Announcement: Fireside Chat Will Be Tomorrow (Monday)

By | February 21, 2021

Hi everyone, 

Just a quick heads up that I won’t be able to do a Fireside Chat Podcast for this evening, as I normally do. One thing I forgot to mention is that I did a video appearance with Jimmy Church last night (Saturday) for the Conscious Life Expo. That’s how conferences are being done these days, of course. Everything is remote. 

But I did that last night and actually was rather busy this week in creating content. The fact is that I didn’t give myself enough time for today to put something worthwhile together. So please allow me till tomorrow and I will post my video podcast. 

See you then! 


7 thoughts on “Announcement: Fireside Chat Will Be Tomorrow (Monday)

  1. J-Rod

    Why don’t you take the week off? I’d like to think people here can survive one week without a FS Chat. You’ve already posted the 3 hour Doty interview and the 70 min one . Go smoke some weed and come back with more stories to tell. LOL.

  2. TomTort

    Thinking about the possibility of doing a volume 3+4. There was a line in the play, “Beckett,” ” If it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing well.” Volumes 1+2 are first rate history! In the words of Captain Picard, “make it so!”

    1. Lauren2844

      You told the truth about Christopher Stevens when the media was making him into a hero.. I only heard that truth from you… and that got me hooked! My old boyfriend listened to you and then I got hooked. The UFO stuff is super cool but I love hearing the global truth.. not the propaganda of a government mouthpiece. (CNN)

  3. Lauren2844

    Maybe one of Roosevelt’s is on YouTube!?

    All joking aside I would love for you to talk about what’s happening in other countries that the US media just ignores.. I remember on your radio show years ago you would talk alot about Libya and the nasty things that were going on there.. and you were right months before most people knew. What Countries are going through crazy times Now that people in the US are clueless about?

  4. PressToDigitate

    The 2021 Conscious Life Expo ‘Virtual Exhibit Hall’ will be what daily life is like for perhaps a hundred million Americans by 2030, who will work and socialize entirely within a “Second Life” -type VR environment. The VR app that CLE is using is 20 year old technology; I know, I saw the UCSD prototype its based on demonstrated at SIGGRAPH in about ’96. But astonishing new AR/VR technology is coming out over the next 36 months, with compact, lightweight headgear displays, 8K-UHD @ 160fps video resolution and zero perceived latency – at price points under $500. Just as a billion people worldwide adopted cheap tablets in lieu of desktop/laptop computers, because they were simpler to use and entertainment oriented, they will adopt 5G-AR/VR “HeadPhones” just as easily. VR has never had a serious Big Tech corporate marketing push behind it, and this is why – it wasn’t “ready” yet, and the market wasn’t ready for it. But, with plandemic lockdowns, the market will be there; in fact, its the strongest argument as to why there are plandemic lockdowns in the first place. The local apex fauna are being conditioned to not only ‘accept’ their *Drone Yoke*, but to crave and demand it.

    The cyberpunk films “Surrogates” (and “Gamer”) will prove closer to the mark than anybody wants to contemplate. The problem is that it won’t be megalomaniacal Techlords pulling the strings, or even the NSA, but an *Invasive Species* for whom these technologies are just means of controlling a Slave Race on a Planetary Plantation. IF I am right, and Eisenhower capitulated to an Alien Invasion/Takeover/Colonization in 1955, the entire 65 year progression of electronic information technologies – and landing of Colonists in Hybrid Containers – has been directed at implementing these exact circumstances. Imagine the wildly obsessive 1955 “Burns & Allen” -era TV audience – fascinated beyond description with the new medium of Television in their living rooms. Many books have been written on the subject, detailing how compulsively addicted the public became to TV in its first decade of widespread availability, following the War.

    You can easily imagine a meeting of select science and technology leaders (Bush, Von Neumann), industrialists (Sarnoff, Packard), broadcast executives (Paley), academic sociologists (McLuhan, Bernays), and the MIC/Deep State (Dulles, Rockefeller), tasked by Ike to make the Human Public actively *WANT* to get ‘jacked-in’ to a[n Alien] “Hive Mind”, if the given alternative was going to be that the Aliens would come down here in force and “do it for them”. It might take generations; 60 – 75 years to bring to fruition, but, on the ET timescale, that’s a reasonable wait if it delivers the planet “whole”, with everything intact at the end. Feinberg’s “Long Range Goal” will be achieved this decade. Its not like nobody saw this coming – Carpenter and Cronenberg both did…

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