Announcing my new book on Youtube tonight

By | November 24, 2020

NEW BOOK BY RICHARD DOLAN: The Alien Agendas – YouTube

Letting everyone know I will be LIVE tonight at 8 p.m. Eastern time to talk about my new book.



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  1. James Kim Efishoff

    Thank you, Rich. I ordered the book through Amazon. I’m looking forward to a really good read.

    Best wishes for you and Tracy for a great thanksgiving with those you love.

  2. PressToDigitate

    The problem with the notion that Human authorities are “powerless to prevent” the Alien Abductions is that it faces serious logical hurdles, among which are the multitude of Crash Retrievals, many of which are indisputable. The plethora of testimonies that we have downed Alien Flying Saucers with high power Microwave beams, first from early, inefficient WWII Radar (which had to operate at high power to return a detectable signal), and then, from specially built devices intended for the purpose, tells us we are not defenseless against Them. These different testimonies, which have included ’40s era Radar personnel and ’70s era Directed Energy Weapons technicians, are further corroborated by the significant theoretical and experimental basis for Anti-Gravity, Electrogravitation & Gravimetric propulsion that Human researchers, even in the public arena, have achieved, telling us that such field effects would, *necessarily*, be susceptible to just such interference. We also – conspicuously – lack *ANY* credible reports from anywhere that any of the UFO Crashes were the result of weapons fire from *other* Extraterrestrials, of some competing power, engaged in “defending us”. Thus, the notion of Human governments/militaries being “powerless” to protect Abduction victims must rest on the presumption, against all evidence, that all UFO Crashes resulted from either Mechanical Failure or Pilot Error, which are the only – though, logically untenable, alternatives to DEW-based “Anti-Saucer” air defense weaponry.

    Since the idea that Abductions are, in fact, performed by Human authorities, or “MILABS” (apart from *perhaps* a scant few – which remains conjecture) can be easily dismissed for a number of mostly irrefutable reasons (No Motive, Don’t Have the Tech Required, Insufficient Personnel, etc.), the question of Collaboration, Complicity – and/or the Compromise and Co-option of Human Authorities becomes the scope of viable explanations. I believe that this logical reduction bounds the scope of Human/Alien interaction, at least with respect to the dominant [Abducting] ETUFO presence, and helps to define the parameters of the Ufology/Conspiracy theoretical nexus.

    The Hypotheses that either A) Our National Security State has been infiltrated by Alien Hybrid Operatives in order to neutralize our defenses, and that they have, in fact done so; or B) The Human Ruling Elite (i.e. Illuminati) are willingly sacrificing us ‘common folk’ to inhuman Alien molestation, in order to benefit themselves, are actually testable propositions. Megawatt-class, frequency-tunable GyroKlystron and Gyrotron Microwave Tubes are industrially available, suitable for modification into a mobile, bespoke ‘Anti-Saucer’ device, which could be tested against ETUFO targets at predictable rendezvous coordinates, presumably associated with serial Abductees. Effective beam power levels comparable to or exceeding that of 1947 Radar can be easily be achieved in this manner, and varied across a wide range of frequencies. An ensuing UFO crash would validate one or both of the hypotheses, although it would not preferentially prove one over the other. However, it is probable that our direct acquisition and public examination of the Crash Debris, and interrogation of any survivors, would yield further actionable intelligence on the subject.

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      This is a good and valid point. I could amend my comment to “much” of the people in the know are powerless, but yes I agree with you that at least some are complicit. That’s more accurate.

      1. Scott Madsen

        So, who is going to fix the plumbing Richard?

        Rambling thoughts about your somewhat misguided video. (Forgive me, if I misinterpreted your points.)

        Humans are no where near the stage where we are going to ascend to a “higher plane” or have any great leap of consciousness as so many New Age lemmings proclaim. And why would the the aliens want to help us anyway? We are relatively primitive. Our life support infrastructure is extensive, and as you pointed out we have very independent minds which cannot be easily reprogrammed. How, then, will ET manage the human race with seven billion people? I don’t think they will be able to flip a switch and suddenly humans will “understand”.

        I buy into Jacobs writing about a “hubrid” plan to a wide extent, but I also share his concerns that they are not implementing an alien agenda that is necessarily beneficial to humans as we exist. Rather, it could be a plan to lift the chosen (perhaps new elite hubrids) and eliminate or enslave the rest. Although it’s unclear why.

        Here is a quote from David Jacobs:

        “It is clear now that integration into human society is the aliens’ primary goal.
        All aliens are part of a dedicated program to integrate hubrids into humanity.
        They perform their duties to fulfill the program’s purposes and are all
        interconnected neurologically. All give allegiance to the insectalins. They do
        not talk about healing the Earth, or healing or enlightening humans, or joining
        together with humans in a cosmic community, or anything else that might help
        humans. They talk about sending aliens to Earth to live here undetected and
        eventually to supplant humans.”
        ― David M. Jacobs, Walking Among Us: The Alien Plan to Control Humanity

        Richard, you also talked about the changes that you detect right now as part of what is coming…”The Great Reset?” The great reset is nothing beyond a plot by the people who are pushing for a New World Order and Globalist vision. It is a straight up power grab of the Socialist/Communist Chinese variety. It will lead to blood shed, gulags, and poverty. It would be a revolution. And I, along with many others, won’t go quietly. I’m surprised you would see it as an advance toward some kind of enlightenment.

        How can you imply that the great reset is good, as in good vs. evil? How can you celebrate giving up freedom of speech, private property, independence, self-determination, and privacy as a great leap forward? The Great Reset won’t lead to an amazing new world for humanity. Socialism is never good, it always leads to misery. Do you not have concern for the future of your family? Aren’t you a historian? I hope you are not advocating passivity in the face of a coming Socialist wave, bowing to the promise of an Alien utopia.

        As for the elite being somewhat aware of the Alien presence, of course. Are they trying to control the population so they can control human interaction with these intelligences? Perhaps yes. The elites always want to control power and they think they know what is best for us. The great reset could be a prelude.

        Socialism is not an advancement, it is regressive. Utopia cannot exist in a world with free will. And perhaps that is part of the Alien Agenda, to remove free will. To turn the human species into hive minded slaves. I suspect that is as close to the truth as I can get right now. We are to be controlled. You said it yourself, “the Insectalins run the show.” It has been clear to me for years that the Aliens have a hierarchy, they do what they are told, they don’t exist in egalitarian bliss. Maybe they don’t know the concept of pleasure or achievement or individuality. How sad.

        And Richard, why do you accept the over the top lunatic anti-human ramblings and prognostications of the tech elites (Raymond Kurzweil being one of the least impressive, to me). They’ve been spouting that AI is just around the corner for almost 50 years… Which is before I began studying computer science.

        I think they may be able to simulate intelligence, but I don’t think we are close to creating a true antonymous intelligence computationally. I’m with Sir Dr. Roger Penrose on this, when he talks about the limitations of a computational view of consciousness.

        And you’ve got to be skeptical of the buzz words AI and Quantum Computing and what they really mean.

        It is unfortunate, that much of the technology being developed is not being developed expressly for betterment of humanity, but instead as tools for the elites to use to increase their own power and wealth, usually at the expense of the vast majority of everyday people, because someone has still got to fix the plumbing.

        Anyway, I was pretty surprised at the turn you’ve taken. And not favorably surprised.


        1. PressToDigitate

          While I agree with most of what you’re saying, I believe that was inaccurate (and unfair) with respect to Richard’s position on all of this. He doesn’t characterize the Change as “desirable” so much as [arguably] “inevitable”. While I sympathize with that assessment, I do not share it.

          You said: “Our life support infrastructure is extensive, and as you pointed out we have very independent minds which cannot be easily reprogrammed. How, then, will ET manage the human race with seven billion people? I don’t think they will be able to flip a switch and suddenly humans will “understand”.”

          The problem Is that a nascent (and growing) Hybrid ‘Alien Occupation’ is liable to reduce Humanity to a 500 Million slave, “Worker Caste” to service that Infrastructure for their convenience (because, as you say, “someone will still have to fix the plumbing”), and, yes, this will mutate our world into an Orwellian Hellscape in the process. By the end of this decade, full-duplex neurotech will be a part of everyone’s mobile electronics; your boxy rectangular pocket-carried 4G Smartphone will give way to a wearable 5G-BCI “HeadPhone”. This has been the principal objective of the Illuminati since [at least] 1969 – that we can prove, definitively. That’s how they will be able to manage the Human Race with seven, five, three or one billion people – or some fraction of that amount. And, with everyone eagerly jacked-in to an ET-controlled “Hive Mind” (courtesy of the Techlords of the Deep State – Google, Facebook, etc.), YES, they will most certainly be able to flip a switch, and suddenly all Humans will “understand”.

          Richard is, I believe, as ardently opposed to this outcome as anyone could be; which is fortunate, given that his opposition to it *matters* more than practically anyone else’s, since no one else of note in either Ufology or Conspiracy circles has managed to pull the pieces together the way Richard is now beginning to do publicly. If it gets by him, its going to get by pretty much everyone else on the planet until its too late to matter.

            1. Scott Madsen

              As I said when I began, “Forgive me, if I misinterpreted your points.” Perhaps I missed your repudiation of the future you outlined. I guess I should listen at normal speed on YouTube.

              You outlined the fears I have had for several years, its not that hard to see it coming, but most people don’t recognize the danger. Many people are just not that bright, they’re easily fooled, emotional, and are captured by normalcy bias.

              For me the future looks dark, whether there is direct alien intervention or not, only extreme extraordinary efforts will will prevent slavery.

              I’m happy you wrote the book I hope it receives lots of attention, it sound like you’ve taken a brave stand.

            2. Scott Madsen

              I just finished listening to your video again at normal speed LOL. I really do apologize for getting it so wrong. I take in a lot of stuff every day and sometimes I get the streams crossed. I largely agree with what you said. And I just bought your book, looking forward to digging into it.

              Thanks for your understanding.

          1. Scott Madsen


            I don’t think so. There won’t be a man/machine communications link with enough resolution to effectively communicate complex data through someone’s skull by 2030. Its just not going to happen.

            As I alluded to before, these technologists always hype their projects. Yes, they are making progress, but the science fiction version remains stubbornly out of reach. As long as the Universities and research labs hype the small advances and talk about the Sci Fi version they will continue to get funding. But don’t hold your breath.

            Another example is robotics, yes they are great for manufacturing where the programming is finite and limited, But I’ve yet to see the promise of even the simplest robot that can do house chores for instance. For the foreseeable future I think we are stuck with cheap robot vacuums.

            I don’t know if you remember the Alphabet owned company Boston Robotics? Alphabet sold it to a Japanese company. Boston Robotics was a big deal at one time. They have the robot dog that the military was looking at.

            Well, the robo dog was given to someone (I can’t remember who now) to test out for the weekend. The video showed the dog walking out of a truck and immediately falling off the truck ramp on its back. People rush over to right it. It struggled to walk on any uneven surface. So much for the robo dog they’ve been working on for 10-15 years. That’s probably why Alphabet sold the company to the Japanese.

            These problems, robotics, AI, and human machine interfaces are HARD, but we’ve been promised Back To The Future Hover Boards, and Jetsons flying cars, so why not AI robot servants? Well, its hard. And people are naive. So are the elite.

            No, if our freedom is going to be taken away, it will be done the old fashioned way with a technological twist. They will track us, control our freedom, energy use, movements, money, and health at the barrel of a gun.

            There could be a major break through, but as of now the human advances are incremental not revolutionary.

            If there are alien hubrids with the ability to control our minds, that changes everything.

            1. Richard Dolan Post author

              Very good points here, well worth consideration from all of us, certainly myself included. All I can do is follow this subject as well as the next person, but it seems to me that there will indeed continue to be breakthroughs, although not perhaps of the kind that we keep envisioning. But strong AI is definitely continuing to change our world. Also, the truly fantastic breakthroughs may well come, even if a few decades later than predicted. I just think it’s silly to dismiss, since we are still pretty low on a potentially exponential line.

            2. PressToDigitate

              Before the turn of the century, motion video seen by the Human eye could be detected, decoded, reconstructed and viewed on a monitor, albeit at a high noise ratio – but recognizeably – by non-invasive sensing of the brain’s Visual Cortex, using Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (“fMRI”), a room-sized scanner which then weighed several tons. Less than a decade later – and, now, a decade ago – the same could be accomplished – at much higher fidelity – using Near Infrared Optical Tomography (fNIRS/NIRFAST), with a few ounces of small LEDs and Sensors mounted on the equivalent of a Tennis Sweatband. Considerable advances have been made since then in transcranial BCI technology. It is not Science Fiction any longer.

              The 2002 Philip K. Dick film “Minority Report” presciently predicted this type of device, five years before the fact; also of interest is the “Pink Light” visible from the Near-IR devices, foretold in PKD’s 2/3/74 Contactee experience. There are also extensive U.S. Patent estates, by Hendricus Loos, Sony and others, for non-invasive, full-duplex, transcranial Brain Computer Interface architectures, most of which have been in proprietary corporate development outside the public eye for more than 20 years.

              Apart from the dozen or so of the largest tech companies on the planet – and few dozen tech startups – in a ‘death race’ to be the first to deploy practical full-duplex BCI in consumer electronics, and the NIH, DARPA, CERN and other government technologies seeking “Synthetic Telepathy” which will be commercialized by telcos early on, we have to consider the direct “spin-on” of ET neurotechnical solutions. We know that Abductee Implants exhibit active nanoscale neural interface capabilities beyond anything published in the terrestrial scientific literature. Since the ET’s overriding objective is an electronic “Drone Yoke” that Humans will eagerly adopt on a widespread basis, sold to them by popular brands as “The Next Big Thing”, there is no reason to believe they will refrain from filling any technological gaps that exist this decade, in order to meet their timetable.

              However, at this point, it is not clear that any such technological gaps remain that would prevent the introduction of wearable 5G-BCI, offering a transcranial full-duplex neural interface before 2030. This also neglects the invasive Neuralink, which up to a quarter of the population would willingly submit to.

              As to the problems you cited with Boston Dynamics’ “Robot Dog”; I submit that those issues are long since overcome, not only by BD but by several other emerging vendors, as well.

        2. itsmeRitaC

          Without even listening to the youtube here, i know that you are not at all understanding where Richard is coming from. I personally disagree with much of what you are saying here btw, but if you listened to any of his recent stuff, your comment doesn’t address his perspective. And i am not on board with some of it at all. Btw, Jacobs is questionable as far as i am concerned, although he is no doubt sincere.

          1. Scott Madsen

            Yes, I pay close attention to what Richard says. That’s why I was shocked by what I thought I heard him say. (Sorry Richard). I consider Richard the most savvy and level headed of the top UFOlogists. But I especially like his common sense views of our society. He doesn’t talk about politics or sociology directly, however, it under girds his views with common sense.

            I would hope you wouldn’t think that I would believe anyone %100, I do not. I have my own theories, not one theory, many theories. Jacobs writing represents just one data point, one possibility.

            But there is something that is compelling about Jacobs story. After all, he has been doing it a long time, and he seems truly disturbed by what he has found. Many researchers have also studied abductions and found evidence of a hybridization program.

            Yes, the abduction branch of UFOlogy is controversial and I have lurched from skepticism to belief and back several times. But something keeps me coming back to consider it and a hybridization program. I guess, because it gives the abductions, as described, a reason to occur.

            As to the current predicament of the human race. What seems apparent right now is that the trend lines are moving toward less freedom, not more, more censorship, not less, and more deception, more control, and possibly tyranny.

      2. PressToDigitate

        Testable proposition, Richard; “Build It, And They Will Come”…and will then either hit the ground, “Tits Up” in an amazing spectacle, or go on and fly off as if nothing had happened (or, perhaps, Zap us back, into subatomic particles in a brilliant flash of Gamma Rays; but I digress…). But, it would quickly sort out, once and for all [and for all to see], the question of whether we’re just poor helpless punks on the cosmic street corner at the mercy of every bully on the block, or, we’re being whored out for the pleasure of others by our own Illuminated thuggish Intelligence ‘Pimp Class’. “Enquiring Minds Want to Know!”

  3. Christina

    Congratulations on your new book, Richard 😊 I’ll be fast asleep when you’re on YouTube, but I’m really looking forward to reading it…

    Take care, both you and Tracey, and stay sane x

  4. Scott Santa

    Thank you Richard and Tracey – received the book yesterday! AND – Thank you Richard for the nod in the acknowledgement section. What a pleasant surprise and so very much appreciated!

    A Very Happy Thanksgiving to you, Tracey and the family – and to everyone on this site!

  5. Lievesley

    Just ordered the book from Amazon…I may prioritise reading it over Dr Michael P. Masters “Identified Flying Objects”!

  6. Andromeda107

    I just finished reading the your book and I must say I extremely enjoyed it. I want to thank Tracey for sharing her encounters of the hooded being her and her friend encountered and her dream, which sounds to me might have been some type of alien contact, or possibly abduction,and the drawings really help me see it better in my mind. I can definitely say after reading Aliens Agendas, I am more certain than before that there is secret faction within our military/ government that are in league with an ET group, whether its all the ones you discussed in the book or just one type, they are ,in my opinion working with these beings, and I am pretty sure that whoever they are are benefiting from it, probably from some type of technology are just be traveling onboard one the crafts. The abduction case of your friend Danny and the military officer in the room telling him he won’t remember and the story of Ramos and the reptilians he and the other military guys met, pretty much solidified the idea of very beyond covert top secret group working with these beings. They probably just said whats the harm in letting them abduct a few million people for some procedures, in return we get some highly advanced technology.
    Not to mention Richard you made some good points on our civilization by now being able to detect crafts entering mountains or coming in and out of our atmosphere.

    I also liked how you you categorized and talked about each species from the human-looking ones to hybrids-hubrids to tall/short grays, to the mantis/reptilians and beyond, that was very well done.I know you say for can’t for certain that all what you talked about is accurate and true, but I will say that I am pretty most is true that not.This was really good book, I hope more people read it and think long and hard about the era we are headed in , no doubt that AI and constant monitoring.Most likely it is already here in some form, and like you said Richard, this is probably the big Change the aliens have been talking about,when you said that it was like a light went on in my brain, I was like he is probably freaking right!!its happening right before our eyes, but most us refuse to see it. ” Resistance is futile” as the borg said . Tell Tracey I think she should do another regression.

  7. fredrik

    I haven’t followed the threads above, sorry. But I have just finished reading the new book. luckily I had a day off work and didn’t have to take a day off, to read it. I love the way Richard keeps an open mind and doesn’t try to close an argument. So many books try to lead you, however passively, down a pre organised thought path towards a conclusion. I really enjoy and value the fact that this is just what Richard tries to avoid.
    He gathers a very wide field and pulls it together so that newbies and veterans alike can enjoy the ride. If you’re some one who enjoys keeping an open mind, in a minefield not of our making, this is a hugely enjoyable book. Reading a new book by a trusted author, is a birthday treat every time for me. Thanks for writing it Richard.

  8. Louis Sheehan

    Hi Richard, I took your course ever so long ago. I read the book and the one comment I have (over looking the typos — in the early edition I had? ) was that the very well accepted scientific concept of ‘convergent evolution’ was missing! It seems to obviously apply to the relative similarities in morphology, and the more we can tie UFOlogy to conventional science the better. Another person and I had a conversation about it in the forums under the book title (The Alien Agendas).”In evolutionary biology, convergent evolution is the process whereby organisms not closely related (not monophyletic), independently evolve similar traits as a result of having to adapt to similar environments or ecological niches.”,similar%20environments%20or%20ecological%20niches.

    There are good pictures (better than on wikipedia) out there demonstrating the process.
    Nevertheless, here is wikipedia:

    — Lou

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      Hello Lou, yes I do understand the principles of convergent evolution. Although I don’t use the term explicitly in my latest book, I do think I incorporated the fundamental principles in some of my discussion about how successful extraplanetary aliens are likely to develop. In my earlier book, UFOs for the 21st century mind, I don’t believe I had a deep a discussion on this idea, so yes you were right to point that out.

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