Announcement: Richard with George Knapp on C2C AM

By | December 20, 2019

Hi everyone, 

I will be appearing on Coast to Coast AM on Saturday night (early Sunday morning Eastern time) with George Knapp. The official time will be 10 p.m. till midnight Pacific time on Saturday, Dec. 21st, which is 1-3 a.m. Sunday Dec. 22nd Eastern Time. 

Link is here:

I see I will be followed by Alejandro Rojas, who I definitely enjoy hearing. He’s always worth listening to, in my view. 

I always enjoy talking with George Knapp and am grateful I got the earlier slot. 🙂




25 thoughts on “Announcement: Richard with George Knapp on C2C AM

  1. Lazy Mystic

    Yayyy, Richard!

    CTC is such a unique and legendary national outlet. I am sure you will have a great conversation there, especially reflecting upon all that happened this past year of our lives on this wild, enigmatic planet.

    (Did you or anyone hear ‘Ariel Phenomenon’ documentary film maker Randall Nickerson appear on CTC a couple years ago?
    (re: the 1994 Zimbabwe school UFO landing story, w/ Dr. John Mack et al)
    Ariel is now– finally — finished (After over ten years of heroic,devoted work, travels, interviews, and shoestring budget editing by Randall & team.) Within the recent unforeseen context of the TTSA and other unprecedented soft-disclosure developments in the field in the past couple years, Ariel may prove to be one of the most timely, important and gripping UFO documentaries ever made. My instinct and hope is that Ariel Phenomenon will be the breakthrough film of the field, and that those eyewitness kids who were interviewed (then 205 years ago, and now for the film) will be the sober ambassadors to the general public of this critical topic.
    Watch the official trailer here —
    and the heartfelt promo by Dan Aykroyd here —

    Anyway, Richard, get your Hygge on tonight, pour some warm beverages, and have a fun rapping with/ George and the callers! Thank you, and Tracy, for all your work and offerings.
    Happy Solstice/ Merry Hollydaze

  2. Gaspar74

    Rojas has been MIA lately. He moved I know that and since then I don’t know if there’s been a falling out or what but he hasn’t had a podcast and hasn’t even done the News section for The Martin Willis show either. Anyways look forward to hearing it.

  3. Ed Coffman

    Richard, my understanding is that you have a fairly good relationship with Alejandro Rojas. In Phoenix, where he has his “Openminds.TV”, Antonio Huneeus was working for Rojas for awhile. Here’s a show they did together on “Coast to Coast” back in 2011:

    I know that from this year, Huneeus is going through some hard times. Here’s a report from Stephen Bassett:

    Huneeus, having left Chile in the late 70s, got his first job in the US at Sun Myung Moon’s Spanish newspaper. It was called “Tiempos del Mundo”, located in midtown Manhattan (New York City) where Antonio ran the “UFO Column” for a few years. Hal McKenzie, the longtime Unification Church member (“Moonie”), held the same “UFO job” for Moon’s English “sister” paper called “The News World” later named “The New York Tribune”. Antonio and Hal knew each other well, then, and it’s my understanding that they became good friends for many years.

    To this day, it still boggles my mind how Hal McKenzie could have a long career in UFO Journalism and still believe that Rev. Moon was the 2nd Coming of Jesus! As a former “Moonie” (since 2014), it interests me to no end to know more about McKenzie’s history with Ufology since that was a “secret” that Unification Church members weren’t supposed to know about. That’s why I asked you, Richard, to ask Linda Moulton Howe (on that last cruise you took), if she knew about McKenzie. Did she share anything with you?

    It’s also quite possible, that Antonio Huneeus shared some “stories” with Alejandro Rojas about Hal McKenzie. If so, could you pick his Rojas’ mind about what Huneeus might have said to him? Of course, more importantly, it would be nice to know from Alejandro how Antonio is doing right now.

    Take care as always.

  4. PressToDigitate

    Great Show! I just wish you two could have gone a lot deeper. With the C2C audience, a lot of background knowledge can be assumed, with less “setting the stage’ for the pertinent issues. In particular, with Bigelow, we all know he’s funded ETUFO research in the past, and is probably deeply involved with TTSA and its materials analysis project right now. But what we should be considering is the NASA programmatic approach to Lunar Return; the roles that Bigelow Aerospace Is – and Is Not – playing in it, the just-announced Leidos acquisition of Dynex, and what may now be the MOST likely scenario for Disclosure: That *someone’s* Lunar probe – Commercial or Foreign – suddenly returns unambiguous high-resolution imagery of artificial constructions on the Lunar surface, without NASA (or the NSA) being able to censor it prior to public release. That *will* happen in the next 10 years, the only question is whether we’ve had ‘official’ Disclosure beforehand, or will they have a lot of work to do cleaning up the mess as to public perception after the fact. A formal Institute could even propose to orchestrate and conduct public education measures in advance of such a contingency. Perhaps the real “Insiders” [if Human] are now casting about for a new approach, one not dependent on former Rock Musicians and Ex-Spooks.

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