    are pertinent. I would like to know what people think of SkinWalker or Chris Bledsoes experiences
    This is something I started to ask in a topic but was quickly sent to obscurity on the second page.
    What could give us a real look at where this forum is generally then a questionnaire.

    ps: Im happy for Tracey and you, I’ve taken a break so has my wife and it helps perspective.
    God Bless

  2. PressToDigitate

    Two years ago – and two years into the AATIP revelations – you were already convinced that ‘truthful’ Disclosure would not come from Government; you go on the record with that assumption here, in this interview (and have many times before). If there were any doubt remaining, the June 24th report, which essentially gave us *nothing* (despite candor having been expressly written into the [bipartisan] Law by Congress), should have sealed the deal in the minds of any remaining devotees of “Disclosure”.

    And, with the recent actions of Google Jigsaw, with the RAND Corporation, it is, specifically, *what is ‘in the minds of’ the devotees of Disclosure* that the ‘Alien Security State’ is now preparing to target, for future “information operations” (a/k/a “Psy-Ops”). This would be ominous enough if it were simply to be renewed ‘Mockingbird’ propaganda and censorship on Social Media. But, just today, someone posted this, which actually came out *two years ago*, within weeks of you doing that interview with George:

    and Then someone sent me This, and I thought, “Oh, What the Hell, let’s give Jigsaw – and the ‘Alien Security State’ – something to *really* worry about”; so, here’s a dash of the latest COVID/Vaxx Conspiracy “Theory”, replete with the warning (at 14.05) that “It might just as well be an Invasion from Another Planet”:

    Note the injected, magnetically-responsive Graphene cluster being surgically extracted from the ‘Vaccinaut’. This technology is *far* behind Human, and even those elements of Human research which approach it have apparently been ‘seeded’ extensively by a more advanced ET source – for many years, now – to get to the point where they can even apprehend the technology. This is why [ex-DARPA, ex-Facebook F8] *Regina Dugan*, moving to head the new “Wellcome Leap” project by the shadowy Wellcome Trust “Big Pharma” syndicate, with its stipulated intention,

    to “Develop strategies for identifying candidate microbial metabolites or cytokines that
    affect EF [brain “Executive Function”] outcomes and/or subcomponents of EF in children” is especially problematic. I would note the apparent similarity between the object removed from the Vaxxed subject in the video, and the Alien Implants removed from Abductees by Dr. Roger Leir. Although Dr. Dugan’s move to Wellcome was just recently noted, in the reporting of Whitney Webb,

    Dugan actually took over the Wellcome Leap project in May of 2020, more than a year ago, and before any vaccine was publicly acknowledged to exist. It all sure smells ‘Vichy’ to me. So, here we are, two years later following this interview, and your prediction as to the government’s lack of truth in its “Disclosure” narrative has been borne out, and our “Big Space Brothers” are looking, increasingly, like “Big Brother from Space”. The “Alien Visitation Conspiracy Theory” that Google/RAND are really worried about isn’t simply that “They’re Here” (that has *never* been the concern of the NSS/ASS Coverup on ETUFO), its knowledge of the Alien “Doings” and the Human “Subjects” which They are *doing it to*, that (as the RAND paper suggests) is what will really panic them as it starts to come out. THAT is *Exposure* – and it needs to be done SOON.


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