Another Great Find by the “Young Guns” — Miller Letter to Wilson

By | June 28, 2020

James Iandoli, one of the “Young Guns” of Ufology (so-nicknamed by Grant Cameron), had a great find recently, something which was actually on the site of Dr. Steven Greer but apparently not noticed. A 1995 letter from Navy Commander Will Miller to Admiral Thomas Wilson. 

Aside from throwing more cold water over Wilson’s claims of having no interest in UFOs, it shows that communication preceded the famous 1997 meeting by at least two years. Miller stated “I appreciate your call a few months ago, and wanted to keep you informed on the enclosed subject…” Included in the letter are not only the names of Steven Greer and Edgar Mitchell, but Jesse Marcel, Jr. and Roswell. 

It supports other statements by Miller, collected nicely by Joe Murgia (another Young Gun), that he was the driving force behind the briefing of 1997. 

It continues to amaze me how dense so many prominent UFO researchers and journalists can be. Wilson makes a denial, which quite frankly is the only thing he can do in this situation, and no one is expected to question that. I hear and read some of these utterly ignorant proclamations and just shake my head. 

I have included Miller’s letter here but encourage you to go directly also to Joe’s site (linked below).

The letter from Steven Greer’s website was quite fuzzy but was cleaned up by Giuliano Marinkovic. I’ve copied and included both here. Giuliano’s is much easier to read for sure.  

You can also read this letter on Joe’s website here:

I recommend checking through Joe’s site in detail.

As well as on Danny Silva’s page

13 thoughts on “Another Great Find by the “Young Guns” — Miller Letter to Wilson

  1. Bobby Kahler

    Where are the Recipes?!! and what were they For? Moon Pies? ET egg salad? Extra Crispy ET, from the Roswell Collection of recipes of Dr Jesse Marcel Jr. ,”How to serve man”?? These Missing Recipes will give added credibility to These “alleged genuine” letters!!
    hahahahah sorry…

    1. Simmo1

      The fact that the recipes weren’t included just shows how unreliable this “correspondence” is. Are we to believe that these individuals within the heart of the national security establishment would have private conversations with interested parties over several years and yet Mrs Wilson’s dinner is also highly classified??? It beggars belief.

      Yes, CMDR Miller knew RADM Wilson. Yes, CMDR Miller knew Steven Greer. Yes, I suppose you could possibly conjecture that maybe CMDR Miller introduced Greer to RADM Wilson. But I keep coming back to those mysterious recipes.

      Why the mystery? Are they classified?

      Honestly, I must impugn the intelligence of anyone willing to accept that there is a relationship between CMDR Miller and RADM Wilson without also verifying the content of the lasagne. Or was it Chicken cacciatore? Or Mongolian beef? IT COULD BE LITERALLY ANYTHING.

      Without the recipes, there is no Pentagon meeting. That is clear.

      And that is why we need to dismiss this whole episode immediately, and direct our attention on other matters, such as my newly published book “are UFOs even real? No, and you’re an Idiot for Even Entertaining the Idea” available now through Amazon

    2. Richard Dolan Post author

      Are you actually suggesting that the recipes are necessary for this document to be credible? Or are you just engaging in some fringy humor that probably no one caught? Don’t worry — it probably happens to us all one time or another. 🙂

      1. Simmo1

        Good lord no, no recipes required. It was weird comedy. I’ve cracked after listening to too many people within the ufological community stick to obtuse, stubborn reasoning. A lot of it doesn’t feel like good faith tbh

      2. John_Bruno

        While I do not think the missing recipes would either add or subtract credibility to the above document.. However, The first sentence “I trust that all continues well in the Pentagon in spite of the Islamic jihad” just screamed private code to me, also the quotation marks around the word spare as In my “spare” time could just mean (like I have any) ore could also mean something private. Just a very strong feeling I have.. so I would love to peruse the missing recipes.. they may be the most important part of the whole doc..
        Very interesting and also sadly typical in ufology, You think you find something important and it just leads to more questions 🙁
        Thank you Richard!!

        1. OgronWaitress

          Same here. It’s an odd way to start a letter in…1995. Or any time, to be frank. Was the Pentagon then being infiltrated by mujahideen? I don’t recall any news reports at the time.

      3. Bobby Kahler

        Im just Funnin. What, with all that is going on, as of late. But there was no intention of questioning your credibility. But.. just sayin… if we have notes on people Giving last rites to injured Aliens, we surely could have a recipe for Good ol’ American Apple Pie.. or..whatever. My apologies for drifting too far… I suppose my perspective is not the same as yours, Mr Dolan. I already know of the reality of the Phenomenon, and with that Knowing comes insight from a different ..angle? it is a serious topic indeed… but a thousand years from now, won’t folks look back and laugh at our Ignorance, and misguided belief systems?… You on the other hand are trying to prove the existence of Life from other planets,,or even perhaps dimensions.. You , are on the outside, looking in, perhaps? I Loved Simmos reply, who, seemed to understand the Nuances of my humor.

        I appreciate your presence on the web
        Sir, and respect your laborious efforts. So much so…I plan on renewing my membership if you haven’t increased my rates…higher than anybody else’s…. ( and Just when taking UFO topic seriously is gaining traction!! ) Is there no time for Tan’gental’ HUMOR? BTW i didnt mention Little green men…. just moon Pies…

  2. jennymemon

    Yes indeed Richard, not really a letter that you would send to a man with ‘no interest’ in the subject, is it?!

  3. J-Rod

    I’ve never heard of one person , in any position of authority, say they’ve been briefed by Dr. Greer. Has anyone here heard?

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      There was the episode of Steven Greer with CIA Director James Woolsey, Arlington Institute Director John Peterson, and everyone’s wife (including the prominent Sue Woolsey). This was in 1994, I believe, and Greer apparently did a lot of UFO discussion at a dinner gathering. The whole thing appears to have been engineered by John Peterson. Greer soon after started talking about it as a briefing, which the other parties denied. No, it wasn’t a formal briefing, of course. But it’s clear they all gathered to hear Steven Greer talk about UFOs. A very interesting event, for sure.

  4. FamousAmos

    Great find indeed – gives even more credibility to the story, which already is highly credible.
    Thank you to Richard Dolan and the Young Guns for doggedly researching and driving this enormously important story — we cannot let this get embargoed, buried and forgotten.

    Note — there are two typos in the “cleaned up” version of the letter that do not exist in the blurrier original document off Greer’s website:
    1. “(-Join Chiefs of Staff)”
    2. “I understand that an international press release in planned in the near future.”


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