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By | July 26, 2023

Hi Everyone, 

I did an appearance on News Nation this evening, appearing along with Nick Pope to discuss the UAP Hearing for July 26. We discussed several elements to what the Hearing might bring and overall I thought it was a positive segment. There’s never enough time to say all you want to say on those news broadcasts, but I enjoyed being there.

There was in fact a second segment in which I had quite a bit more to say. Not sure if that will be posted. If so I will make sure to post it.

Hopefully there will be more in this UAP-heavy news environment! 


9 thoughts on “Appearance on News Nation

  1. Christian Morales

    Yes! Richard freaking Dolan on News Nation! Not to stoke your ego but I’m happy! You win I win!

  2. MarkH

    Hi Richard
    Congress has been handed a 240-page document on the history of UFOs over the past 75 years, the credible ones. The document has leaked to NEWS NATION. They should have just read your book. There may be three surprise witnesses kept secret due to threats and intimidation.

  3. Tom McKibbin

    Finally! I’ve been wondering why more news channels don’t call on you for your input. Obviously, one reason is very few news channels are actually covering the story, and the other is that Jeremy Corbell seems to be the go-to guy for some reason. Nothing against Jeremy (except that podcast title…) but there are other, more experienced and nuanced experts out there. Great job, Richard!

  4. itsmeRitaC

    Richard, i didn’t get to catch you on youtube but i accidently caught you on newsnation. I thought you came off very, very well on the topic. 🙂 And good choice to wear a tie and jacket. Nick Pope had like a casual shirt on. And it was a very interesting contrast in other ways. I did see you guys talk after they did a break and came back. I thought the interviewer gave you time to say a few things without interrupting.

    Well, i am not a Pope fan and he rambled, imo. But that is how i see him anyway.

    Newsnation seems to have decided to be the network that is all over the topic.

  5. D.A.


    Regarding what David Grusch could say at the hearing today: the true wild card is the level of authority held by those within the pro-disclosure faction of the MIC, who are behind the scenes and who have original classification authority (OCA). These are likely the same people who originally helped Mellon declassify the Tic-Tac, Gimbal, and Go-fast videos, and later Corbell’s trans-medium and flying pyramid videos. Remember Mellon retired in 2004 and therefor could not have had OCA himself, so he had to have had help from someone, or someones, on the inside all along, who were high up on the food chain–the same people who likely backed operation AOA and it’s charter members, from Stratton and Lacatski to Puthoff, Elizondo, Mellon, et al., from the get go.

    I always appreciated you being gracious enough to humor me about my whacky AOA theory over the last year or so, but all you need to do is listen to Episode #26 of Knapp’s Weaponized podcast to see there is more than just a nugget of truth to it. At about 44 minutes into it, Knapp starts connecting the disclosure dots back to…that’s right, AAWSAP–the same program that had as part of its charter to investigate not only UFOs and paranormal activity at the Skinwalker ranch and beyond (see all the places now being investigated on the TV show “Beyond Skinwalker Ranch”), but to investigate–as identified in one of BAASS’ AAWSAP contract deliverables–allegations into a deep-state faction within the MIC (and their contractors), who were rumored to have alien craft in their possession.

    Furthermore, we all know that AAWSAP was run by the DIA–the same DIA VADM Wilson worked for when he had his famous soiree with the gate keepers; the same DIA he had become Director of just a few years later (a promotion that was no doubt assured by his silence). Also keep in mind that Harry Reid (along with Lacatski and Bigelow) was instrumental in creating AAWSAP. And who was one of Reid’s closest Senate allies and one-time protege? That’s right, Chuck Schumer–the same Senator, who recently came out of left field to author a bill to incentivize, and/or coerce, private entities into giving up their UFO materials. In order to have stuck his political neck out, like he did, Schumer must have good reason to believe the allegations are true. Perhaps he knew all along. There are a lot of dots to connect. I would also love to see both Lazar and Bigelow give testimony at one of these hearings some day. Unfortunately, that will never happen. I would also love to find out who the government accountant was that almost outed the deep-state reverse engineering program, unless of course the gate keepers were actually referring to Lazar, but didn’t want give him any credibility by mentioning his name to Wilson.

    You see, it all goes back to the DIA and AAWSAP, which had more than likely started to uncover the truth about the deep-state reverse engineering programs (which Wilson almost uncovered in the late ‘90’s and Lazar made public in 1989), but was shuttered in 2012 due to the loss of funding. In the end, it was that shuttering of AAWSAP that ultimately led to operation AOA and the path of UFO disclosure that we now find ourselves on. Just watch Episode 26 of Weaponized. Knapp points right to it. Next time you speak to George, tell him D.A. said thanks for corroborating the AOA theory. Oh, and maybe I will contact you one day about tips on authoring/publishing a book. I already know the title: “Agents of AAWSAP: Connecting the Dots to UFO Disclosure”. I think it sounds pretty catchy. What do you think?

    Just my not-so-humble opinion;-)


    PS: Of course, by the time you get around to reading this comment, today’s hearing will be long over, and all our questions about what they would say will have been answered…hopefully to our satisfaction and not disappointment.

  6. Craig Champion

    Nice showing on News Nation! Very articulate closing point regarding the historical significance of direct testimony by qualified military personnel before our elected representatives. While the results of the testimony will apparently need to go through the outlined bureaucratic channels, perhaps, as a consequence of these hearings, over time there’ll eventually be some progress in terms of the acknowledgement of some of the deeper aspects of the phenomenon (possession of craft and bodies).


  7. itsmeRitaC

    Hi, since i don’t do twitter or X. LOL. AOC was a surprise to me and the most directive toward private contractors. I thought she sounded the smartest. A lot of them on the committee were not too bright in general intelligence terms. I think Graves was the only one that was not afraid to talk. Fravor is such a company man, i can’t say much. Grusch had nothing that he could tell anyone from what i have seen in two hours. He can’t even tell about his personal experience, but says he never had any personal encounters. Huh?????

    Oh, now they are going down the big national threat existential threat, rabbit hole. Who is this a hole? Guessing a neocon republican type. Yes, i can tell republican neocons within like ten seconds. Mr. Ogles. I will look him up. He seems to want to go to war on ET. Yes, R. from Tennessee. It doesn’t take much thought to know.

    LOL. Jeremy Corbell is now in the official records for all time and sitting back there like he is the manager of all this.

    I find it sort of ironic that James Clapper is right there i think in the same row as Corbell and Knapp. Sorry, but that amuses me.


    I’ve actually waited for this with more hopes than I have for Disclosure 2.0. It’s about f*cking time you get well-deserved recognition as a go-to voice on this topic.

    As for what you said, it was tailored to the venue and your debut there. I’m sure you will have the chance to say more soon!

    You needed to act like a cheerleader in this appearance, but you’ll have ample chance if things go south to point to a record of reasonable scepticism about Disclosure 2.0. Try not to lionize the “witnesses” too much. The rest of the media is doing a pretty good job of that.

    Because the Fravor and Graves videos are now, shall we say, less than what we thought they were, could this be a chance for them to be the rest of the way discredited and debunked? I’d like to think so…. but probably not. You and I both know that the threat narrative will be further rolled out here.

    We MUST trust Our Military Heroes ™ !!!! They are trustworthy BECAUSE they are in the military! Military people NEVER lie or do anything wrong because they still follow the Boy Scout Oath in addition to their own body of law…. the Secret Code of Military Toughness, or UCMJ.

    Reagan said, “Trust, but verify.”

    I say, “Don’t trust these motherf*ckers an inch, and subject anything they say or show to the most stringent verifications possible.”

    Again, congrats on the NewsNation appearance. They are an up and coming outlet, and the other pack animals in media will note your appearance, and you’ll get calls. I know you’ll do a great job, Mr. Dolan. You have worked hard and you deserve recognition…. and our great nation deserves what you have to say in this rapidly changing time.

  9. Robert McGwier

    The run up the night before was angst filled. But it made sense for subcommittee chair and ranking member to lead this.

    Thanks for your coverage and I like News Nation. MSM sucks.


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